Nov 12, 2008

eBay is a place to sell your stuffs

*Due to some technical error, si Kadusmama terpaksa re-type ini post..hehe!! Guys...i know i've already gave lengthly story about me, going to sell all my unused stuffs in eBay, but i guess it won't do any harm if i tell more details about selling stuffs in eBay. As everybody on planet earth knows, Christmas is only 1 month ++ away and I'm sure extra cash is needed to buy presents to our kids, loves one, family members and even to our dear friends. Due to bad economy we are currently facing now, I'm sure most of us have a tight budget for our spending, right?? So here is my suggestion on how to get extra cash for christmas..
Why not search your house if there any items or stuffs that you never use but still in a good condition and are sellable to other people. Take pictures of those item, and register those items in eBay to get a potential buyers. Like i've mentioned before, i already have the thoughts to sell my stuffs like my Guess Handbags, never used clothes, and other stuffs in eBay, hoping it won't be wasted as it's only residing in my wardrobe without me using all the stuffs. But, i just have no time to do so just yet. Soon maybe. hehehee
For your information, selling stuffs in eBay is not a difficult job at all. You can read the information for a novice eBayer who have the plan Selling on eBay. A word of advice here, please DO NOT sell stuffs that already worn out or faded in colour or already torn to customers out there. Though your stuffs are already used, please make sure it is still in a good condition as I'm sure you don't want other eBayers to leave a negative feedback on you and affect your reputation in eBay. I've seen few sellers who sell used clothes that already faded in colour and it make me wonder how could they sell stuffs like that?? I know the price is cheap, but i think it best they donate the stuffs to charity home or walfare house or something. heheee
But that's just my thoughts, now..if you are interested to be a seller in eBay, why not check iSold It on eBay for more information about selling stuffs in eBay. I hope you would find this site beneficial for you as a beginer and of course i hope you can start selling your stuffs in eBay to get more cash for christmas. Post?slot_id=


Nessa said...

Nah, sampat lagi ko buat assignment di sana... hebat! :)

Eeeh, cam mana ba ko dapat ni opp ni? Sia banyak suda sia ambil yang wait for slot, inda juga dapat2... sia mo kasi kluar sia punya duit di SS pun inda dapat sbb less than $20 :(

Nick Phillips said...

What? Christmas is just around the corner? Darn, how come no one told me ... LOL!

*runs frantically to go buy cheap presents*


Mama Mia said...

wah sempat lg ko buat asignment Ty..jelesnya! sia lama bulum lg pernah dpt any asignment..waiting ja ni. :(

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ nah malam2 baru sia online nie..hehehe i mean siang pun online, but malam baru cari assignment..
Actually kalau di SS, mau awal q for ops saja bah tu..kira macam sepa cepat dia dapat lah..

Nick Phillips ~ hahahahahhaa!!! Cheapest presents?????

Mama Mia ~ mau rajin online tunggu ops saja bah mia sebab ops nie kena release 24 hours..
ko try lah satu malam tunggu..mesti ada..:)

Deana E said...

i used to sell my stuff on ebay ..mula mula excited but lama lama malas...hahaha

chegu carol said...

bah...jan lupa ah, kalo ko jual guess handbag ko...kasi promo dulu sama sa before ko post on ebay...eheheh

Kadus_Mama said...

Deana e ~ Huh??? Pandai boring juga???

Chegu carol ~ Dun worry carol, will let u know bout it..heheee