Feb 29, 2008

My kids last time and now

I'm the mother who cannot stop thinking about her kids even during working hour..I was so busy the whole day today..but all i can think is my dear kids at home..I've been thinking about how big, how smart, how adorable and how lovely the two of them
I had my daughter when son was about 2years and 10 months..

Before daughter comes, all my attention goes to son. Everything goes to him. But when i had my daughter 15 months ago, my attention has to be divided into two. Not that i don't want to give them equal affection, but its just not possible. Baby daughter needed my care the most. Son start showing sign of hostility toward his sister then. He smacked daughter few times, bit her and asked me to give lil' sister to other people. *sad*

Now..the two of them don't get along sometimes..there is a time they can be in the same room..and there is the time my daughter will scream her lungs out when brother went near her..hmmmm..headache to see them like that..

And this is my kids now..big and healthy..both not smiling when mommy asked them to smile! Giving me a 'cool' pose pulak!


Well, i'm just happy to be a mother..A mother to my kids..even when they made me scream at them..! Hmmmmm...How i love my kids...


cicak said...

your kids r just adorable KadusMama :)

kaDus_Mama said...

hehe..Thanx cicak..they look like me kan?? ;)