Feb 25, 2008

What was your ambition?

I'm quite busy with my work right now when i suddenly think about my ambition when i was small. Back to 21 years ago when i was in primary 1, my teacher will ask us all what is our ambition. There were few standard answers from us. It was either we wanted to be a doctor, policeman, soldier or fire brigade. We had these ambitions because thats the only jobs we knew that time. There was no astronaut, engineer, zoology or whatever sophisticated or 'cool' job.
So me, as a regular student, I choose to be a doctor when i grow up. The next year, when i was in standard 2, my ambition suddenly changed to soldier. He he he and after two years, i wanted to be a policewoman..The older i am, the more ambitions i have. There was a time i wanted to be an archeologist, then brain surgeon, then what the heck..A SINGER..hahahahaa!
But that was my story long time ago, the truth is, i REALLY...REALLY wanted to be a doctor. I want to make sick people getting better..i want to perform all sort of surgery..cut here and there..I really regret for not studying hard enough last time. I get distracted in form 5 that i didn't study for my SPM and only started to study like 2 weeks before my big exam..so serves me right lah!
So now..i am only a 'kuli batak' (like a servant). Work for nothing except to find money. Like no vision or mission for future. If i can turn back time..i want be a doctor!!! *sob..sob*