Feb 19, 2009

OMG!!!! I'm a bad mother

:( I admit that i am a bad mother. Today, both my kids have to go to the nursery as my MIL is going out to settle her business. So, early in the morning, i sent my daughter to the nursery, while hubby sent Son to school. I forgot to tell hubby to inform the teacher / driver who send my son back home after school, to send my son to nursery instead of sending him back home.
I was crazy rushing this morning, as i have to prepare both my kids; one to school, one to nursery and prepare myself to work. For your info, i slept almost 2am last nite, woke up at 3.30am when my daughter suddenly crying asking me to scratch her itchy legs..and woke up one more time at 5.15am to change my daughter cloth diaper. (telampau penuh kena kencing, bulih leaking lagi tu).
So i woke up in a very cranky state as i was very sleepy and tired. After i sent daughter to nursery, I made a mental notes like 100x on the way to office reminding myself to call and inform my son's driver to send him to nursery!
And guess what??????? I totally forgot to call the driver just now!!!! OMG!!!!! I feel soooooooo guilty now. What if she just drop my son and my son wander off??? Remember, my MIL is not at home..!! At 2pm, i suddenly remember about it, and was very panic when i called the driver. Luckily the nursery owner already inform the driver as she knows my son will go to the nursery today!!!!
But that not helping me from feeling guilty..!!! I really feel like a very bad mother now!!!!! :( How could i not remember to make the call just now!!!!!! :(


chegu carol said...

Ty, i think parents will have at least once in their life time forgetting to fetch/send their children from school..or whatever lah. Dont feel bad. Ko telampau byk kerja sdh bah tu...byk mo fikir. Mana lagi kerja, mana lagi mo study. Hehehe

At least now u know anak ko ok, safe sdh. :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

u're nut a bad mother ba kadusmama.. hehehe.. terlupa ja tuu.. it's not that u hit ur kid rite? ;p see ur daughter awake u subuh2 u still entertain her even tho it's only gatal2 di kaki. cuba kalau parents2 lain, mengkali ada yang maki hamun already.. hihihi..

*ur daughter kiut la*

belleOFranau said...

uik..what a hetic life u have ni skrg kdmama...rileks ko..palan2 ko...jangan panic2...anggap jak cabaran semua tu..

Gallivanter said...

Kasi rotan sama dia! LOL! But seriously, I think sometimes it's not easy keep track of EVERYTHING.

Mama Mia said...

Owww Ty, don't feel bad. Bkn ko sengaja. When we have so many things to remember, we'll tend to let one or two slip our mind.

Nasib baik la tu nursery owner kastau to driver kan. :)

sweet-girlicious said...

well...actually u are a responsible mum, perhaps a lot of work in one time really can make u rush until missing a lot of thing..u don't have to be guilt with that..i was normal thing for woman sometimes becoming a bit careless as we all have so many thing to think and to do..:)

Adora said...

.Yg penting, both your kids are safe now. Don't feel bad anymore k.

Jess said...

I also did a similar mistake some time ago, after that i realize kalang kabut is the root cause.

Nick Phillips said...

These things happen, so don't worry about it too much. At least everything turned out okay in the end :D

Kristie said...

it's ok dear, ur mind wasn't fresh, that is why u made the blunder, but learn from mistakes ya... have to jaga kids very closely nowadays!

cheer up!

JPP Papa said...

No problem.. your son is a starring kan. He's a survivor! (mcm tu lagu tu ;) )

For all the Moms and you also, I understand your feeling bad. Its really hard to keep track of everything.

BrokenSatellite said...

don't feel bad.
people do make mistake.

cheer up.

important thing is, Issac is save.