Feb 24, 2009

Eco-Solar Shades

I’m sure most of you guys already know that I’m working with an interior fit-out company, right? The company I’m working now does mainly joinery works for office, house, hospital, showrooms, restaurant, hotel and many more. Our two main projects running now are few hundred units of condo and also a penthouse. Surprisingly, I am not really busy as I was few months ago.
I remember last year, we had like 20 concurrent projects which needed to be finished ASAP. At that time, everybody in my office was like ‘LIPAS KUDUNG’ trying to finish everything. But that was few months ago.
Back to my office story, we usually supply and do the installations works for built-in furniture like a full height cabinet, top hung cabinet and others. However, there were times when we also have to supply items like curtain and blinds, upholstery chairs and other items that not categorized as joinery works.
For almost 5 years working here, I noticed that nobody has ever order a solar shade for their house. Hmmmmmmm..I wonder why??? Are the people in our country need no solar shade for their house????
But…in case there are customers who want to have a solar shade for their houses, we don’t have to worry a single bit as The Shade Store is going to be our first choice to get a Solar Shade for our customers. Not only the shades are energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, it also absorb heat, protects interiors from harmful UV Rays and reduce glare. The materials used are also 100% recyclable and GreenGuard Certified!! Yay!! I likeeeeeee….I cannot wait for our customer to get one of the shades when they learned about it.


So, how about you?? Anybody interested to get solar shades for your own house???? If yes, you can get 15% off and free shipping of the item ordered from The Shade Store . All you need to do is, use the Code : IZEA01 when ordering the shades and you are entitle to get the 15% discount already. Well, that about my post tonight. I’m actually very..very sleepy already. Heheee I will visits your guys tomorrow. So, GOOD NITE GUYS!!! Don’t forget to check The Shade Store, ya!!?


GregChai said...

thanks for the info.

i know who to look for interior design advice now ... :D

Nick Phillips said...

I have no idea what a solar shade is but I know who to look for if I need one ... LOL!

Adora said...

Ya oh kan...bagus jg oh pakai tu Solar Shade. Bah nanti kalu sy ada rumah sendiri, bleh lah sy pi YM ko minta pendapat...hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Gregchai ~ Psttt!! I'm the kuli batak only bah..!! heheee

Nick Phillips ~ Ya! Ya!! You can get it from the Shade Store..not me ya!! hahahahaa

Adora ~ :) bulih bah!! Hope that time sia masih keja sini lah..hehehe