Oct 14, 2008

Caught in the Act

*Post was typed last night, but only published on tuesday morning..too lazy to post it last night..

No!! We haven't catch the bad robbers just yet! I don't think we ever will find out who are the robbers anyway. Today monday, I'm still in a somber mood as i still cannot catch up my piled up works that needed to be done urgently. I cannot even finish my works today as I still need to gather all the lost info. *sigh* My mood to blog is kinda low right now. My mind turned blank everytime I'm trying write something decent enough to read..

Anyway...what's up with my post title of Caught in The Act??? Well, actually it was about my son who was caught in the act sometimes ago when we were hanging around at 1-utama. I was with son and daughter (who was sleeping peacefully on her stroller) in a nice clothes shop. I was busy looking for a nice blouse when son (in his usual act) scurrying around trying to find things he can disturbs and destroy. Thats when he saw a lots of the decoration pebbles on the floor of the shop entrance. Son was soooooooooo excited, he started to collect the pebbles and wanting to take it back home. I warned son not to take those pebbles or else, i will tell the shop owner about him taking the pebbles and let the police come and take him for stealing. Son got scared and he did put back 'all' pebbles where he took earlier. So out we were, i was about to go to the other shop when son said this to me...

Son : Mommy....come we go back!!!

Me : why???? Mommy still want to buy something..

Son : Oh!!! Isaac didn't take any of the pebbles ah...

Me : *startled* What???

Son : Isaac didn't take any of the rock..*innocent face*


Son : ...........

Me : Isaac!!! Where is the pebble??

Son : Ayooooo!!! Its in my pocket lah!!!

Me : *doink my head* You better return back the rock now or else mommy will call the police. Do you know its wrong to take people's things without permission???

Son : Hmmmmm...(run back to the shop and throw the rock on the floor and run back to me)

Actually i wanted to laugh when son told me about him not taking the small rock with him! Haha so much for telling me about his act! But i don't want him to think that I'm ok with his act, so with a stern and the most 'garang face' in the world, I told him about his wrongdoing! Hehe Luckily son understand what i told him.

So..thats how i caught son in the act of taking a pebble without permission! No means yes...yes means no!! Hehe thats my understanding of son's attitude. Like that lah! If a small kid like isaac can do that, i guess an adult has no problem doing the same...true or not??? Hehehee


Little Inbox said...

This is called education, hmm...
education can form a good foundation, which will eventually grow a well behave human being.

Mimi said...

hehe... but kids are funny bah kan, when they said they didn't do something without being asked, then they must have done it! Like my dotter oso, "Mommy, ellone didn't disturb Mommy's make-up..." padahal... suda betaburan semua... hehehe

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! When a kid says they didn't do anything, it's the exact opposite!

Well, once in a while be garang it's ok la kan? They shud be taught what's right and wrong once in a while :D

chegu carol said...

nah, isaac kedapatan...hehehe...

x pandai menipu jg dia ni. sudah curi, kasi tau lagi tu...although indirectly lah....hahahha

Kadus_Mama said...

Little inbox ~ Yeah! I hope i can instill a good foundation to make sure son will grow up as a good citizen..

mimi ~ hehehe!! iya!! setakat nie..banyak kali sudah my son cakap the opposite apa yang dia buat..thats why i know already his perangai..
so far my daughter bulum lagi buat macam nie..kalau dia ada buat..memang dia kestau..nda tau lah kalau besar sudah..hheee
ko tau sia punya make-up pun selalu kena kacau..! hehehe

Nick phillips ~ hehee..actually, not once in a while 'garang' only..hehehe my son has been complaining that i'm too garang now..

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu carol ~ hehehe!! itu lah si isaac tu..sekali kedapatan pulak..ekekeke!!

Poppet said...

walaupun si isaac kedapatan mengambil barang.. the good thing is dia ada sudah perasaan guilty.. if he tidak guilty sure dia tidak mention apa-apa tu.. my doter so far tidak pandai gitu.. when i said no.. she knows yg i meant it.. but when i janji mo bagi I will try my best to fulfil because if not nanti sia mengajar dia berbohong pula.. if I know I cannot fulfil I will say cannot and explain why (mama yg garang bah sia ni hehehehe)