Nov 27, 2008

Good Way of learning

I’ve just registered myself to the Brightstorm site and here am I, wanting to share with you guys about the goodness of this site. This site is one site that provides a course of subject we dread the most like Algebra, Geometry and Writing Skill. I know I‘m way past from all this Algebra thingy, but for any of you who still have kids schooling in middle or high school and have difficulty on few of this subjects, why not check with Brightstorm to learn more of these subjects.

This site really is beneficial as you don’t have to register every course they have. You can choose subjects you intend to learn more and pay for it for a very minimal fees.

Here is what you can get in Brightstorm :

:: Browse subjects that you want and at the same time, choose the teachers you feel will suit you. You can choose only the subjects that you feel you need to learn more.

:: Once course purchased, you can get 24/7 access for full year anywhere, anytime. So you don’t have to worry missing any important point in the particular course.

:: Learn to review core concepts, practice problems, deepen understanding, raise your grades and prepare for college

:: You can ask and answers questions, share idea and web links and also create fun media.

I wish I can tell more about this web, but I think I will be better if you check out their website yourself for more details. You also can Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt before you decide to purchase their course. Hope this site will help those who really needs it.

p/s: Sia cari makan saja bah nie!! hehehee