Dec 22, 2008

i caught a life threatening bugs..

It's monday already and *sigh* i'm kinda low spirit to work today. It has been 3 days since i last update my blog and you tell you the truth, i have no mood to update my blog but still blogged anyway to tell you i have no mood to blog..hahaha!! Sounds crazy??? Yep!! I guess I'm crazy right now.. :P
What to do..Christmas is only 3 days away, and i don't know whether i'll be getting any present this year or not...*sob..sob..* I don't think hubby will give any present to me too..uwahhh!! sadnyaaaa!! I already bought my kids a simple presents..its not the expensive presents in the world, but i'm sure my kids will love it very much..and that whats important, right??
Oh ya in case you are wondering what threatening bugs i caught recently, well it is none other the famous L.A.Z.Y bug..haha!! and with addition to the lazy bug, i have to spend most of my working time photoshopping drawing..! Now my eyes like want to pop out already due to the intense exposure to my computer screen...sakit mata oiiii!!!! So until i finish all this urgent document to submit before Xmas day, i don't think i will be able to blog hop like i usually do..! But still i want to wish you guy a wonderful monday today even it's not really wonderful..hahaha!! I know some of you already started your long Christmas Holiday, so enjoy your holiday puas-puas. To those who still work like crazy like me, then sabar saja lah..!! I will only be on leave 0n 24th and will back to work on 26th...*sob-sob again*
Bah..I need to finish my stuff first..!! till then... ~tata~


sheelasheena said...

ah...sikit nya cuti ko ni.. tiapa...tiapa...

Merry Christmas..May the joy and bless will be with u and ur family..

Happy New year too..


GregChai said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

cuti-cuti mood suda ni hehehe

Kristie said...

cheer up!

merry christmas and a happy new year to u and ur family too :)

i agree, simple presents are good cos they are from the heart!

Willie said...

Many people are getting lay esp. its the end of the year.

Kay Leaf said...

Kadus Mama~
Happy Holiday~
No present nvm~
I wish you all the best~!!!
May joy and laughter all around you and your family everyday~

papajoneh said...

Merry Xmas and happy2 lah kita dalam waktu singkat ni.. sia pun cuti Xmas itu hari saja.. dooooi gia.

skrang mau mampus kerja ni.. biikin panas mcm suria fm kinabalu panas dia... aramaitiiiiiiiiiii kau sana ah.

Mouren said...

KDMum, sia pun masi keja ni. I will be on leave from 26th Dec and resume back to work on 30/12/2008. So sama2 la kita tahan2 mood mau berkrismas ni...anyhow KOTOBIAN DO TADAU KRISMAS!

chegu carol said...

Macam tu lah bah kan kalau musim2 perayaan ni kan Ty...gerenti mcm malas ja mo pi kerja.

Im sure your Christmas will be something meaningful minus the presents. Hehehe....

Nick Phillips said...

I'm in the same lazy mood to blog as you are too ... Must be somehow connected to the holiday season la ... LOL!

Present or no present, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas :D

Natalia said...

Aikkk, rupa-rupanya mommy from Sabah. Hi hi...nice to meet you. Inda balik Sabah celerate x'mas ka?

Anyway, Merry X'mas to you & family. Cheers!

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

kadusmama, jan ko risau.. manatau ada jua gifts untuk ko tu, kena seprais hehehe..

*sa pun befikiran macam ko ja ni tau, macam inda kena bagi apa2.. sa ja yang sibuk membagi siblings & daughter & husband sa nih.. ohohoo~ tapi sa beli xmas gifts in secret la, nanti daughter sa inda percaya itu gifts kena bagi oleh real santa from kutub utara.. haha!

Kadus_Mama said...

Dear all,

Thanx for the xmas wish.. :) Due to the laziness bugs in me, i'm unable to reply every comment from you guys..hehehe
But thanx anyway..may we all have a blessing xmas..and everybody will have fun this xmas..! Do take care care of yourself drinking and driving please.. :)