Feb 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Grandpa

Isn't it very sad to know that my grandpa died on his 90th birthday..
Instead of celebrating, people are mourning his passing..
Grandpa was the last survivor among his sibling who had passed away few years ago..
My grandma passed away 17 years ago..This means Grandpa had been alone for so long time already..very sad..
Since i cannot go back to hometown for the funeral, i called my parents several times to know the update of the funeral and at the same time having a chat catching up all the story of grandpa. Last wednesday my mom went to visit grandpa and she said he still can talked and having a conversation with her. They talked and mom asked for forgiveness for all her wrong doing to grandpa. It not that my grandpa so sick that he dying that time, mom just felt it was appropriate doing so.
Last thursday my grandpa's health start to deteriorate that he can't sit anymore. He complained that he had difficulty to breathe and asked my mom and my aunt to help him to sit. Mom said its very sad to see grandpa struggling to take a single breath of air. And yesterday, when my mom and her siblings were not around with my grandpa, he took his last breath and passed away only to be companied by mom's sis-in-law and my lilttle cousin. Isn't it sad??
I remember Grandpa as the most soft spoken and very generous with a very warm sincere smiles to all his grandchildren. He only talked when he felt its really necessary. And last time i thought he cannot speak malay when he actually very fluent with it.
As I have mentioned earlier, I'm not going back for the funeral. I'm too scared!! Yesterday when i want to book my air ticket, i called my dad and talked with him briefly when suddenly i heard somebody crying so loud at the back. At that instant, i become too scared and decided not to go back. I told my dad to send my grandpa's last picture. At least i can see him even i'm not going back home.
I know God will take care of grandpa in Heaven. That's why He took him on his birthday to give him the biggest present ever by giving him a nice place in heaven. I will miss grandpa forever...


Crystal said...

Condolence, cuz. Birthday dia pula kan. So sad... :( but at least you're right, he's in a better place now. May his soul rest in peace. :)

Oh yes, this is my new blog (not too personal).

~Choc Mint Girl~

Diane said...

My condolences. I am sorry for your loss. You are right he is with his wife and other family now. We will all be on the other side to reunite at some point in our lives. Your grandpa took his last breathe when he felt it was right timing. I hope I am not out of line here by saying this. There is no easy way to except the death of a loved one. If you felt you couldn't handle going. Then I am sure your Grandpa is understanding. Again sorry for your loss. My mother passed a few years ago. And I too could not go to the hospital. It was too hard.

kaDus_Mama said...

Crystal - Yes! At least he's in a better place with grandma now..

Diane - I'm sorry to hear about your mother too..My dad did gave me update 'bout the funeral and sent me some pix of grandpa to me..It made me feel better to see grandpa for the last time even through hp..

Just plain Sharon said...

I am sorry for your loss. For me, when someone passed away, I cannot contain myself. Especially someone who is very dear. On the consolation note, he left behind his legacy and all his memories for you to treasure. I hope you will be strong during this hard time. Take care.

kaDus_Mama said...

Sharon - Thanx..as u say, he will always be remembered by us..

Kobie said...

Sorry to hear 'bout ur grandpa. It reminds me of my late gpa as well, he passed away on May 2007, time tu kami sdg exam and lama x pulg due to sibuk buat revision. The saddest part is nobody was with him that time..he was alone in his room. Up until now pun I still cry whenever think about my gpa..he's old and lonely too..often left alone because my parents were so busy. So, I promise to myself not to let my parents live alone when they're old and always keep in touch because we never know what might happen tomorrow..live or die.

So, my bestfriend tt, be strong and sorry for the lost. May our gpa's soul rest in peace. Amen..

kaDus_Mama said...

kobie - yeah! its kinda sad that our gps spent their time alone while they were still alive..This should be our lesson not to neglect our elderly parents while they are still with us..

pstt..no real name ah!! hehe

Kobie said...

upss kadusmama hehehe