Feb 20, 2008

2nd Day to School

Today is son's 2nd day going to school..He is so happy to go to school to meet new friends and to study new thing. See his face.. Very cheeky and happy right..?

When we reached at school..all the students are very busy playing with all the 'don't know what toys' hehe..And son is very happy to join them..

When i want to go off, son gave me peck on my cheek..and this make all the teachers there smile..hehe i smiled too..

Last night, i asked son about his day at school yesterday..And he told me he makes some new friends. When i asked him their name..hehee he say their name are friends! I guess he never bothered to ask them their name.

He also mentioned that teacher asked him to read ABC..well that is nothing to my son as he already know his ABC..He only need to learn spelling and writing because he still hasn't master this skill until now. (When he was small, its easier to teach him..Sudah besar, AYOOOO he won't listen to what i want to teach him) He really looking foward to go to school to study. *wink* hehee so i guess his 1st day to school not really bad at all..


Rey said...

Titty... i enjoy reading ur blog! :)

Handsome anak lelaki kau. Biasalah kalau sudah sino kan? bangsa dia dlm birth certificate ko taruh sino-kadazan kah?

Anonymous said...

awww..he said his friends' names are friends! :)