Feb 26, 2008

I don't welcome you, RAT!

This year is a year of RAT for the Chinese..

All the Feng Shui Master has predicted that this year is indeed a good year for couple to get married and Business will be blooming..

But having a rat in you house is not a good thing..see the photo above. This greedy rat stupidly went into the trap 15mins after we set-up the Rat's Trap..The bait was super smelly dried squid.

This rat had messed up my kitchen..eat my flour..eat my garlic..eat my onion..eat my door..and terrorised all of us at home..So now it is my turn to take revenge on 'it'..Not that i'm going to kill it..(have no guts to do so)..I've asked my helper to dump this rat somewhere..maybe inside the garbage bin?? Any idea what to do with it??

Tonight, me and hubby will set-up another trap..who knows there is more than 1 of this creature in my house..so wish us luck!!