Nov 18, 2008

Barney Vs Incredible Hulk

Huh??? What barney has to do with green man???? Nothing! Hehehe But currently in my house, Barney fan and Hulk fan are having a terrible feud to get control over the one and only DVD Player and TV in our house. So who is Barney fan? Of course my daughter and it's already known son is fan of incredible hulk. I got a pretty bad headache watching both son and daughter wailing and wailing and wailing with their most sorrowful expression hoping i will side one of them and let one party get to control the TV.
What happend last sunday was, i woke up pretty early in the morning after daughter rouse me from my sleep and after she got her milk, she demanded me to play her Barney CD..! (At that time, son was still in his deep sleep). First round finished, and daughter continue watching for the second round (Its the same CD!!) So i thought, Ok..i can just leave her watch her CD while i wash my face and brush my teeth. Just after i finished brushing my teeth, i heard a veryyyyyy loud cry ouside and followed by a loud scream by son. I rushed outside and what happend????? The two stooges had a fight and feisty daughter retaliated by bitting son's finger. Son was angry too..and smacked daughter's head and both were crying to get my sympathy. At first i thought it was son who started the fight, but nope..son was only trying to press stopped the DVD player and daughter didn't allowed son to watch his hulk...and there..she bit him and left son in shocked! If i'm in a good mood that time, i might just gave both a long lecture and no screaming and shouting is necessary, but god awful morning, both making a ruckus and that woke the 'hulk' in me. Hehehe So i shouted at son, thinking it was his fault.
Mommy : ISAAAAAAC!!!!!!! What have you done this time??? Why you smack Inesha's head?????*the garangest tone ever*
Isaac : Then she gigit my finger!! It's painful you know!
Inesha : I want to watch my barney..kor-kor off my barney!!
Mommy : Then why bite kor-kor????
Inesha : Ya lah!! (no explanation given)
Mommy : Kor..kor..mommy see your finger..
Isaac : *Show me his little finger* Nah you see mommy, alamak!! patah already my finger! How???
Mommy : No lah..
Isaac : Yes!! Patah better bring me to see doctor now..kesian isaac you know!! *Duh!!*
Mommy : It's ok already..just a small bite..
Mommy : Inesha!!! say sorry to Kor-kor now! You cannot bite kor-kor, you know!
Inesha : Mmmmm *nodding her head*
Mommy : Now say sorry..
Inesha : Sowieeee ko-ko..*no remorse face pun*
Isaac : inesha let isaac watch my hulk first???
Mommy : *wakakakakaa!! laughing! but inside my heart only lah*
Inesha : Cannot!!!!!!! MOMMY!!! I WANT TO WATCH BARNEY!!!
Isaac : PLEASEEE...
Inesha : Cannot! cannot! Cannot!!
Isaac : Mommy!! You see inesha....
And the drama goes on..!! Aduh!! sungguh pening kepala ini dealing with my kids..!!! Inesha is going to be 2 years old next month, but she acted like she is sooooooooo big already...last time she used to be bullied by isaac and now, she bullied isaac and hit him hard sometimes. You'll never believe Inesha can talk like a big girl unless you meet her yourself. Kan Chegu Carol?? Hehe
Back to my problem dealing with kids, i told both to take turn watching their CD. But like unfair pulak, coz daughter's barney is only 30 mins long while son's hulk is almost 2 1/2 hours!! At first daughter agreed with the deal, but after one hour waiting, she starting screaming and shouting at isaac to off the hulk and play her barney..and si KaDusMama jadi gila already!! hahahaha So what i did was..switch off the CD player..switch off the home theatre and watch the 'don't know what the heck' series at NTV7!! and left both kids crying again!! hahahaaa..
Sometimes, its cute to see them acting like that..but most of the time..its driving me crazy especially the time when i'm tired..! *sigh* When lah i can have a peaceful time at home??


