Feb 4, 2009

Holiday at AFamosa, Malacca


OMG!! It's 1.30am at this moment and here I am, still blogging and doing some blog hopping to your blog!! I'm still unable to catch up with everybody latest news and gila eh..you guys sure have a lotsssssssssssss of time updating your blog kan?? I'm 'crazy busy trying to get everything in order, but.......arggggghhhh!!!! My mounting assigments are seriously killing me!!! I have sooooo many things to be completed, I don't know where to start already..! Don't count the pending office work and house chores..! My 'bajus' which need to be ironed also rival Mount Kinabalu already!! Punya gila tinggi!!!!

Supposed on Monday afternoon, i want to write about the trip we made to Malacca recently..!! Sekali, i got drunk during our company lunch! Huh!!! Gila kan????? We worked 1/2 day last monday, but there was me, in the office with kepala pusing-pusing while waiting for hubby to go back..then on tuesday pulak...i thou i can squeeze myself into blogging while doing some works, sekalinya...no internet connection due to unpaid bill for 2 months!!! Hahahaha!! Bengong kan?? But it's not really our fault actually...blame TMnet for their own stupidity..! I sent thousands of letter (Hahha!! exaggerating only la!!), and still they refused to correct our company address which they recorded wrong in their system..! Because of that, we never received any bill for almost 2 1/2 years!! Buduh or not??

Bah..ok lah!! Before i fall flat on my face for being sooooooooo sleepy already, just see the photos and brief story about it lah!! If i blog menjela-jela about it, then I'm sure i don't need to sleep until tomorrow already!!!

I booked the Superior Deluxe room for the 4 of us with the rate of RM278!! Hmmmm...not bad as the room is comfy enough for us!! But...there was an super annoying and stupid thing happend with our reservation! The staff of AFamosa accidently double charge hubby's credit card for the room booked...and the bodohest part of all, the staff didn't even bother to tell hubby about it..instead of informing hubby about it, the stupid staff said, our room has been upgraded to 2 rooms condo with no charge at all!! NO CHARGE kepala hotak lah!! And the reason for room upgrading, our hotel room got water leaking konon!!! bodoh sekali!!After few calls coaxing hubby to take the 2 rooms condo, the bengong staff finally confessed that they have double charged hubby's credit card!!!!

Good part about the room we stayed, ada bath tub!! hahaha son was sooooo excited seeing the bath tub...!!

Our nite activity were spent at CowBoy Town!! Hmmm..entrance fees are quite expensive..we took a package including buffet dinner yang sangat lah bikin panas!! The buffet dinner was very very very SUX!!!!!! Not worth paying RM38.00/pax with only few choices of foods including that dry spaghetti mee!! Total paid for cowboys town entrance fees was RM211!!!

One of the perfomances by kononnya Red Indian guy..nothing much except he was playing with fire all the time..

The red indian guy huuuu huuuu haaaa haaa hing with fire!!

Me and daughter posing after the 'konon' extravaganza show was over!!! Kesian daughter, she was unwell that day and had been soooooooooo cranky while watching the performances..

The next day, we went to the Animal World park..! here, you can see a lot of animals lah!!! Hahhaa..we did try the elephant riding. Son and Daughter rode the smelly pony and horse..hehe!! I can tell you the pony was really stink lah!! Oh! the entrance fees to Animal World was RM134!! nah gila..another crazy fees to pay here..

Inesha was on a pony..while hubby held her..

Oh!! There was a Wild Wild West show performs everyday at 2.15pm at the Animal World..The show was ok and Son really enjoyed watching it!!!

Bunch of performers for the Wild Wild West show!!

My son was very excited seeing the CowBoy with fake blood all over his face!!

Red Indian pun ada bah!! Cool actors as these two were riding horse while performing (malas mau upload the horse photos..!!)

After the cowboy show, we went to Monkey Island to seeee....MONKEY LA!! Haha what do you expect??? The small monkey was really 'kuai-kuai'..! Even Son not scared feeding the monkey witn peanut!

Gila punya monyet minum 100++!!

The last photo taken before our camera went dead due to battery exhaustion..!! Punya handsome the lion posing like that!!

Sooooooooooo...Thats about my recent trip to A.Famosa, Malacca! If you are wondering whether it's a nice trip??? Of course it's nice la!! It's more nicer to the kids. Well, if you are thinking to visit A.Famosa, pigi lah!!! You can book your room at http://afamosabooking.com.my! It's good to book online as you can get a cheaper rate through online booking.

Ok lah!! It's already 2.25am now, and it's time for me to sleep!! Tata and good night..

*Don't bother if you see millions of typo here...malas sudah mau baca balik my blog!


GregChai said...

hoooray family fun time... but not us parents kan hehehe coz we need to settle the bill... :D

The Dusun Aroma said...

Bagus bah! cuti cuti Malaysia nie :D
We can;t run from idiot people around us all the time.. but just keep them cool.. jan layan nanti rusak mood oooo hehe.

Alrite enjoy your family holiday!! :)

Princess_Sabrina said...

I would love to go there soemday. My kids will definitely loves it!

So now I already take noted of which place yang ndak sepatutnya di pegi...hehehe..:)

But, seriously, the entrance fees for the animal world is RM134 per pax or for all of u??

