Dec 9, 2008

Crazy hectic life..

.......and it's true. It had been a very hectic day for me since last saturday..!!! I took leave on saturday to settle everything needed to be settled at my new campus and i'm officially student in that Uni already. Hehehehe!! So now, i don't know whether i can cope with my going to be busy life or not. Will see it in 6 months from now.
Few people had asked me what course i'm taking..hehehe!! Sorry guys, i don't think i can reveal my course here in my blog..but for sure, my course will cover the topic on how to maintain my calculator and how to change it's battery..hehehe! oh and my course will involves lotssss of figure too. You do get what i mean here, kan?
So on saturday, i went back to hubby's home and had been soooooo busy coz i have to deal with two sick kids. Yep! both my kids caught god-only-know what bugs and have been vomiting since last friday. Son wasn't that bad, my daughter was in pretty bad condition though. She vomitted until there was nothing left in her stomach. Everytime she vomit, you can only see her yellowish bile liquid. Well don't ask me how many times she vomits on me while sleeping. I didn't even bother to change coz, it will be the same. Kena muntah all over and over again. Son pulak..hmmmm same like my daughter. But at least he wasn't as bad. But kesian to see both of them coz' they have not appetite to eat whatsoever things..kesiannnnnya!!! Thank god both my kids conditions improved yesterday. But, after the vomitting episode with my two kids, hubby pulak sick yesterday. Hmmmm....same like my kids, he has the symptoms of stomach upset and been vomiting too. I really have no idea what caused them to be sick, coz' so far i'm still ok pulak.
Actually i do want to online yesterday, but i was soooooo damn tired even to lift my fingers switch on my computer. Ya lah..yesterday morning, we left around 7am from sitiawan and mid way back home, i had to become the driver coz hubby condition was getting bad. Once reached home, i still have to cook, wash all the clothes, tidy and clean the house, feed my kids..put them to sleep..and yep!! i was soooo tired last nite. Even my 3 hours nap not helping at all. Still have to cook dinner, feed my kids again, wash clothes again (telampau banyak kain kan), iron baju, sapu rumah and clean whatever needed to be cleaned. I retired to sleep at 12.30am like mau mati kepenatan already!
But this morning, i woke up quite fresh and ready to face the world again. Hehehehe Oh by the way, the other day i mentioned my woofer has some problem kan?? Well i figure out the problem already. One of the wire loosen already lah!! Duh!!! i thought my speaker pecah or the woofer rosak already...Luckily everything was alright. So now, i'm back blasting my song in my car!! hahahahaha!! (rumah cannot mah! later neighbour baling batu oh!!)
So like that lah my day since i last blogged. Crazy and hectic..and i'm haven't even start my lecture just yet!! *doink* But hey..think positive right?? hehee i know i can do this..! So ok lah..just want to wish you guys a wonderful tuesyday, sorry coz i didn't visit your blog this past few days..!! paham-paham lah life yang too busy ini... :) But sure i will later..during lunch time..So..tata for now!!!


Nayden79 said...

;-) I think I get the course already..Hmm..

Kamu kana food poisoning ka smpai muntah2? Aduih kasiannya..get well soon Ty and family.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Time baca ko punya post pun, memang sya pikir food poisoning ni or air yang kamu minum nda bersih. Bah, take care and study smart (heheheee...) Lama nda cakap camtu. :D

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

alala.. gia.. kesian ur kids + their dad.. ba jaga2 kama durang.. mengkali kena food poisoning durang tu kan.. ody jumpa doktor ka?

anyway, wishing you best of luck in ur study.. hehe..

Nessa said...

All the best Kadus Mama. You'll do fine with your positive thinking :) I salute people with positive thinking :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Nayden79 ~ Shsssshhhh!! Diam2 ah kalau ko tau..hahaha!! ada orang menyebok kalau tau nanti..malas sia!!
I don't think kena food poisoning juga sebab sia and my MIL nda kena pulak..and bukan satu kali suma kena..mula2 my daughter..then son..and last hubby..itu pun suma belain hari nie..lagi, dorang teda berak2..cuma muntah saja..ganjil kan??

choc mint girl ~ ntah lah cuz..sia nda sakit pun..dorang saja..! kalau air kotor mesti suma kena kan?? and laki sia start sakit yang monday saja while inesha start friday, si isaac pulak start sakit last saturday.. :(
Bah will study smart lah nie..ekekekee!!

annieming ~ erk!! sia pun nda sure apa sebab dorang muntah, but so far my daughter and son ok sikit sudah lah..but my hubby still sakit perut juga..kesian.. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ hehehe!! kalau sia bepikiran negatif, habis lah, first month study kantoi sudah kali!! akakakaka!!! nie lah mesti mau semangat study nie.. :)

Nick Phillips said...

I hope your kids get better soon. And good luck in your studies. I'm sure you'll do well :D

Grace said...

Kadus_mama, sounds like rotavirus, the so called "stomach flu". Hope they're feeling better! Really don't know how you do it????? Work, study, blog, you are a super mama!

Kristie said...

hopefully ur 2 kids get well soon! :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Thanx for the wish!! :)
My kids are better least they can drink their milk already..

Grace ~ But rotavirus comes with a diarrhoe right?? My kids have none.. :(
But good to tell..they are feeling better already..even hubby is getting better now..
Bout being super mom..hehehe my classes haven't started yet, so i'm not sure i can handle my life soon..

kristie ~ thanx for the well wish dear..