Unknown said...

biasalah tu kaDUS_mama, tp sementara derang masih kecil ni la masa utk ko spend precious time sama2 diurang.sbb nnt klu sudah sumandak, tanak kwagu susah sudah mo ada masa mcm ni..miss my childhood too..btw i use to bite my bro finger too..hihiihi..(plus tomoi as well)

chegu carol said...

hahahaha...sandi oh kan. kalau ko jadi neighbor sia Ty...sia bet hari2 dingar suara ko teriak2. hehehe

whenever sia jadi nanny for my nephew and niece, exactly the same situation happened. a few times kalau durang tida pandai mo 'seal deal'...sia pun off tv and pigang tu remote. dua2 tia buli tinguk until they make their peace.

soon the kids are coming home for the holiday. dunno ni kali masi pandai berebut kah tida cos yg nephew masuk 9 and the girl masuk 7. big oredy them two oh.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Aduh, awal pagi lagi berebut mo tinguk DVD. Funny oh si Inesha ni. Kicik2 pun pandai berebut suda hehehee...

Mell_f said...

comel..hehe..mesti susah mau take sides ni,gerenti. switching off the cd player is a good idea la,because that's what my dad did dulu duuuullu. keteh. hehe.

Nika said...

If I were U, I do the same. Switch off the CD player... Sa pun terasa tu bila suda ada bb ni, kadang2 teda suda masa tingu movie sbb kalu kami Concentrate tingu kan c Kici mesti merengek2 to get attention.

Little Inbox said...

You have 2 kids, but onli one player, so this kind of fighting will keep on one, hehe...

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

hahaha.. very true. sometime the things that our kids amuse us but sometimes NOT. kalau sa pun maybe will neither sokong mana2 'parti'. my sister's daughter who just turn 1 last august pun mcm Inesha kau tu lah T*wink*. teruk abang dia kena buli hari2. when she screams, lari terus itu abang dia padahal dulu abang dia dia quite ganas juga. i dont know what she'll be like when she's same as your Inesha's age *LOL*. mind you, she even kicked, bit and screamed at her brother. *LOL*

Evelyn Laiyap said...

:D .. Hi! btw.. I'm new here, blog hopping.. Love ya postings.. girigitan bila baca ko punya post ni bah!

Mama Mia said...

Aisey..awal pagi berperang suda durang c isaac sm inesha..:P. Sia sukung tindakan ko yg kasi off tu CD player, fair & squre bah dua2 tia dpt tinguk..

KaDusMama said...

Urang ranau ~ :) ko pun mengigit kah dulu?? heheheee

Chegu carol ~ jan ko..even sudah besar pun masih pandai berebut lagi me on this..hehehe

choc mint girl ~ itu lah tu cuz..pastu siap teriak2 lagi mau berebut..last2 si mama ni pun teriak2 awal pagi juga..hahahhaaa

KaDusMama said...

Mell_f ~ kadang2 saja sia ambi tu remote tu..hehe kalau sia meradang sudah..sia pasang cd sia pastu bawa dorang tingu movie sama sia..hahahha

nika ~ itu lah tu..nanti makin besar anak ko tu kan..makin susah ko mau tingu TV tu..memang teda masa oh..

little inbox ~ yeah..and No..we won't but another player or tv for them..hehee let them learn to share among each other

KaDusMama said...

Elcynthia ~ dulu si isaac suka bulih inesha bah tu..thats why si inesha learns to defend herself sudah..tapi selalu si mama nie masuk campur lah kalau dorang bergaduh..hehehe

evelyn lg ~ hi there..thanx for dropping here..!
memang bikin gerigitan kadang2.. :)

Mama mia ~ iya..fair and square and sia yang untung sebab dapat tingu TV..hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Aduhhhh... pening kepala tu... if for me, both cannot then. papa wanna see sports channel... cry? crylah... ahahhaa.. jadi rambo skijap.

itulah kebaikan ada anak 2 orang. siok tu feelings tu bila kau sorang2 di ofis.. kau kenang balik.. kau tersenyum sendiri tu ;)