Nov 14, 2008

Good bye my kampung

Uwahhhh!!!! Tomorrow have to go back already!! :( Why does time has to fly so fast??? I felt like i'm being here for 1 day only and without me realising it, i will have to go back to KL already..*sob-sob* Feel so sad nie!!! For 1 1/2 years i didn't meet my family members, and tomorrow, i will have to say good bye to them already..*sad*

Another story, grrrrrr...i was half crazy at home to online with a super slow internet connection which took 3 minutes to load up my blog!!! Goodness..i can even cook some kuih, make a nice coffee, play with the cats outside and still, my page not fully load yet. I tried to post a comment in my blog and when i wanted to post it, the msg "IE cannot display the page" came out pulak!! suxxxxxx nya connection (So ungrateful si kaDusMama, at least there is a connection..daripada teda langsung?????). I should tell my big bro to upgrade his celcom broadband. How on earth he can survives with a siput babi speed connection is beyond my understanding..!

Oh!! On different story again, the package i've been expecting has finally arrived and, yipeeeee.. Julie Garwood's latest novel finally here (I mean at home in KL). Hubby send me the package photos last night and yepppppp!!! i cannot wait to read my fav author book. package came all the way from US konon!! But seriously guys, i save a lot of $$ by bidding this book from ebay. I mean i save 1/2 of the amount this book sell in Malaysia. I can get lots of stuffs from the $$ saved kan??

If you never read Julie Garwood books before, why not give a try to read at least one of her books. I have all of her books but i lost one of it when my parents shifted house few years back. I did try to find it in MPH, but cannot find lah..*sigh* Anyway, i suggest you read SAVING GRACE or RANSOM coz I've read these two books for more than 20 times, and still...I'm not bored with it. Super siok weiii!!! This shadow music pulak...hmmm not really sure whether its worth reading like her previous books.

But...but..ayak!!!!!!! Got small tear on my book lah!!! Chis!! none of my books have a tear you know, but i bet the costums did that and not the seller. hehehe Will figure out how to fix this small defect when i reach home tomorrow night!
Now....need to pack my stuff will see you guys in your blog (provided i can load up your blog !!! hahahahaha)~Tata~


nayden79 said...

If my books/comics ada kuyak siiiiikit kan, feel like huge throb inside my heart oh.. Hahaha dat explain y sy luki kasi pinjam urang my belongings...

Safe journey to KL Kadusmama.. do review the book when u finish read it ah.. manatau sa pla berminat mo membaca

izanazuani said...

Wah... Save journey ya. Sedih tinggalkan kampung halaman.

Betul la org ckp, 'hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik lagi di negeri sendiri'.

U'll bring back precious memories back, I'm sure...

@dR3h said...

new book from julie garwood? di mana ko beli tu ty? online ka? they dont have it kl yet? is it a period love story atau modern punya? hehe.. banyak ni bah soalan..

Kadus_Mama said...

Nayden79 ~ hehehehe!! ngam lah luki sikit tu..sebab dulu sia p kasi pinjam my book to people, sekali kena kasi balik kuyak2 nie..punya sakit hati!!!!!!!
nanti sia kestau pasal tu buku ah..but cuba ko baca juga tu buku Saving Grace..mesti ko kesiokkan tu..

Izanzuani ~ :) no matter what, kampung sendiri is the best kan..

adr3h ~ I bid tu buku di ebay and it only cost me about US$16++ including the shipping cost, kalau mau beli 1st hand di book store malaysia, memang mahal oh..actually nie buku lama sudah ada..since feb 08, but hardcover kira sia untung juga beli tu buku dari ebay. eventhough its a 2nd hand book, but it still look like its a brand new book..with the price about RM50++, memang worth lah..
Oh ya..the book is a historical romance story.. :)mesti siok sebab Julie Garwood punya historical story suma power..
*nah!! mempromote ebay sudah sia nie..hahahaha!!!!

Mama Mia said...

hmm..i always nampak Ransom ampai2 sana library Donggongon tp nda pernah pulak sia p belek2. Someday maybe i'll give it a try...nda brp minat romance/love story ni ;p

Nick Phillips said...

Time sure flies when you're having fun doesn't it :D

Have a safe flight back.

Little Inbox said...

Welcome back!

cicak said...

aduh punya tahan si KadusMama mo baca buku tabal.

kekeke. sa wpun fresh gila babeng, bila tebaca kira2 10 patah perkataan pastu nampak lagi yg the rest punya tabal, otometik mengantuk tu.

have a safe journey then, sa rasa ko suda sampai baini kan n maybe sdg reading sudaini.

lama ka mo sampai tu package tu? sa kira mo order juga baini tp blum pernah order brg2 out of Malaysia. Hmm..

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama mia ~ nah!!! p lah baca mio..once ko sudah tebaca buku dia kan, mesti ko mau baca lagi yang lain tu..hehehe

nick phillips ~ yeah!! it surely does..enjoy sikit pun cannot!

Little inbox ~ Glad to be back too..

Kadus_Mama said...

Cicak ~ akakaka!! itu kalau buku sia suka tu..kalau ko bagi buku pasal mystery kah, terus ceta fiction ka..baru 1 page, mesti sia tidur sudah tu..hahahha!!!
But memang sia suka baca buku jenis gini kan..jadi kira ok lah..
Ok juga tu buku tu..after i made my payment, dia kena ship dengan pantasnya and reach here dekat-dekat 2 weeks lah..bukan pasal service lambat, i think kena tahan kijap di customs lagi..

Lab papa said...

Lab Papa recommends using Isaac's maroon color crayon and apply it to the defect zone.

This community service is brought to you by

p/s hahahah gila promote blog yg tidak berupdate hahahahah

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ hahahahahahha!!! kalau ada crayon di buku, gerenti sia teriak satu apartment bulih dingar!! hahahhaaaa
Ok bah ur blog..with the jiponess yang bising itu..hehee