Feb 22, 2009

Helppppppp!!!!! Fund Needed!!

I know i'm being ridiculous here!! Who in their right mind will post an entry in their blog asking for a fund from those who is concerned, kan??
I was gambling the whole nite today (while doing my assignment ya!!!) and almost lost all my money due to unskill way of gambling! The fact that i already won quite big amount of money make me soooooooooooo sakit hati now. I was so greedy to win more and end up betting bigger amount of money on the table, only to loss back all my winning!!! *tsk..tsk*
So here i am..hoping a good soul out there to send me a gift to fund my gambling habit!! Ya..fund my gambling habit in FB!!! Hahahaaaaaaa I should put the blame on hubby for teaching me to play Texas Poker in FB and seeeee lah..instead of concentrating to study for my exam, i was up the whole nite (still up actually) gambling in FB!!! Teruknyaaaaaa!!!
Bah...i hope sepa yang ada FB and already is my friend, can you guys send me the 'chip' to fund my big investment ??? Hehehee..PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!


sHeiLa said...

wah u still up at 5 am? hehehee..

so saspen la ur post

anyway, good morning mama :)

chegu carol said...

Hahahaha! U gambling addict!
Nasib lah bah di FB saja kan...
Sa teda prnah try tu application sana FB oh...tida berapa minat. :P
But i might drop by to donate u some so u'll get out of the water. Hahaha!

Jess said...

you addicted with the on line gambling ?

Kadus_Mama said...

Sheila ~ heheheee..i slept around 7am that day..hahahaa crazy kan..

Chegu carol ~ hahhaa!!! not to the point being addict yet..!! habis sudah my fund..nda bulih main berabis sudah!!
I just started gambling in facebook like 4 days ago saja bah...hehe
Bah if you add the Texas Holdem Poker application..jan lupa send me the $100 chip gift ya..heheheee

Jess ~ hehehee!! not an addict yet actually..!! But no worry, it's only in facebook...it doesn't require me to use real money!!
So do you have facebook??? hahahaa

BrokenSatellite said...

FB is addictive,no?

oh..curse u FB. curse u~

Nick Phillips said...

Hahaha! I thot you really gambling online. Tengok, it's FB pulak :D

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