Dec 11, 2008

Do you still wear a GuangZhou type of panty????

Heheheee!!! Another bout of underwear story nie...!!!! I know i blogged about panties @ underwear @ santuts few months ago..but still i want to discuss in detail why one woman should wear a nice and sexy underwear even if she is working..
But why all of sudden with this nonsense talk about panties???? Well the other day (padahal 2 weeks already) i was chatting with one of my skype friend and this friend is a Dutch who loves to complain about our Malaysians..hahaha! (Sorry Laurens!!) I don't know what brought the issue about women panty at the first place, but Laurens told me he has been observing our local gals and say lotssssss of them still wearing the GuangZhou type of panty. hehehee ( You do know what GuangZhou panty, right?????) He told me it was an ugly sight to see a gal with a high waist type of panty and stress that no matter how big one woman is, she should never wear that guangzhou panty coz' it was downright ugly!!! (hahaha!!! Not me say that!!!). Every women should wear a nice G-String or at least a thong , he said.
So what so important about this??? Heheheee..just want to ask you guys you still wear that guangzhou panty now??? If you still, geeeeez get rid of that confidence killer already!!!! Seriously guyssssss (only if you are a perempuan @ female). That type of panty really can kill you self esteem (my experience lah!!). Just want to give you some advice here..if you never wear a nice g-string or t-back or whatever type of thong (NO GUANGZHOU PANTY PLSSSSS!!!!), do try it one day. It doesn't matter if you are to work or out at a shopping mall or maybe only staying in your house, do try wearing a nice g-string and see if you confidence suddenly shoot up like it never the same time you'll very beautiful and sexy too...
If i'm to wear a guangzhou panty to go to work or to go out shopping, you'll be terrified with me coz' i'll be sooooo grumpy and bad mood as long as the 'GZ panty' on me. here, i'm just conveying my friend message to every women in Malaysia, and even the husband to the wife, please get rid your GZ panty as soon possible. Don't ruin your life with that 'thing'.
Hehehee ..i know i'm talking nonsense here...hahahahahaa!!! But biar brain already send a signal to ask me to sleep. So i just let you guys read this post and force you guys to get rid of the GuangZhou panty as soon as possible. If cannot, at least give it a try to wear a nice g-string for one week lah..if no changes on your confidence level, well..nothing much i can say lah..
ok la!! i want to sleep already now..tomorrow is selangor holiday, thanx to Sultan Selangor for celebrating his birthday on 11th December!!!! Ekekekeee...if you find my opinion about Guangzhou panty is offending...sorry lah ya!!! But i do agreed with my friend Laurens that GZ panty is sooooo unsightly lah!!! hahahaaa So have a nice Thursday to those who work today and to us who work in selangor..HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!
**when i read back this post..i also bengong and don't understand what i'm saying..hahahahaa!!!!


Mell_f said...

Although GS can bring disaster during sudden menses,GS tatap pujaan hati ku lah. hehe

The Dusun Aroma said...

erm... I suggest you guys put up photos lah wearing those panties@santut bah. Musti ramai yang akan member komen bernas! hehehe j/k bah :)

Little Inbox said...

Damn confusing lo. What is GuangZhou panty?

Kadus_Mama said...

Mell_f ~ iya GS memang pujaan hati!!! ekekekee

DA ~ alah sia teda pulak that type of santut..takut pulak kalau sia p snap orang punya santut, sia kena saman..hehhee

Little inbox ~ You know the type of panty our grandma wore long..long time ago??? that one lah guangzhou panty..i can accept if its an old lady wear it, but not the youngster or not so old people..!! shouldn't wear that type of panty unless of course, i already become a grandma..but heck..i think even if i'm old, gs still will be my choice..hehehehe

JPP Papa said...

Waahhhh kadusmama promote GS aka G-string ni ;)

Interesting info here. Won't get into detail nanti kena censored pulak :D

Nessa said...

I prefer the lacy panties than GS. Kalu GS susa mo jalan oh... wakakaka

Kadus_Mama said...

