Nov 27, 2008

The Double Decker

Yeah!! I was tagged by Nick Phillips the other day and!!! I'm so glad he tagged me this time. Hehehehee! As of today, i still have 3 posts to go and thanx to Nick, he saved my day (i don't have idea to write many posts in one go). I only have few hours to finish everything and argghhhh!! how to finish everything?? But forget about my nonsense, let concentrate on this tag first. This tag come with no name. So i better follow the tagger title. Nick called this tag..The Double Decker Tag. Ok! Lets check what my answers are....
Two names you go by:
1. kaDusMama 2. kaDus_mama (hahahaa!!! same lah tu kan???)
Two things you are wearing right now: 1. No brand blouse 2. Black legging
Two things you want very badly at the moment: 1. That Nikon D300 (Uwahhhh!!! I WANT!!!) 2. A new car (Toyota Rush also can lah!!)
Two things you did last night just before bed: 1. Blogging 2. Drink bottle of water
Two things you ate today: 1. Loh Mai Kai 2. Mixed Rice = Rice + Veggie + Black pepper chicken
Two people you just spoke with: 1. Mom 2. Dad
Two things you are doing tomorrow: 1. Working 2. Driving to work
Two longest car rides: 1. Rawang to Bidor 2. Yong Peng to Malacca! (hahahaha!! no chance to drive long journey)
Two favourite beverages: 1. Coffee 2. Ribena (nyummmmm!!!)
2 + 3 persons who are chosen to do this meme:.. Mama Mia, Mell_f, Belle of Ranau, Chegu Carol and Freddass (fred bulih kah tag ko???? tag is done and still 100 to go..hahahaa!
Well...well, what am i going to do after this?? I still have 1 hour before i go back home and with so many urmm..assignments to finish?? Should i do my assignment or start browsing new stuffs in internet??? Hmmm let has been a while since i last shopped online and i really do miss to get new stuffs from internet. With christmas coming less than a month from now, maybe i should start getting all the nice present from the net?? hehehee It's one easy and hassle free activity that give me immense satisfaction. I know some of you might be thinking shopping online is kinda difficult, but why not you try it yourself. I'm not going to tell you any further about shopping online. You better experience it yourself. But do tell me if you found something nice and intend to get the item ya..


GregChai said...

sadap lomai kai kan :)

chegu carol said...

Wahhh...buli tahan! Trus ko dream of D300 ah hehehe...buli start with D60 dulu bah. ;) murah sikit.

Gila oh online shopping. Today, i received yet another online purchase. Trus baru tadi, mengorder lagi baju dr si Joan of Jade-Style...gila eh...menjadi2 ni....

Nick Phillips said...

Don't you just love these tags, especially when you need an interim post? LOL!

Yong Peng to Malacca very near la ... hehehe ...

Kadus_Mama said...

gregchai ~ sangat sedap nie..hehe

chegu carol ~ kalau ada orang offer kasi sia D300 bagus terus sia ambi itu kan?? ekekekekek

nick phillips ~ ya..ur tag saved my day yesterday..
I seldom drive far yong peng -> melaka also consider far already..hehehee