Feb 19, 2008

Day in Genting Highland

Last week, me and whole family went to Genting Highland to spend some our times together without having to worry about work. Since daughter never been up to Genting before, me and hubby thought it will be great to have daughter taken to Genting.

I think Genting was like 'Pasar Malam' (Nite Market) on that day..there were so many people from all over the world..hehe i guess lah..since so many different type of faces..colour..and languages...so you can imagine the huuu..huuu..haaa...haaa noise all the time we were there.

Well me..as the unprofesional photographer for my hubby and kids was so busy snapping their pictures. Here are some of the pictures.

Son giving me his big smile when i forced him to take picture..hehe

This is the kids space shot..hehehe very cute and my son laughed like crazy while this thing was bouncing up and down for few minutes

Daughter is enjoying seeing the fishes while waiting for her brother to finish flying here and there

And this is the ride for the crazy 'mommy'. I think it can kill people..hahaha i've been longing to play this SPACE SHOT since 5 years ago but have no chance as i was pregnant with son..then daughter..and busy with work that we had no time to come to Genting..So before i tell more about my 'almost died' experience..Here is the details about this Space Shot :

Ride Facts
Type of Ride ~ Intense, not for faint-hearted
Country of Origin ~USA
Manufactured By ~ S & S Power Inc
Speed ~67 km/hour
Maximum Capacity ~ 12 persons
Height ~ 185 feet (God!!! Its very..very high!! i'm not dare to see below when i was on top of it!)

I know i'm crazy to try this space shot..well no harm experiencing it once in a lifetime right! But a word of caution, those who has heart problem..or faint hearted..please do not try this! This ride can kill you..! I have no picture of this because hubby was somewhere that time..so he didn't manage to snap even a single picture..So i risked few minutes of my life..and i have no proof that i've gone through it! Anyway..short description of my feeling while on this Space Shot..it felt that i've been thrown from a very high building..i cannot stop screaming...and screaming...and screaming until the whole thing really stopped..hehehe..cannot blame me..it's really that crazy..there was this woman crying when she reached the ground..so i'm much better than her..

Ok that was about my day in Genting..I'm going up there again this 23rd Feb to meet my relatives..hehe this time no crazy stunt for me to do..probably will do some investment in casino..and nothing more! hehee


Anonymous said...

Hi It is first time I drop by in your blog. I've never been to Genting, but I wish I can visit there one day.

have a nice day

kaDus_Mama said...

nyumix - thanx for dropping by..If you have time..do go to Genting..its a nice place to try all sort of excitement..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Ohh... You've tried the space shot! OMG!! I would scream my lungs out just by watching the other people screaming ha ha ha...

See ya, cuz! :)

kaDus_Mama said...

choc mint - hahaha! at 1st i scream when seeing ppl screaming..then i scream like crazy when i was on it!