Jpp Papa ~ hehehee!! not promoting..cuma mau kasi info saja..bila perempuan pakai this type of underwear kan..tatap feel beautiful terus..hehee

Nessa ~ lacy panties kira OK!!!! sexy gitu..GS susah mau jalan???? ahahahahhahahahaa!!!!!!!! mungkin juga lah kalau mula2 sebab rasa te'sansang di longkang bontot kan??? LOL!!!!!

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Guangzhou panties = pasar malam panties, yang besar macam sangkar burung tu ke?


I am very particular about the kind of panties I wear, actually. I won't ever buy those pasar malam types, simply because I don't want passer-bys to go 'Ewww' when they see my panties out in the open to dry. :P

I love Marks & Spencer panties. They're really comfy, and look good too. As for thongs/G-strings, I'll reserve them for special occasions, or when the outfit calls for it.

VPL is so not in! :)

izanazuani said...

GS panties yang ada gatah berkurudut2 tu ka KMama. I don't have problems with lacy panties and I lurve G-String or thongs. Betul2 bikin rasa sexy oh.

Apalagi if you have pair of thong and bra with the same colours.

Hey guys, try tiger prints panties or g-string seksi wo!

Anyways, tu GS bah... Yang bila kita pakai jeans low-cut then duduk mencangkung terus nampak tekstur kain, like brown colour ka?

If girls pakai yg seksi punya undies, misti nmpk tu lurah punggung kalau mencangkung kan???

Mama Mia said...

Agree wt u Ty, every gal/woman should get rid of those high-waist GuangZhou panty...buruk butul!

I love thongs. Wearing them sure boost our self-esteem.

If menses, pakai la bah santut yg low least bila mencangkung nda la kana nampak...hehe...

Nika said...

Tia seksi pun tiapa la Km, Gz style tatap menjadi pilihan ku. Nda selesa ba pakai tu G-string atau thong mcm malakat betul di dubur ba hahaha

emelda said...

GS all the way for Guang Zhou panty, that's totally utterly downright UGLY!!!!

Nayden79 said...

Agree..those high-waist panty mmg btul2 disaster when pakai low cut jeans, and mencangkung..lalala pemandangan cacat terus. But if org2 veteren yg pakai, i dont mind la..

So ladies, no GZ..

Kadus_Mama said...

Lil Ms pinky ~ even now, pasar malam also selling those nice and sexy panties already least its affrodable if cannot buy the branded one..
I like piere cardin and triumph one..not much choices but very comforable though..

Izanzuani ~ :) ko tau yang jual di tamu, pastu basar punya type tu..i mean getah dia lah..
I think every women should feel good with themselves. Believe me, wearing nice and sexy undergarments definitely will boost one woman confidence..

mama mia ~ kalau sudah Aunt visit tu, mmang lah nda bulih pakai GS sudah kan, buat still bulih pakai yang fancy type punya bah..maybe the shorts type of panty?? or maybe lacy???

Kadus_Mama said...

Nika ~ hehehe!! jan lah bah..kalau rasa GS tesansang si bont's, apa kata pakai yang jenis lacy or the silk type?? still macam normal panty..tapi bukan high waist lah..low waist punya??? alah yang licin punya jenis panty???? yang penting bukan GZ me on this..mesti ko rasa confident bila pakai sexy underwear.. :)

emelda ~ iya..sia pun prefer GS..tapi kalau Aunt Flo visiting, nda lah..still, masih juga sia pakai lacy2 type.. :)

nayden79 ~ itu lah bah masalah dia tu..santik pakai jeans, sekali becangkung, aduhhhhh!!!! kalah ninik sia punya santut!!!
Sama lah kita, kalau yang tua pakai, sia nda kisah...but not the youngster..ish..ish!!

Jurry said...


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

informative post kadusmama~! iya iya GS tatap de best..

Kadus_Mama said...

Jurry ~ Hi jurry!! Welcome to my blog..
Eh mesti mau serius nie sebab perkara serious kan.. :)

Annieming ~ ini untuk pepentingan kaum wanita juga bah..hehe