Feb 23, 2009

I am a WOnderWoman!!!

Shemah gave me this award quite a long time ago!! Bad! Bad me, i only posted it today for you guys to see. I'm not really sure if i am a wonderwoman or not, but i do wish i have a superpower that allowed me to do everything in a blink of an eye.
You probably already tired reading about me with my hectic life. Hehee...sabar saja lah labu!! That's what i'm experiencing right now, and maybe for another 3 1/2 years from now!!! Terpaksa lah postponed the plan to add a new family member now!! I don't think i can handle my life if i have a small and very vulnerable baby to look after while having to work, study, blog and looking after my two other kids. I'm sooooooo sure i will become insane having to run super busy life!!! heheheee...soooooo, postponed la!!
Bah i'm going to present this award to other bloggers and the lucky WondahWomen bloggers are :
Nessa (sebab ko memang superwoman!! heheheeee)
Chegu carol (You are one WonderWoman who can drive hundreds of km in one day)
Kobie Vanessa (hehehee..keja, study, lepas tu tia tama lagi mau kawin)
Actually, i was thinking to pass this award to more people..butttttttt...next award lah ya guys!! heheeeeee I still have more award that not claimed and posted in my blog yet!!! Lain kali i give you guys ya.. ~tata~


reanaclaire said...

wow... that is a great award.. so now i must call u Wonder Lady.. cos u r really one!!

Nick Phillips said...

I suppose you need to be a wonder woman just to be a mother ... hehehe ... Congrats on the award.

chegu carol said...

Ko memang deserve the award lah Ty...mana lagi kerja, jaga anak, pigi study lagi...bikin side income lagi...wonder woman tu!

and thanks for the award. hahaha...pasal naik-turun kk-kgau saja bah kan...kalau bukan pasal ada laki sa di kk, mana lah sa sanggup drive pulang balik. hahaha

Mama Mia said...

Thx for d award Wonderwoman Titty! :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Reanaclaire ~ Hehehe not yet wonder lady!! 1/2 way to it maybe..

Nick Phillips ~ Yeah!! Becoming a mother is far tiring than working in office.. :)

Chegu carol ~ Actually kan, i want to lessen my blogging time bah, tapi makin banyak assignment pulak..hahaha and the amount tu...aduh, hard to resist!! terus sanggup juga buat sampai 3am nie..hahahaa
Eh..sia baru drive dari opis p rumah..then balik pun sudah malas..apa lagi kalau mau jauh2 macam ko.. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama Mia ~ You are welcome mia..

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

wahhh wonderwomenn ah..hehe tq tq, tapi ko lg hebat bah kadus, ada family suda itu lagi sa kurang hehehe..

Nessa said...

Thanks for this award... cewaah, superwoman lagi tu :)

Aritu sia baca this post, ngam2 lagi tu lagu Superwoman by Karyn White tengah nyanyi di radio. Nda sampat mo comment, tiba2 sia punya pc shut down. But gud news is my pc is OK suda! Yahoooo :D