Dec 12, 2008

Small favour only la!!

Hehehe supposed to be happy today right?? After all its friday already..!!!! Well, nothing much to share at this moment, but just need a favour from you guys..
After the recent makeover for my blog layout, I lost all the link i have in my blog roll. Stupid me, i didn't make a copy of all the links before i made the changes. So if you don't see your blog at my sidebar, could you please leave a message to let me know about it. Sorry lah!! I have dory memory already, so cannot remember who is already linked and not link in my blog.! So do let me know ya....Tenkiu!!!

Oh! By the way, don't forget tomorrow Mini Gathering at The Laundry, The Curve ya..! It will be at 7pm and sepe-sepa yang dapat datang tu..come lah!! Lets have fun meeting other bloggers ya.. :) (Belle..mari lah!!!!!)

Ok..and abrupt stop here....time to work!! :) hehehee Catch with you guys later..


Little Inbox said...

My link is there. :)

AngeL BeaR said... sad...I can't join in the Curve gathering...wish I could be there...anyway, regards to all bloggers! =)

Kadus_Mama said...

Little inbox ~ I follow your blog mah..thats why have.. :)

AngleBear ~ Alah!!!! it would be nice if more bloggers can join this gathering.. :(
But tia pa..lain kali masih bulih bah tu..

Shemah said...

Hi mama.. macam ndak dapat datang tauu... :( See lah how first.. kalau hubby kasi pegi, then pegi lah. Tapi tau lah kan orang baru baik dari sakit ni, manja sikit.. hahahaha.. ndak buli kena tinggal.. LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

Shemah ~ oh ya lah!! Your hubby ok sudah?? Bah hope you can make it lah.. :) want to see you in person bah nie...