Feb 26, 2008

Day in Genting Highland II

I went to Genting Highland again last week to meet my beloved relatives. We arrived there around 4pm. As usual there were so manyyyyyyyyy people there. I have to wait like 7o people in front of me before i can check-in into the hotel.

Before i took my number, there was this disgusting couple in front of me. The BF cannot keep his hand off his GF. Every 1 minutes, he will either put his hand inside his gf's tight jeans (touching her butt) or kissing her or hugging her or grabbing her. I was so disgusted to see them that i almost tell them...GET A ROOM!!!! hehe but i didn't because they were going to get their room..Its only the bf cannot 'tahan' himself before they can check-in to their room..I almost puke to see them.

While waiting to check-in
When finally my turned to check-in, the receptionist told me that the room i booked is overbook so we cannot get the room. I was like "Hoiiii..i've already fully paid the room tau!!!" How can she say its overbooked when i book the room like 3 weeks ago. I was so angry because i need 3 beds (1 queen bed and 2 singles bed)..Then the receptionist told me that they will upgrade my room to superior deluxe (what for if only 2 single beds) without having to pay the additional fees. And they will give us an additional bed FOC! Bongoh!! Well i don't want to talk about it anymore because i'm getting angrier everytime i think about what happend that day.

If you ever stay in the Standard Room in First World Hotel, you will know the luxury having this bigger bathroom. For the standard room, you have to squeez yourself to get into the bathroom. Hehe

See my kids posing..very begaya leh

Son cannot get enough playing this car..like 3-4 times


Me and cousins chit-chatting while having few glasses of brandy

See...2nd generation of our family. There are another 4 of this cousin-cousin but they are in Sabah now

Well...I'm so happy that i finally meet my cousins, aunt, uncle and cousin niece after few years didn't see them.

Now i have to plan going back to hometown soon. I miss my family in SABAH!!!!