Feb 4, 2008

What bonus??

CNY is coming..and people already huuu..huuu..haaa..haaa about their bonus.. Wah some get 2 months..some is more than 2 months.. And us at this 'stupsssss' company?? What BONUS?????? Yeah..I'm so really...pissed off right now.. I'm too angry i don't know how to express my feeling.. What lah!! only the Royal' Family members are rewarded this time.. Work less than a year..but can get bonus kaw-kaw!!! I'm thinking like...WTF..ingat kita nie apa.. Not working kah..? There is some of the royal family spending time playing game here..and get big reward for bonus.. Begitu stupid..!! Well i guess, its time for me to surf for other job already!! Everyday work here..make my blood pressure increased only..


jew said...

mmm..kecian ko...silakx juga o kan...bagus ko pigi cari kerja lain...buang masa sj ko kerja sana tu...bukan dorang pandai appreciate ko juga..

kaDus_Mama said...

jew - memang...time to go off from this stupid company sudah nie!! Buang masa saja!!