Jan 28, 2008

My princess!

Since i'm not so in a good mood today..
I found a nice way to lift up my mood and make me smile to myself..
I would love to introduce my daughter to all of you..

Her name is Inesha Alexandra..
She is going to be 14 months soon..
She adores her big 'ko ko'..
But at the same time doesn't like to be near him..
What to do..my son likes to bully her..
Anway, daughter like to eat whatever we in the house are eating..doesn't matter if its a rice, biscuits, fruits, even 'spicy sotong'..
She is very 'manja' that she like to be carried around..but now we trying not to carry her because she is heavy and not a small baby anymore..
She likes to play toys like car..bicycle..but doesn't like doll..hmmmmmm
She likes to sleep on my tummy every night..maybe listening to my tummy make her sleepy..?
She can say word like 'ama'...'koko' 'aeooww=hello', 'gaga', 'muhmmy', 'Hah'..and many others..
She can melt our heart by smiling or laughing (I thinks all babies are)..
And now she can walk herself..she starting messing up our kitchen by throwing all the containers..bottles...
And finally..she is so smart that she knows how to throw her used diaper into the rubbish bin..
Well..I'm feeling much better after thinking about my princess..
I guess i should think more about my kids to make me feeling happy all the time!


Choc Mint Girl said...

Oh pandai jalan suda little Inesha... ;D

kaDus_Mama said...

Choc mint- Ko jangan..campin dia tu..

jew said...

yeah2..basar suda inesha...

finella said...

yeah2..sa pun penat juga mo jaga dia...hehe

denna said...

blog hopping brought me here..wow so cute your daughter..like the name too