Feb 5, 2009

KaDusMama sot already!

I think i'm going to be 'sot' in a short while..! I really need 36 hours a day instead of 24 hours we are having now. Seriously...an extra hours for me to finish up everything will be nice!! Bah let me story-story on what had happened to me since 12am today..
:: I slept around 2am..and woke up at 7.45am..(I took 1/2 day emergency leave today) :: Prepare Son to school.. :: Sekali, hubby has no shirt to wear for work!! OMG!! How could i forget to iron his working shirt..Kesian, he has to iron his own shirt while i prepare son to school.. :: Then after Hubby and son went off, i spent at least 20 minutes to fold super banyak unfolded clothes.. ::Then, i ironed another super banyak clothes (hubby's and mine), and that took about 1 1/2 hour to be finished.. :: Clean my house.. :: Bath my daughter.. :: Cooked..and feed daughter :: Fetch Son from school.. :: Bath and feed son.. :: Shower myself and prepare to work.. :: After i was done, drag both my kids to the nursery for 1/2 day today..(My MIL is not feeling really well, so my kids have to go nursery) :: Drop them at nursery and vroooooooommed off to office..! :: Have to endure gila babi jam to office.. :: And finally reached office at 1.37pm..
You see lah.. within 5 1/2 hours I have to rush my life to finish soooooo many things! Thats why i need extra hour for myself to finish up whatever needed to be done here in office, at home and my assignments..!
Sot already lah kepala nie..! After finish all my work in office, need to rush back home and cook dinner..! *faint* But...i still have time to play with eggs in office!! hahahaaa will blog about it later, once i managed to make the egg standing..
Bah itu saja lah my story today..till then.. ~tata~


sHeiLa said...

huuuu..mum's life..this prove that woman is the multi-task people!

wonder what about the egg?

jppmom said...

same here kaDusmama...wish we have times for everything kan..

-mel- said...

memang gtu la tu kdmama.. ko rilek ja, jan layan sangat tu "down" feeling.. makin dilayan makin buat kita jd sot tu.. so relaxxxx...

Gallivanter said...

Egg standing? Too free ka? :-P

JPP Papa said...

Like si Dan,
playing with egg?? You're too free ni. LOL.

Anyway, like wife, she also needs like 2 days for herself... kesian... bah nanti sia crita yg happy2 punya humor di blog sia. LOL.

Nick Phillips said...

I know how to solve your problem. We must buy loads of lottery tickets and pray for first prize, then can retire and hire people to do all the house work ... LOL!

But yeah, we do need more hours in a day.

Kadus_Mama said...

Sheila ~ women are superwomen..:)
You will know about the eggs soon..hehe

jppmom ~ :( sad kan..always rushing and tia cukup masa for everything..

-mel- ~ itu lah bah tu..sia melayan ketensenan sia..terus jadi sot kijap di opis nie..

Kadus_Mama said...

Gallivanter ~ hahaha!! not free, but gerigitan only!!

JPPpapa ~ Nda free sia di opis tadi..tapi sempat juga sia main tu eggs..nda puas hati oh!!!
I think all the working wife+mommy need at least 36 hours in a day to do our daily chores..

Nick Phillips ~ hahahaha!! i did try, but no luck so far..! I think i need to invest more on jackpot soon..LOL!!

chegu carol said...

hmmm...thats a real tough job to be a working mom. salute!

i'll comment further when i've crossed the bridge. :P

Grace said...

OMGOSSHHH!! That was SUPER work! I have had days like these too except I don't have kids who have to go to school YET neither am I working fulltime!! Salute you MAMA!