Dec 2, 2008

If only.....

It's tuesday but i felt my day today is worse than my monday yesterday. Well, I have no problem with monday actually except that I was pretty busy doing tons of works and at the same time 'curi-curi' blogging in office. Geez, it's only 5.30pm and i felt like i've been staying here in office for more than 24 hours already. It feel that long!!!!! If only you know how sleepy I'm now..Do you think it's a good idea to sleep under my table while my boss is away from office now??? Hahahaha Kidding!!
So what I've been doing to make sure i didn't fall flat on my face due to sleepiness????? Hmmmm..let me see, i was busy surfing and surfing and doing my work at the same time and of course voting on something i found interesting in the net.
Healthcare reform is a main concern of President Elect Obama. He seeks to provide health insurance for millions of uninsured citizens. What's the best way to make coverage available to everyone without raising costs for those that can afford to pay?
What do you think of this?? How wonderful to have a President who care a lot of his people and wanted only the best for them. Lets say the our Mr.PM suddenly decided to give insurance coverage for those poors in our country. What part he should cut first to ensure no burden added to our fellow Malaysians?? No more vacation allowence for our ministers??? Or Reduce the salary of our fellow ministers??? Hehehheheee
But hey, if you think you have a say on President Obama wise plan for the uninsured citizen in US, why not drop by at and leave your opinion there. I read few comments suggesting to cut down the War Expenses and use it for the better purposes. Hmmm..sounds like a wise idea, no? So..don't forget to drop few comments there ya..
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cicak said...

Yes! Say yes to Obama.
Make love, not war. Kasi balik tu askar2 yg kebanyakan tia rela utk p berperang tu. They have better things to do, they have families to go home to etc.

Kalau di Malaysia, yes, kasi kurang2 la ba tu 'elaun keraian' utk aramaiti tuh. Ala kadar suda laa..
Ini mo sambut menteri lebih tinggi kos daripada apa yg kena dapat dalam mana-mana fund raising...