Dec 6, 2008

Personalized gift will be a perfect gift

How many days left before we celebrate the joyous occasion, Christmas??? Geezz!! Christmas is only 19 days away and to tell you the truth, I haven't get any presents or gifts for my family members just yet. For my kids, I planned to buy Mr.Green Man and a nice computer for them. However gift for hubby is still not decided yet and I'm seriously have no idea what to give him. How about a nice shirts??? Nah!! he has so many working shirts already, I don't think he can even add one shirt inside the wardrobe.
Oh NO!!!! I really run out of idea now! Do you think I should get him a personalized holiday gifts??? After I checked with Pexagon , I noticed they are offering a nice Personalized Thumb Drives as a gift. With 14 available colours and the capacity of 16GB, I can get it engraved with a nice themes like "CHRISTMAS" and that sounds like a nice special gift, yes????
Or maybe I should get hubby the Wooden USB Flash Drive as a gift. Hahaha!! I know! I know! It does sounds weird for me to give hubby this kind of gift, but hey, at least it is special because it is one environment friendly gift one can give to their special one. What make it even special is, I can get it engraved at both side of the USB Flash with my name and hubby's name on it with absolutely no charge at all. Hmmmmmmm...I'm contemplating whether to give or not to give hubby this special gift.


How about you guys??? Have you think what to give your darling for christmas?? If you still haven't decide what gift to give your special one just yet, maybe you can get one of the special personalised gift as well. Hehe I'm sure our beloved will appreciate our gift to them, right??? Well, I need to re-think what to give hubby, but if I already get the gift, I'll let you guys know about it ya.. :)