Dec 9, 2008

Save 10% with EZVCAC10

Christmas is coming and I guess it's time for us to get our house cleaned. I don't usually clean my house everyday nor do I clean my house every week. Cleaning business is only done when my mood striked me or if there is any festive celebration coming. Heheheeee!! Don't bother yourself imagining how my house look like. It is indeed full with dust and kinda messy!! Hehee I know I do sound like a very lazy-to-clean-own-house wife, but I think my priority to look after my kids is more important than cleaning my house, right? Of course I do want to tidy all the mess and wipe clean every parts in my house but, by the time I got the time to do it, my kids sure will demand this and that and my plan to clean my house postponed to the other weeks or sometimes the other month. *sigh*
But since Christmas is coming soon, I guess I need to force myself to do the cleaning soon. It's time for me to take out my hidden vacuum cleaner out from the room and start vacuuming every speck of dust and spiderwebs in my house. The most place needed my attention is our kitchen and I think I will need to spend extra time scrubbing the wall clean.
Anyway, I'm wondering if my vacuum cleaner bags, belts, filters and other parts are still working!! Hahahaa!! It has been months since I last used my vacuum cleaner due to 'its not so accomodating' size. What if it's not working anymore????? Alamak!!!!! Do I need to buy a new vacuum then???? It will be a good excuse to get a new vacuum if my old vacuum is not working anymore..right???? hehehehee
But..nahhhhhh!! Economy has been pretty bad this past few months and I think I need to save more money for emergency use. So whats option do I have in case my vacuum cannot be used anymore??? Hehe Simple, I'll get the needed part from EZ Vacuum. Heheheeee...Don't you know EZ Vacuum is offering a 10% Off Coupon EZVAC10 for vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines purchase from them??? All I need to do is to order the necessary parts for my vacuum which value more than $20 and tadaaaaaaa...I'm entitle to get the 10% off coupon already. Hehee The best part is, EZ vacuum charged a very low shipping charges to their customers compared to other merchants who supplies vacuum cleaning parts.
So what I need to do tonight is, to check my vacuum cleaner if it's still working or not and start ordering the parts needed as soon as possible. You do know Christmas is coming soon and I needed to get my house clean the soonest I can. But, if you need to get your vacuum cleaner parts too, why not check with EZ Vacuum to get the saving coupon and save 10% of your purchase. :) Better save our money for other important stuffs, ya?? :)


elcynthia said...

T, my big old electrolux vaccuum also made me lazy to do cleaning. but i had been used the tiny Turbo Tiger Princess for two years now. happy with the size & the power. the size was as small as my tiny handbag but the sound was quite loud.. bah, happy cleaning!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Elcynthia ~ Turbo Tiger princess???? Apa kah itu?? can buy here in kl kah???