Nov 12, 2008

Makan-makan at Gayang Seafood Restaurant

For the past few days, i've been writing my blog without even checking what i typed in it! hehehe!! if you found many mistakes on my post, just ignore it lah..not that i'm lazy with to re-check my post, but my limited time and slow connection made it a lil' difficult to so lah why some of my sentences don't make sense at all..hahaha!! i just typed everything, and post it without even reading what i type.. is already wednesday, and that's mean i have 2 more days in Sabah before going back to KL..aiseh!! times do fly really fast kan..wish i can stay longer in kampung, but what to 10 days leaves also too much already..and my kids keep asking me where is Daddy!! *sigh* I guess they miss their daddy more than i miss my hubby!! hahahahaa!!! Bad..bad me!!
Ok..ok..probably my dinner in Gayang was not a new story to tell, but i feel obligated to post about it as i was dissapointed with my experience there. Nah!! See kaDusMama want to complain already nie..but seriously..we don't spent RM357.00 to get dissapointed. So let me tell you why me and hubby were soooooooooooooo dissapointed last week.
When we reached Gayang at 7pm ++, hubby chose all the sea creatures he wanted to eat. As so many people saying the foods there are nice, we thought it will be 100% nice lah konon..but..(hehe ada but lagi konon), nanti i tell lah..hehehe

When we arrived there, we can see lots of fresh sea creatures we can choose there. See lah the pixs..they have giant abalone, mantis shrimp, crabs, many type of fishes, lobster, and many..many lagi lah!! So what we chose were....

Eh!!! no lah..we didn't choose these flower crabs..i merely took a nice shot for you guys to see..hehehe Hubby said this type of crab tastes delicious..he ate many type of crabs before mah..

Eh no lah..we didn't choose this crab either..hehehe!!!! i mean, we ordered the same species of crab, but smaller size version lah..! This giant crab is one big crab which weight around 1kg++! So me and hubby were afraid the meat won't taste nice anymore..(Ketam tua kan!! ekekeke).

These creature is known as Mantis Shrimp..! It cost around RM98/kg i think. And we ordered 1.75kg of this shrimp hoping it will taste better than we had in Penang long time ago. Hubby wanted it to be steamed as it taste better than any other method of cooking. But..(nanti baru kestau kenapa)...

This Broccoli is our first dish arrived. you can see, it was overcooked and didn't taste fresh at all..I don't know whether its me or the food, but i ate a better cooked broccoli dish in KL kopitiam..! This dish is costs about RM12...but the taste ok lah..edible juga!!

Our second dish was this Homemade Toufoo. Hmmmm!! Taste ok lah..but not cooked at it best!! Hahaha I know..i know..i complained too much. But seriously..i tasted many restaurants taufoo already i just make a comparison on my previous experience lah..This, i'm not really sure how much it cost, i think it's RM12 too..

Nah!!!!!! THIS IS OUR BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT on this restaurant. As i've mentioned before, we ordered it to be steamed and what they did????? They ruined these mantis shrimps by fried cooking it!!! Goodness..if i want it to be fried, bagus beli sendiri and goreng at home. The taste already ruined lah..cannot enjoy our shrimp at all!! and if you see the pix, they simply fried it like goreng chicken pulak!!!! Argghhhhhh!!! It costs us RM173 oh!!! How could they do this to us!!!!!!!! It's still edible, but nope!!! I'm not happy about it at all..of course we can just tell the restaurant owner we don't want that dish..but..*sigh* just kasi biar it lah...

This Asam Fish is taste delicious though.. :) (nasib baik ada juga dish yang bulih di puji). Not sure what's the fish english name, but we usually called it Sin Pan fish (not sure how to spell it) and i forgot to check the price too. But what i remember is, we ordered 0.75kg and the price of this dish was RM78. nah you do your own maths how much it cost per kg lah..This fish is highly recomended!!

This steamed crab pun tastes just ok..! From all my experience of eating crabs before, the Port Dickson crab i ate before is the best of all! even the special crab restaurant in KL cannot match the PD one..(ayooooo!! sorry lah!! complain too much pulak!!) Bout this dish, maybe they steamed it too long, the sweetness of the crab meat already gone!! I only eat one small piece of eat..coz' we have another crab dish which was Kam Heong Crab. I didn't managed to shot the kam heong crab as my hand was sooo oily that time. But i think it taste much better than the steamed one. :) so who want to eat crab next time, order it to be cooked in Kam Heong style..oh the price of crab is RM24/kg and we ordered 2 kg of crabs that night..

