Oct 25, 2008

You stupid like animal!!

Hey..not me say that..!!! I'm a good person and i love animal very much. There is no way in a million years i will call somebody like that. It was my son who uttered the sentence to my daughter the other day..! Can you imagine how shocked i was when i heard son shouted at daughter...Well I was very...very shocked indeed.!
Not only that..my son started saying the "SHIT" word when he cannot do something or accidently drop something to the floor.
Then...when son is angry with me..He will shout this to me "MOMMY!!! YOU ARE A SAKAI!!!". There is nothing wrong with the word Sakai actually..but for God sake, it's an ethnic group we have in Malaysia la!!! I don't think those Sakai people like to be associated with stupidity!! Have some respect lah!!
Now..now..now!!! For you information, I never ever..ever..ever....will call my kids stupid nor swore the word SHIT or even call them Sakai when I'm at home. When I say NEVER! I really do mean it! What kind of mother do you think I am. I maybe swore in the car..but thats when I'm alone and not with my kids.
When i heard Isaac cursed the other day...I'm sure you can see a smoke coming out from my ears. So angry i was that time! I didn't smack son, but surely i shouted at him and i'm positively sure, the whole apartment and the 2 blocks away can hear me that day! Hahahaha!! I know..I'm that loud! After 10 minutes of intterogation, I was not surprised at all when son told me it was his class teacher who called the pupil "STUPID LIKE ANIMAL" and"SAKAI"! She even say the word SHIT in the presence of all the small 4 years kids in her classroom! PUNYA BODOH!!!!!!!
Ok!! I'm not going to be sooo nice today. So i won't feel guilty letting the whole world knows about her..This MRS.CHAI is one fucking stupid teacher who is obviously unfit to be a kindergarten teacher. What was she thinking to call her student STUPID LIKE ANIMAL????? Like bodoh kan the teacher???? Well..i should probably call her One Stupid Fat Cow! How's that?? I'm sure the name fit her nicely!!!
EEEEEEEEEEEE...Actually i don't plan to be angry bah nie..but as i'm writing this post..i'm getting angrier just thinking of this MRS.CHAI STUPIDITY!!!!!!! In case you don't know, she is the same teacher who smacked my son with a wooden ruler last month! Arggghhhh!!!! I thought i wanted to confront her yesterday (Son has been pestering me to tell the teacher she is one rude teacher who taught them bad and rude example! huh?? See even my son knows she is wrong!) but..I'm afraid once i start to talk to her, i won't be able to control myself and i will end-up bashing her with a chair! Seriously guys..I really might do that, you know!!!
After much thinking, nahh!! I'm not going to confront her after all. I will go directly to the headmaster and complain about her until i cannot talk anymore!! Not that I want to ruin her..but!! Cannot give chance already lah! The last time she smacked my son, i didn't persue the matter to the headmaster thinking she might change and learned her lesson. But..I'm wrong! She obviously never changed at all. I send son to the school to learn new thing and not to call his sister STUPID and call his own mother a SAKAI!! EEEEEEE!!!!! GERAMNYA!!!!!
So..I have to wait until Wednesday before i can talk to the headmaster. If no action taken..Hmmm...I will tell the headmaster..she can keep her stupid teacher and go to hell with her..haha!! Then..after that, i no need to send my son to the school anymore..Need to find a new school after this!! Right???
*Son no longer call his sister stupid like animal and me a sakai, but he sometimes slipped and say the word SHIT!! Eeeeee...!!


urang ranau said...

eiiii geramnya, ya agree with you. Will be better if you bring up this matter to the management level, let them settle. But anyway, I guess if they never take any action after that..should start find new school for Isaac..budu mcm lembu punya chegu..

izanazuani said...

Gossshh! That is one very stupid teacher. What on earth is she thinking? Kids don't lie, they'll tell the truth.

I remember an incident happened when my sister was in high school. She was beaten by a teacher on her hand with a metal ruler. My sister was bleeding and my dad sent her to go for a check-up and immediately made a report to the police.

The police came to school, asked questions to the teacher and the guru besar.

She liked to beat students and then she was transferred not long after that.

Baru tau!

GregChai a.k.a. teekay said...

Kdmama, kesian isaac tepaksa masuk klas itu 'urang' (tia ngam panggil cikgu), bikin malu teaching profession ja, skrang ni kan banyak urang yang kerja for the sake of karja untuk duit ja, teda suda tu passion kan, sedih pula sia baca your post.

Sia rasa ngam la ko jumpa tu headmaster, i don't know what's going to happen to our country, di Sabah ada juga skul yang tia mau kasi student sit their exam takut prestasi skul jatuh kunun....susah susah, patut la ada juga cikgu yang kana pukul ni macam.

Take care kdmama.

Mimi said...

