Feb 14, 2008


My Valentine's Gift

Today is a day for lovey-dovey couple to celebrate the day of their love..hmmm..many will receive flowers, chocolate, teddy bear lah and others lah..

Well..me and hubby don't really celebrate Valentine's day..Maybe just go out 'makan'..no nothing special about it! Everyday also can celebrate own valentine's day mah..No need to show it on certain day only!

Ok lah..to make story short...i receive a perfume from hubby..(actually i demand it from him!! hehe my perfume finish mah...so better ask him to buy one for me) and that is all about my valentine's day this year..no special dinner or anything..just the perfume! Well i do buy something for hubby too..it's for him to use to go to work..hehe don't want to buy things that we don't use lah..like wasting of money pulak! keep-keep for what..for the rat to eat kah..
~~~~~~~~~HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY~~~~~~~~~
So how is your valentine's day? anything special?


ms_bonong said...

ma valentine's story for this year goes like tis..
yesterday, ma bf asked me what I want for tis year? Flower? He asked..
I answer.. 'isk.. Mo tanya lagi! Surprise me.. Buli ka?'

he said.. Ok let's singgah kedai ada jual bunga.
so we went there.. Both of us ! Wat a surprise, bring me together to bought a flower ka? Itu surprise ka ? Ishh..

know wat? He's not heading to florist shop but gerai2 bunga tepi jalan instead..
yang dakat jeraya lagi… iskk..

I told him, I don’t want to go there wif u.. People will know who is the person u're going to give the bunga..
malu sija..
ok, u wait for me here'.. Only 100m from the gerai I think, tapi di belakangla.

I waited for him for 10-15mins, what took him soooo long?.. I kinda mad already..
I berdiri lama mah.. Sambil balik2 tingu belakang sudah siap ka belum ??

after waited for a 'years', he finally showed up with a BIG FLOWER..
funny is, he hold the flower like holding a baby.. Sambil senyum2 kambing.
suddenly I felt so malu.. Bcoz lot of people around saw him bring the flower to me..
gembira sudah hilang, malu adalah..

so yesterday i get my beautiful flower, tonight go for dinner..

kaDus_Mama said...

ahahaa..alamak Ms_bonong..though its not a surprise..tapi ok lah bah tu! hehe at least he has the heart to buy you a beautiful flower..
I never receive any flowers from my hubby..nda kira lah masa kapel or after married..
Hope your dinner ada surprise..who knows ada ring inside makanan?? hehe

Kobie said...

hehe bonong best o dapat flower, tt dapat perfume :)

Well, my valentine goes like dis..pagi go to work then ada CNY celebration di ofis, after dat ada byk kerja. After work went to class until 8.30pm..sampai rumah watch amazing race asia season finale..after dat main game..sms n call dr bf tu pun kijap ja because i don't want to be disturbed main game..trus dia merajuk..hahah!!

Valentine's day for me dis year just like the ordinary day I have everyday...so sad..huhu

anyway happy valentine's day to may bstfnd tt n bonong :)