Oct 12, 2008

How on earth they did it?

It has been 4 days since the incident of break-in in our office, and i guess everything has come back to normal already. Four of us, staffs who lost our desktop computers get our notebook last friday and supposedly start doing our pending works, while another six notebook will arrive this monday and I guess after that, everybody will start doing their works from a scratch. (Well, including me of course!). I was a little bit lucky as two of my most important files for operation Department are safe as i have send a copies to hubby 1 day before the robbery took place. But most of my datas for the Admin Dept. are totally gone. Dangs!!! I don't know how long i'm going to take to get everything in order again.

Anyway, the other day, Hombidai commented that our office was easy to break-in as the materials used to build up our office are vulnerable and give the robbers the chance they needed to get inside our office. What i failed to mention was, our office is actually located inside our factory. And our factories are quite impossible to break-in. But the robbers, somehow know what they were doing. I don't know how big the cutter they used, but they managed to cut one of the window grille. How on earth they knew our office is located in one of the factory (we have 3 factories), i have no idea at all. Must be an insider job. It could be our factory workers who run away few months ago, i don't know. It's hard to speculate about it.

This picture was taken from my office in one of our factories. Due to the nature of our office which is supported by i-beams, there is no way it can be built using a concrete or brickwall or anything related. Thats why it is built using a gypsum boards. We are pure unlucky when the robbers gained access into our factory and hacked our wall to get into our office. What to do, our company business is blooming now, and the robbers must had knew about it. *sigh*

I hope after this, my bosses will come to their senses and make our factories and office safer. This year alone, we were robbed twice and like the previous one, the robbers main target was the safe where all our foreign worker's passports are kept. Do you know they can sell one passport for at least 3k in black market?? *Fuiyoooo*

So, to Hombidai, i hope you understand why our office is built using a gypsum boards. Not because my bosses do not want to use stronger material, but due to our office nature, a lighter materials are used to build-up our office.

Anywayyyyyyy, forget about the robbery, is any of you are interested doing your own business? Maybe like the company i'm working now?? Yeah..our business in ID Renovation is getting stronger now. My bosses took a Business Loans few years ago and managed to expand their business at where we are now. Few years back, it was only one old factory for us, but now..we have three big factories already. Who knows, another 2 years from now, we will need a bigger factory to do our work? Hehe

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-Gina G- said...

KM~~i think u should ask your boss to install alarm system n maybe CCTV, and who better to ask them from than ur blogger friend Regina who happens to be Security Systems Sales Person?? hehehe..

Kobie Vanessa said...

wahh so big eh ur company punya factory!! bila mau buka 1 cwgan di KK? hehe bleh sa minta tulg buat almari 10 pintu, wahh!! mlampau sa ni heheh...eee Kadus kc cadangan ur boss to install CCTV, sa rasa2 la kan, maybe org keja dlman (i.e. pekerja2 tu ba) yg rompak office kamu o, tingu durg mcm tau2 jak ni ofis kmu x cctv?? heheh

elcynthia said...

the cutter must be a BIG one. Like one the police officers use to 'serbu' the pub (dlm berita TV).. besar juga tuh. so mesti ada dlm pasaran kan? hmm.. nowadays.. susah bah mau cakap mcm mana mau prevent ini sumua. even cctv doesnt help much i think. apalagi d tambah dgn wayang2 di tv mcm CSI (walaupun sa suka tengok). i mean, the thief ada idea dari sana bah tu.. anyway, good days to you!!! hohoho!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Kadus mama, regret to read of the robbery.
You did not mention about any alarms? What about security guards? I'm sure your company has some on duty.

Here some factories let loose very fierce Doberman guard dogs, two more often, they trained not to eat food given by strangers, and trained not to take prisoners, ha ha.

As well lots of factories have alarms connected to the police station and the cops can be around within minutes too.

Gosh, it is tough losing your computers. Hope no secret confidential files inside....

You keep well and have a nice day, best regards, lee.

Little Inbox said...

This answer my questions too. But how about considering a security alarm at the office?

Gallivanter said...

Inside job?

Nessa said...

Sia rasa ni memang keja orang dalam. Kestau your boss install itu secret kemera (spycam), sometimes stuffed inside clock so dat inda ketara.

Wah, U.Lee punya cadangan letak Doberman guard dogs pun bagus juga. Ada la yang hilang tangan, kaki sama kepala nanti!! Haha

Nick Phillips said...

inside job or not, if people are desperate enuf to steal, doberman, spycam or even security guard also won't stop them. At least no one was hurt or anything ...

urang ranau said...

insider ni tau kadusmama...hmm anyway selalu kalau bisnes mimang mcm ni ada ja turun naik kan..bah lepas ni mau pasang grill, CCTV / body guard sudah di tmpt kerja ko ni tau. bihaya.. ;)

Mimi said...

ya la... spycam sounds like a good idea. adui... kesian la kamu terpaksa start from scratch... buduh punya pencuri!! bikin susah hidup org saja!

Mama Mia said...

Me also suspect insider job ni. anyway, sia sukung cdgn taruh CCTV/spycam tu.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Kasi sebar2 la kunun ada cctv sudah kana pasang, manatau ada yang pasang2 telinga trus tu orang interested mo tanya2 mana tu cctv, nah, at least ada suspect juga. Apa2pun, just take good care, cuz! :)

Kadus_Mama said...

-gina g- ~ Eh work with security company?? Aiseh the man..! Can ask you lah nie nanti kan??

Kobie Vanessa ~ Sabah?? Hmmm bulum lagi lah sia rasa..tapi manatau 2 tahun dari sekarang kan??
Sia rasa my boss will install lah suma tu security system nanti..

elcynthia ~ iya! sia rasa pun tu super big cutter dorang guna..nda kan senang2 potong besi besar kan??
Like you..sia rasa CCTV pun nda juga telampau beguna bah..maybe can see lah orang yang curi..but what if the face kena cover?? sama juga sia rasa nda nampak..

Kadus_Mama said...

U.lee ~ Hi!! Long time no see.. :)
A dog?? Hmmmm..never thought about it..but maybe i can suggest to my boss..who know they might be interested..
Though no confidential stuffs inside my computers, my works are what i'm concern about now..not sure how to do everything in a short time..

Little inbox ~ Installing Alarm system is part of the of my bosses list now.. :)

Gallivanter ~ Could be!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ Not sure what kind of camera my bosses will install..tunggu dan lihat saja lah..
pasal dogs tu..hmmm..not sure pulak berkesan ka nda..sini nie ramai orang yang makan anjing..nda pasal2 tu anjing kena makan pulak..

Nick phillips ~ Thats what i told my colleague the other day. Even with cctv or dogs around, i don't think it will prevent the robbers to do their deed. An alarm maybe can slow then down..but i bet they will try again and again until they get what they want..
And yes..thank god nobody was hurt that day..

Mimi ~ Actually kan..kilang kami nie ada suecurity guard juga bah..more like our own people juga..! nasib he was not in the office masa tu robbers datang..kalau nda tu..memang sia rasa dia akan kena pukul habis2!

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ Iya...mungkin tu foreign workers kami yang sudah lari dulu..manatau kan..
sia pun harap boss will take a precaution measures lepas nie..

Mama mia ~ Iya..harap lah my boss pandai bepikir after this..

choc mint girl ~ Iya bah cuz..mesti tu orang pernah keja sini tu..
nanti2 lah lepas sudah pasang tu cctv, baru lah kasi heboh2 sikit..manatau dapat tangkap tu orang kan??

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