And thats is my reviews of the eating experience in Gayang. I was hoping i can give 5* rating for this restaurant..but nope..based on the food we ate there, i only can give them 3*..the waitress or waiters should take customers orders properly and their cooks should improve more on their cooking. Hehehee!!! Me telebih pulak bagi komen kan..but hey, i should be honest with my review mah...! the last pix, not sure why son is sticking his tongue like that..maybe he wanted to take pix ala-ala Marilyn Manson?? hahahhahha....Anyway, hubby wanted to try the food at Salut, but i don't want to spend sooooo much on food lah..but my big bro told me the food in Salut tastes much better than Gayang..iya kah??? maybe next time lah try Salut food. But what important is, we had a great time while eating Gayang. As for now..i want to sleep aready coz' its already tata for now..! :)


Shemah said...

morning mama! :)

Awal jugak you pi bloghopping yaa.. LOL! Sia pun apa kurangnya.. mau kasi siap si hubby pi kerja. hahaha.. anyways, balik you dari sana, kalau sia ndak terlampau bz shmeezy, buli lah jumpa.

As for the food, jgn jugak ko tinguk.. the seafood is becoming so commercialised already and then not as good as before already. Then charge us so expensive. But it still looked yummy through the pics, though..

GregChai said...

Kdmama, masih juga ko mau kasi 3*, sia rasa patut bisnes ok tu management jaga quality bah kan, kalu ada masa next time try sea food restaurant di east coast, Sandakan and Tawau sana pun ada yang serve quality sea food dishes, hingga menjilat jari gitu.

Too bad you guys tia brapa enjoy the food at Gayang, used to be ok, i guess the management tukar chef kali.

Respek la Kdmama, awal pagi ko melawat kami punya blog hehe.

Cheers, :)

Nika said...

Lambat jg ko tidur ni Kadusmama Rajinnya blog hop smp subuh ba.
Kesian ko tia enjoy mkn di Gayang. Sa pernah jg p sana duuulu. Mcm c Greg ckp used 2 b ok. Mangkali tu org yg ambik order ba yg nda dgr butlu2 tu kan. Bestnya kalu tu owner dpt baca ni review ko ble la dia buat apa yg patut.

cicak said...

Yaba rajin ni si KadusMama bloghop pagi2. Lmbt lg connection tu kalo sini kan.

Blum laie pernah makan berabis Seafood ni. Last pun years ago. Mgkn pasal teda kwn mo makan baini. Nanti lah cuti2.
Paling sa malas la kalau lain yg kana order, lain yg sampai. But I'm afraid to 'argue with the cook' and never asked a cook to re-cook. Nanti dia letak mcm2 pula dlm tu. (bukan syak wasangka tapi mana tau kan).

Anwyay, hope u have a nice holiday :)

Nessa said...

Sia paling pantang kalu sia order lain, then kadai bagi order lain, sia memang trus komplen tu... hehe

Macam hari tu di KFC, sia terang2 cakap inda mau paha, dia pi bagi sia paha lagi. Apa lagi sia trus kasi dia sia punya evil face, sia bilang sia inda mau paha! Dia pun cakap sori dan kasi tukar. Macam singa mangkali suda muka sia masa tu... hehe

Kalau makanan sedap, inda apa ba bayar mahal2, bukan slalu ba kan. Eh, Gayang ni di mana ba??

belleOFranau said...

Food~food~food~~!!!..yummy..dui teliur sy nampak.. :P...tuudubangat~
ni bukan yang di tempat daphne Iking buat pengambaran time dia di KK tu ka..?

Nick Phillips said...

Gee that sucks doesn't it. When you spend that much good money, you'd at least expect the food to be good, ya?

Gallivanter said...

Gayang sucks. Overrated food, seriously expensive. I went there during my first visit to KK in December 06 (pre-Mel era), and paid through our nose for really average seafood.

Commercial hoopla!

Ms. JJ said...

hmmm... tis is where my family like to go kalo bab2 makan ni, sampai time tunang sa pun kami buat disana but terus terang sedap, even visitors kami invite pun ckp sedap... maybe tukar chef lah tu skrg kan... nanti sa kurik! hehehehe... the prawn is fresh, the soft shell crab is very nice, byk lagi lah sedap... guess, kira untung lah sa tu kan... the price oso resonable... but as i know kan kalo pelancong mmg kena potong lah....

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

sadapnya sa nampak tu makanan, tapi ko kc 3* ja, sa pun nda kesedapan lagi la, aiseh nda penah makan sana tapi di salut penah, sana ok jga la tapi sa paling suka makan di Kg.nelayan, mgkn sana suasana dia syok bah hehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Shemah ~ Actually..i haven't sleep that time i was blog hoping..heheheee!
Bah nanti2 kita jumpa di KL ya..

gregchai aka teekay ~ macam overrated pulak tu Gayang kan?? hahaha jahat bah sia nie..but seriously..banyak lagi tempayang sia makan lagi sedap..Hmmm
no time sia mau blog hop masa day time..malam2 sampai pagi jak masa dia..hehehehe

Nika ~ itu lah..orang order lain..dapat lain pulak..sakitnya hati..

FredDass said...

Wah, ko mimang seafood lover ka ni KDmama? Sa bab2 seafood ni mimang sa suka tapi 1 jak x suka la.. makan crab.. Sa langsung x pandai wooo.. Ruwet bah mau buka kulit dia yang keras tu.. Pastu bukan penat makan tapi penat buka kulit.. hahaha..