OMG! Apa punya cigu oo begitu??? ya, ngam la tu... trus pi jumpa itu headmaster. buduh punya cigu!

elcynthia said...

astaga... like mr.Greg mentioned, bikin malu this profession. I was a substitute teacher before (i love it but i dont have rezeki in it though) and wat the most the headmaster will do is bagi nasihat kepada 'yg berkenaan'. yg berikutnya.. it's up to the parents. unless it involves physical abuse la then they will buat siasatan and so on.

so i guess i'll go wit urang ranau. guess there's better school around kan?

Princess_Sabrina said...

Bodoh juga tu teacher!! I also agree if you bring this case up to the management.

She deserve it!

Stupid teacher! Maybe she used to use that 4-letter words at home. Tulah terbiasa sudah tu..

Eeeeee..bikin geram ooo...:/

Ulat said...

y ur son's teacher so brainless wan?
dun she noe kids wil reflect d behaviour of an adult tru their daily activities n verbal communication?!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Yep, it's time for you to take some action. Paduli tu so-called teacher, kasi corrupted budak2 punya pikiran seja!

HN said...

OMG! We parents tried so hard to 'behave' in front of our children, yet the teacher out there spoil our effort by seconds!!! I seconded your suggestion to go directly to the headmaster!

Nika said...

I agree with Greg ni org tia buli panggil cigu. Cigu mana mau ajar benda buruk. Bagus ko repot sama tu headmaster kalu teda tindakan kasi pindah ja c isaac.

Kadus_Mama said...

Urang ranau ~ itu lah!! sia pun gerigitan juga nie..even my sis who used to be the school's teacher pun meradang bila sia kestau pasal nie hal!
Hope ada lah kena ambi tindakan..

Izanzuani ~ yes!! kids don't lie..thats why i'm so angry when my son told me about the teacher behavior..
The teacher who beat your sister supposed to be sacked from teaching profession..teruknya!!!

gregchai a.k.a teekay ~ Iya! i agree with you..many become teachers now just to get the benefits of being teacher; lots of holiday, 1/2 day working, good pay and so on and on..
Bout my son's teacher..hope action will be taken on her..

Kadus_Mama said...

Mimi ~ ntah apa punya cigu tu! sot mengkali..if only you know she throws thing in the class too when she was angry! Saiko kan??

elcynthia ~the problem kan, tu school saja paking dekat from house! But memang lah..nie teacher memang tidak patut kena panggil teacher pun..

princess sabrina ~ i guess she used to curse in her daily life..funny is, she is a mother of herself..how could she act like that infront of her kids kan??

Kadus_Mama said...

ulat ~ yeah..she is one brainless teacher for sure.

choc mint girl ~ iya bah!! the teacher memang teruk oh! bikin gerigitan nie..

hn ~ yeah! i tried my best not to behave badly infront of my kids and yet son's teacher spoiled my hard effort all this time.*sigh*

Kadus_Mama said...

Nika ~ memang mau report lah nie..tunggu masa sesuai saja..hope action will be taken against the teacher lah..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

edei.. punya sott cigu macam tuu, suda la mengajar budak2, cakap pun teda tapis2 lagi.. bagus lagi kan if the parents beramai2 pi tadika & confront the teacher & request the headmaster untuk transfer dat mrs. chia pi tempat lain? bida la perangai ni cigu~ hish bikin geram..

Nick Phillips said...

I'd be angry too if I had teachers like that teaching my kids nonsense in school!!! Don't hold back, go and give the headmaster a piece of your mind for hiring teachers like that!

belleOFranau said...

DOI DOGO!!!....sy pun ter'panas' ni baca post ko ni...KDmama..u rite..pigi jak jumpa tu cigu besar..nanti apa2 cerita info kami balik k..mau tau wut would happen to that stew-perd cigu..

Kadus_Mama said...

Annieming ~ i don't think transfering to other school will do any good. It will be the same i think. nanti di new school pun dia buat perangai yang sama?? Hmmmm..

Nick Phillips ~ Sure i will. That teacher doesn't deserves to be a teacher at all. Its such an embarrasment to the teaching profession..

belleofranau ~ nanti kalau sudahh sia p jumpa tu headmaster, i will update juga..don't worry..

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

ee geramnya sa sama tu cigu, memang nda layak la dia jadi cigu, ngam la ko kasitau headmaster dia, ntah apa lagi dia ajar tu murid2 lepas ni..eee sa pla yang geram

Nessa said...

This mrs Chai idiot is so unfit to be a teacher, adakah mo curse di dapan students? Young kids lagi tu.

I hope you do go and see the principal. Ish, sia pula yang heram ni!

Nessa said...

adih, salah spelling lagi. Yang sebenarnya geram, bukan heram... hehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Kobie Vanessa ~ itu lah!! bikin gerigitan kan..sia pun tensen and marah tul sama nie cigu nie..

Nessa ~ Itu lah tu..sudah lah budak kecil2 dalam kelas..baru 4 years old bah suma..bulih pulak dia memaki and marah dorang macam tu..memang kurang ajar juga lah tu Mrs.Chai..
Nanti sia komplen habis2 pasal tu cigu..!! biar lah dia susah