Nov 12, 2008

*Lab papa..ini lah bah post yang ko tanya dulu tu..sia temiss buat nie ceta, nasib dapat balik..ekekeke!!
It has been 10 months since i start blogging and for all this time, i've been using blogger service for my blog. I really do love blogging and have been considering to have my own domain. Hehehe What do you think?? Will sounds better ? Seriously, blogging has been part of my daily activity and without my blog, i don't think my life will be as much fun as it is now. I just love sharing everything with everybody and i found that my blog do keep my sanity intact.
Right this moment, I'm checking on a webhosting service available and found out having my own domain might not be as easy as i thought. I need to consider lots of stuffs before i can start having my own domain. Hmmmm...guys, is having a dot com is really that difficult? I really do want to have my domain you know.
Luckily provides quite sufficient information about this domain thingy and give me the rough idea before i can start thinking to get my own domain. I love this site because detail explanation is given, but I do need some word of advice from you too. Maybe Gallivanter and Chegu Carol can advise me on this??? Do you mind telling me what i should know and do before i can have my own domain??
Well..any word of advice will be much appreciated. Thanx guys...and for those who is interested to have your own domain, why not check to get more information you need.


Nika said...

Uiii na.. ditujukan khas sama c lab papa kekekeke... sounds great indeed!

cicak said...

yep, sounds great!

I myself in the process of getting a domain myself. But of course, I must still promote my host, Socmedia.

Susa juga mo ubah-ubah itu ini, masuk itu ini oh dalam setting, sa pun tia tau ni, tunggu ur next post la hehehe.. Mana tau buli tiru


Shemah said...

hahaha.. i made the changes already! Yay.. ramai jugak orang takut buat changes sebab takut hilang ranking itu ini kan.. But my PR memang 0 to begin with so it doesn't matter. Alexa naik balik lah jugak.. but that, to me, doesn't matter as well. :) So if you're ready to change, I support you!! sounds great!

chegu carol said...

ala..ndak asi lah kalo ko tnya sa cos i registered my domain with the help of a friend. i know yg basic lah...pasal space capacity and bandwith size. and i was told, it is better to get web hosting yg malaysian based. sinang mo deal compared to ambi yg overseas. not exactly the expert but yes, sounds perfect!

Deana E said... is perfect for you...go for it...ya, holidays memang time flies very fast...!!! you holiday here, i holiday there hahaha

Kadus_Mama said...

Nika ~ lama sudah bah sia taip tu post tu, tapi nda tepost lab papa noticed sia ada post hari tu, tapi sia cancel balik tu post sebab ada technical probs...hehehehee

cicak ~ ya!! mari kita suma beli domain sendiri..heheheheee!!
Kalau sia sudah ada domain nanti, sia announce juga satu dunia tu..

shemah ~ hehehe!! ya!! mine also PR0, jadi berapa kisah..heheee!! hope i can get my domain by next month..see lah..banyak betul benda mau pikir nie.. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ hehehe!! at least you know something..! ada sudah sia p check hari tu, buat sia bulum check detail of everything..all the bandwith thingy..nanti lah sia balik kl baru sia check..

Deana e ~ hope this domain is still available..hehe macam lah bah banyak kadusmama di malaysia nie kan..ekekekeke
Eh..bila ko balik sabah?? still in kl??

Lab papa said...

Hahahah Lab Papa is the blog patrol hahahahaha

I'm anticipating

Silap2 bole jadi brand lagi oh..who knows?

p/s bisnis2

Kadus_Mama said...

Lab papa ~ ehehee..soon!! jan risau..within this 2 weeks will be up lah kali tu..! :)