Willie said...

I never thought melacca can be that fun. Ada cowboy town lagik. Ishk

chegu carol said...

Tyyyyyyyyy....hehehe, siok sia dpt check blog ko dan yg lain2. sia pakai urg pnya lappy baini. hahaha

mcm enjoy oh pigi tu a'famosa tu...ok kah hotel dia?

maslight said...

wahhhhhh so much fun, i dun recall being there...one of these days hmm

Mama Mia said...

uii..mahal juga o kan entrance fee d Cowboy Town.Inda kisah la bah kan, yg penting budak2 had fun.

Bagusnya tu monyet,kuai2 lg. eii sia phobia bah mo kasi monyet mknan,takut kana bubut. Had a bad experience....

Ornest said...

Enjoy kamurang ah.. Ada ko beli pistol sana? lol :D Napa gia ko kasih blur muka laki ko tu?? Mau tingu juga bah muka dia macam mana.. mana tau sya kanal hehehe

sheelasheena said...

ur son so cute la mama.... hehehe best nya go to melaka..anyway take one thing at a time u will finish your things..relax don't tense...


Mell_f said...

Adeih,nda tahan sy tgk tu munyit minum 100plus. haha. Mmg spend quality time with family la betul2 kan. Indeed enjoyable!

Little Inbox said...

Wah enjoy ya sekeluarga. :) Nice to see all those photos.

TH said...

so nice trip, not been there before. I think must bring many money to go..

Kadus_Mama said...

Gregchai ~ hehehe!! iya..siok saja jalan2 but bila nampak the bill, bulih pingsan oh!!

The DA ~ Mula2 saja bikin panas, but after hubby called the bank, terus ok lah sebab kalau nda kena refund the money, bulih ambi action..

Princess Sabrina ~ Hehe..lain kali ko p lah..actually ada waterworld and many others bah tu, but kami tidak pigi coz' tia cukup masa..! lagipun my daughter sakit..
Itu fees tu RM134 for 3 orang..my daughter nda kena charge.. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Willie ~ thats why lah..i only know about it when we reached Afamosa..! It's a fun experience for all of us..

Chegu carol ~ Hehee..lappy sepa ko pakai nie carol?? At least sempat ko blog hop kan??
The hotel is very the OK..hehe!! Ada condo, ada villa with swimming pool too kalau ko mau..but mahal lah..ada yang sampai RM1188/night..

Maslight ~ Massy, next time ko p try pulak..hehe!! Waterworld pun siok tu..

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama Mia ~ itu lah..sudah lah kami nda ambil full package RM76/pax..budak macam RM59..Nasib inesha nda kena charge..sebab kecil lagi..
Tu munyit temaha tu..! Masa kami kasi makan kacang kan, berabis dia mau ambi suma kacang yang ada padahal tangan nda dapat pigang sudah nie..

Ornest ~ nasib tiada pistol..kalau nda habis lah anak sia minta beli..hehe
Sia kasi blur sebab nanti dia fames..ekekeke!!

Sheelasheena ~ Hehe!! You should see him posing masa ambi photo..gila eh macam model!!
I'm trying to get everything done nie..pelan2 lah..

Kadus_Mama said...

Mell_f ~ bukan satu munyit jak minum tu..bebaris bah yang lain ikut turn minum 100++..hehee

Little Inbox ~ ya! it was really enoyable for us.. :)

TH ~ Yeah..you should bring extra $$ there coz the item sell is not cheap!! hehe

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

bestnya kmu pi jalan2 lagi.. hehe.. kami nanti2 baru pi jalan2.. ;p

Adora said...

Pandai jg tu hotel management mo cover their mistake ah, upgrade kunun pdhal...

Tp tia apala, yg penting kamu sefamily njoy the moments togeder..Btw, pandai betul begaya your son depan kamera oh..ramah senyuman..kalu sy kamera-woman pun sy siok ja tu snap pic..hehehe

JPP Papa said...

Si Inesha punya cute naik kuda tu... adehhhh...

Pandai juga tu staff menipu ya.. ada rosak kunun. Kalau kamu complain tu siap ndak kerja besuk tu...

Tapi itu lion juga model of the day. Relax ja.. macam si Aleke dalam madagascar 2. :D

Kadus_Mama said...

Annieming ~ :) Apa lagi..kamu pun p jalan lah masa cuti sikul..

Adora ~ Bikin panas kan tu staff! Pandai tul menipu, sekali keteh..buta2 kami p report sama bank sama management dorang..
Si isaac tu memang peramah! banyak peminat tu kalau bejalan..

Papajoneh ~ Kami ada report juga tu..tapi nda tau apa action kena ambil lah..
Hehe..baru sia teingat si Alex the lion..memang sama juga lah..

Nessa said...

Syioknya tingu kamu pi bercuti. Sia berapa taun suda di KL ni blum lagi tepigi Formosa ka, Sunway ka tau pun Genting Highlands!!

Ethel said...

Wahhh.. never knew this place existed! LOL! But looks like so much fun lah! Nantilah I coax my Bunny into driving to Malacca someday. Kekekekek~

By the way, can't help noticing but.. your son memang handsome lah, Mama. :D

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