Feb 21, 2009

Do you want to slim down??

*sigh* This post is going to be one of my crazy rant for this week. If you still remember or check my old post regarding me losing weight, then gaining some kg and facing the bulging tummy problem, you will understand how self conscious is me with anything that related to my weight. When I delivered my daughter 2 years +++ ago, I weighed myself almost everyday hoping the 60kg number will miraculously reduced to 45kg! Hahaha It was very insane of me.

But, of course I did loss some weight after the whole month of dieting after I finished my confinement period. It is already 2 years ++ since I last had my strict diet to shed all the extra pounds gained during my second pregnancy and geeezzzzzz I’m facing a problem with my weight again. I used to weigh about 43kg (before I have both my kids) and I really wish my weight remain the same now.

Anyway, back to my weight issues, I found out in the past few months, one week I will be like 2kgs lighter from 45kg and the next week, I will have my weight fluctuated to 47kg! Seriously!!! What is wrong with me??????? But, that’s not the problem here. Recently, hubby redeemed that “evil” Digital Weighing Scale from Jusco and my nightmare begun soon after. (HAHAHA lebih-lebih pulak sia nie). The moment I stepped on that weighing scale, my eyes almost popped out when I see the ‘45.7’ digital number. For few days, I weighed myself and celaka my weight remains 45.7!!! Probably you guys think 45.7kg is ok, but not for me, when I reached the figure 45++, all the extra fats or whatever it is will go to my thighs / bum or tummy, and I really hate to see my ‘gigantic’ (Ok! I exaggerate) thighs.

I’m not trying to reduce my weight until 40kg or below. I only want it to be 43kg like it used to be last time. *sigh* Do you think there is any diet pills that work to reduce the fat at the specific area in our body? Maybe like our thigh??? I don’t know. I did try to find a diet pill reviews in the internet and it does lead me to the best diet pills available.

Have you heard anything about this Proactol Diet Pills??? Do you think it will work a wonder to reduce my weight???? Do tell me if you know about this pill ya.
That’s about my post today. Wish you guys a wonderful weekend this week. I’m going to spend my weekend doing my assignment and studying! Hahahaa ~tata~


AngeL BeaR said...

I used to weight 47kg then suddenly shoot up to 68kg when I started working =(

well..thankfully now I weight 49kg after lots of exercise and activities..hehehe...couldn't been better!

Anonymous said...

you can read my post..about diet and health...maybe the information is helpful..

Little Inbox said...

I dare not try any of the slimming pills.

Madu Beracun said...

hurm.. i came across this particular blog few days ago.. all the testimonials given by the user of the said slimming pills are so convincing but i dunno if this is true or not. but maybe u can check dis blog out if u r interested *wink*

here is the addr -


chegu carol said...

when i weighed 54kg before, i ever tried juga slimming pills and tea....buli2 jugalah berkesan tapi sengsara mau pi toilet.

but to think again now, i'd say better go for balance diet and regular exercise. good luck ah!

izanazuani said...

KMama, welcome to the club! Sia pun on my way to lose weight ni. I go jogging once in two days now. Tapi kdg2 pandai terlapas juga. Hehehehehe... I used to be a very skinny girl masa study dulu, I weighted 37kg only and I wished that I am 45kg. It was a struggle for me to gain weight, mcm2 sia mkn, tidak juga pandai gumuk2. Entering my married life, nah start sudah naik 43kg, 45kg, 47kg, 49kg and now is 51kg.

My problem is the fats di tummy. Aiyooo... I wish to get rid of those lemaks2. I want to get back my 47kg, susah hati sia ni... Not only baju and seluar tidak ngam, now I have to use size 5 shoes, instead of 4 like I used to before. I desperately want to lose weight. Tapi sia suka mkn, mkn saja bikin sia gumbira... Macamana ni???

Mrs. Ezman said...

same goes with me kadus mama... naik, naik and naik.itu jarum penimbang, x pandai turun2. geram sa tau...tapi itulah sepa suruh tidak exercise kan. sa makan ja banyak, exercise kurang :P

Kadus_Mama said...

AngelBear ~ wahhhhh!! you also face the same problem kah????
But at least ko rajin excercise kan?? :)

Hilda ~ hi there..thanx for dropping by here..i'll check your blog soon..

Little inbox ~ actually in my whole life, i never take any diet pill before.. :) this one is iklan..

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu carol ~ actually sia punya problem juga bah my weight pandai naik2 nie..recently kan, sia makan telampau banyak coklat bah..pa bulih buat, ada supplier kan..hehehee

Izanzuani ~ 37kg?????? wahhhhhhhh punya ringan..! nah sama2 lah kita diet ah..
Sia pun sama juga...kuat makan..especially coklat..

Kadus_Mama said...

Madu beracun ~ actually kan, i'm very skeptical when it comes to diet pill..but thanx for the info ya..

Mr.ezman ~ heheheee!! sama lah kita Noy..mine pandai turun juga..tapi pandai gila naik2 lagi..bikin gerammm..apa kata kita excercise nanti??? heheheheheee

Ann said...

Eh y don't u try itu herbal life? I heard kan mcm bagus tu klu mo kasi kurus2 badan

Anonymous said...

Y dun u try Herbalife?it is a combination of soya n fiber,very beneficial to u-once ur berat trun 43kg,dia kc maintain ja 2,n besides,kc cntik kulit,rmbt,kuku..hehe.Baby2 or bdak2 lg bgs mnum,espcialy yg kurus2 or ada pyakit,coz dia buli kc gumuk n smbuh pyakit.Cuba 'try' la ah:)


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