Anyways, u have a great time there even the food is not worth the money u paid..

Kesian the seafood creatures jadi santapan c KDmama n family.. Hahaha..

Sa tau tu, itu creatures merayu dlm bahasa dorg "KDmama, jgn pilih sa, kasihanilah sy".. Pilih lah udang yg lain.. Last2 kena guring la pulok..Haha.. Patut kena steam bah tu kan.. Hehehe

Aunty J said...

aduiiii....bikin berliur ja tinguk gambar makanan ko nie...tapun tapun...dudubangat...paspun...

chegu carol said...

aihhh...walaumacamana disappointed ko sma tu seafood sana gayang...tapi time2 skrg tgh lapar...tu food pics sum nampak bikin keluar bihis oh...ishhh...

sa mesti try out sana salut pnya seafood. lama sdh kunu mo pi tapi x pernah tepigi pasal alasan...jauh. hahaha

nayden79 said...

Sy pun slalu ter-experience itu makan makanan yg tersalah dimasak. order lain, skali sampai lain dpd yg lain... normally sa makan ja cos lapar... Haha... same as chegu carol, sa pun mo cuba p sna salut. someday la..

Kadus_Mama said...

Cicak ~ itu lah tu..malas mau argue sama tu cook..nda pasal2 dia p kasi masuk benda2 lain dalam makanan kan..

Nessa ~ ahahahaha!! muka ko garang macam singa?? if only i can have that kind of expression!! hahaa
Gayang is somewhere in tuaran area..quite far juga dari KK sia rasa..

belle of ranau ~ hehehe!! ya..memang siok kalau bab makanan nie kan..ekeke

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Its suxxxxx alright!! sakit hati oh!!!

Gallivanter ~ Yeah! its quite expensive..but the fish is nice though..hehe

ms.JJ ~ hi!! thanx for dropping by in my blog..
I ate many seafoods many places already, i mean i had it in penang, johor, perak, kl and was hoping gayang foods will be nice..but..i'm dissapointed the foods weren't so nice.
And charging foreigner higher is immoral lah...! and sia local lah!! hahaha sould charge me cheaper..

Kadus_Mama said...

Kobie Vanessa ~ ntah lah kobie..mungkin sia expect too high based from many people reviews bah tu..sekali..sedih time sia p try kampung nelayan pulak..

Freddass ~ bukan juga cakap seafoods over lah, tapi memang selalu makan juga lah..and sedihnya..gayang punya not really up to my expectation bah konon!! hehee
But..hahaha lucu lah ko nie..tu sea creatures teda juga buat muka kesian, so bantai jak lah makan..

Aunty J ~ Bah tudu bangat..tapun-tapun ..siah-siah saja lah!! hehee

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu carol ~ ehehee..kalau time lapar, suma pun sedap kan..tu biskut kering pun sedap juga tu..
sia pun mau try salut juga lain kali..hehee

nayden79 ~ adeeeeeiii..ko makan saja?? selalunya kami komplen kalau di sana kl..tapi kasi chance lah yang gayang punya sebab my family members yang lain nda komplen..ekekekeee
Lain kali kita p makan di salut ahhh!!!

Mama Mia said...

alala..mmg very dissapointing o kan klu lain yg kana order, lain yg smpi..bikin panas o, apa lg aklu sdg lapar kn.

klu sia, suru sj ganti tu dish...bkn kita yg silap, drg pny chef or tukang ambik order yg silap.

elcynthia said...

T, sa pun rasa Salut is much better than Gayang. my experiences with Gayang.. semua pun teruk. either kesilapan dlm order makanan, servis terLAMPAU LAMBAT, dont even start me with the cooking!! nasib baik org belanja. if my money (or hubby's *wink*)..mmg Salut lah jawabnya.. though kerusi dorang ndaklah secantik Gayang. hohohoho!!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama mia ~ nda mau lah..nanti masa dia masak tu makanan dia p taruh tu air mop, habis lah kami..eehehee..

Elcynthia ~ oh ya ka??? i din know that pasal gayang..alah rugi, if i know..bawa p makan di salut sudah tu..nda pa lah..lain kali lah..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Satu kali ja sya pigi Gayang, last 2 years kali tu coz' nda fresh dia punya prawn and nda berapa sedap makanan dia. My skin sensitive ni kalo tu udang nda bersih mesti pandai keluar allergy, tapi balik2 kami makan di Salut, okeh jak... Makan udang berapa piring pun, teda apa2 timbul di kulit muka ha ha ha... I prefer Salut la, but sekarang ni macam nda berapa sedap juga suda cara masak di sana. Hmmm... (???!!!) Pigi Kg. Nelayan la.

Kadus_Mama said...

Choc Mint Girl ~ eeeeee....betul bah cuz??? Sampai ada merah2 badan??? Ketara nda bersih kan??
Ntah lah..lepas nie teda sudah lah tu gayang masuk my list mau p makan..hehehe will try salut pulak..