Feb 22, 2009

Webhost for you...

Geeeeezzzzz!! It is 6am at this moment and I’m still not asleep yet. I really need to finish little stuff before I can go to sleep.
This post is actually dedicated to Ann who already bought a domain but has no webhost just yet. I know I already gave her the link on where to find a webhost that provide a webhosting service to blog, but there is nothing wrong if I give her the webhosting service provider one more time, right? So yeah…Ann, please check http://webhostinggeeks.com/ to get more details on how to make your .com works.
If any of you guys wondering why is it important to get your own blog domain and also a reputable webhost for your blog, it’s because a lots of advertisers nowadays prefer to market their products in a own domain blog. I noticed that since I bought my blog domain 3 months ++ ago, I have been getting quite a number of offers from few advertisers to do a posting in my blog. Though the amount offered was not really high, in a recession time like this, every dollar is counted and I’m pretty happy with all the offers I got.
So guys, go get your own domain and webhost today. Hehhee That’s about my post on this Sunday morning..! Wish you guys a wonderful Sunday and take care. ~tata~


Ida Athanazir said...

thanx for the info. making money however we can is always something worth checking out.

reanaclaire said...

hi mam..may i have more particulars about buying own domain? i have been thinking of getting one.. can u give me more info.. like how much, which website should i go to.. can my present blog remain... oh gosh, sorry for imposing questions.. hope u can help me..thanks a lot!

Kadus_Mama said...

Ida ~ You can check our local webhosting service provider if you want..

reanaclaire ~ you can email me at elstitty80[at]yahoo[dot]com..will give you all the details there..ok..??

Ann said...

Yeah! Thanks for the post !! Will visit the web that you provide soon :) :)

BUt I hope I can fix it by myself, manala tau nex time ada problem bole settle sndri kan hihi

Thanks again ya