Oct 27, 2008

Short Story of Hellboy

At this moment, the clock shows the time is 4am and why on earth KaDusMama is still not off to her bed yet?? Well...I cannot sleep lah!!! Just finished ironing Son's school uniform and fold all the clothes on the sofa. *Sigh* Hehe I'm only utilizing my 24hours a day doing the house chores, ebaying and blogging at the same time! hehehe

So what did i do on my nice and beautiful sunday? Hmmmm...i went to Times Square to buy something for mom and sis. Actually i just tagged along with hubby who went to Times Square to visit one of his sites..hehehe!! Sekali...cannot tahan, buy 2 handbags for mom and sis.

So what else i did there?? Hmm..nothing actually. Just window shopping with a hope, to find something nice for me to use. Oh! I brought son to one of his favourite shop to visit 'his-going-to-be-toys'. Hellboy is still there and i'm still not sure whether want to buy son that hellboy for his christmas present. Can you imagine the price is RM238.00???? Wuahhhhh!! It enough for me to eat my lunch for a month!

Of course i didn't buy the Hellboy yesterday... Gila ka want to buy!!! But hubby did buy something for son la..here's what happend..(konon short story lah!)

The Hellboy that son has been dreaming all this time. That displayed figurine is not for sale. Hehe But i did look for the same item in ebay and guess what..it was Auctioned with the price starting from RM1000.00!!! Gila lah!!

Hubby and son were looking at hellboy and both admiring the beauty of Hellboy's creation.

Sekali..son and hubby went to one shop selling all those weird and scary looking masks. Hubby bought 1 hellboy mask for son and see what happend?? So was wearing it and proudly scaring people around him. Hahahaha!!

Angry little hellboy was in action! We reached home at 9 and the moment we stepped inside our house, son pestered daddy to take his photo. Hahaha!!

Hubby who doesn't want to be left behind asked me to take his photo with Hellboy mask on too. Hahahah!!! Punya ugly! (i mean the mask!!)
So like that lah my Hellboy short story...! Daughter is really scared with the mask, she cried everytime son shows her the mask. Hmmmmm...even i got scared whenever i look at my hellboy son and hellyboy hubby!! Heheheeee
Ok lah..need to sleep already. My eyes getting heavier each minutes as it already 5am right now.
Anyway, I want to wish fellow Hindu friends a wonderful and merrier Deepavali celebration this year and of course happy holiday to all those who are on holiday today..


Lab papa said...


Kah kah kah kah..I reaaaaally like this post hahahahahaha

Reminds me of my time when I was like your son's age. My late father bought me a spiderman mask. I was so happy and of course I really thought that I'm already became spiderman-trying to climb walls.

Tapi itu mask kan, especially hubby punya angle ada sama mcm tu mask devil sini jipun hahahaha.

Happy holiday kadusmama.

p/s urg jipun bilang, lambat tidur adalah segala racun...hehehe

Nika said...

Doi kadusmama lambat juga ko tidur ni.

Sia pon tekajut o tingu tu mask. Tapi macam funny o kalu jumpa c Isaac di kadai makan pakai begitu...hehehe

belleOFranau said...

hahaha...cumil owh..like father like son..geng karas durg ni...siap bleh share mask lagi..^_^ wutta happy family u have...
happy dwali too..i mean happi hulideh bei~~w

Kadus_Mama said...

Lab papa ~ hehehehe!! my son sudah past his obsession mau jadi spiderman..now dia mau jadi Hellboy berabis.. :)
It's good you have a sweet memory mau jadi spiderman..hehe
*Hari nie cuti bah..tu lah tidur lambat..

Nika ~ mau kasi siap suma kerja2 yang ada bah..tu lah tidur lambat nie..
Memang suma orang di kedai tekejut bah tingu my son jadi Hellboy..heheh

Belleofranau ~ hehehe! my hobby and son memang tu...selalu berkomplot mau jadi superhero..
bah ko pun happy holiday juga..sia mau jalan lagi nie krang.. :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Memang menakutkan tingu tu mask, ugly eh! Nightmare la si Inesha tu, cian. :)

★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

heheeh sporting tul si CW, buli buli jadi hellboy jg dia ah heheh.. adui btul2 si Isaac fanatik suda sama hellboy o kan hehe

Little Inbox said...

Boy always like those ugly funny face mask hor? Guy also (your hubby)...
I dare not touch any of them, geli la...

elcynthia said...

hmmm, a guy's thing I coulnd't understand. hubby and little eagle oso will manage to bring something 'ganjil' when the two of them out together... hohohoho

Nessa said...

At 4am, sia tanga tidur dibuai-buai mimpi tu... I wish I could stay up late, banyak kerja buli siap :)

I love the Hellboy mask, but punya la scary!

Kadus_Mama said...

Choc Mint Girl ~ Bukan Inesha saja yang nightmare cuz, yang mama nya pun takut nampak nie..

Kobie Vanessa ~ Hehehe!! Cw tu memang! Si isaac tu skrg..aduuuu!! hellboy all the time tu dia..

little inbox ~ hehehe!! Boys and guys are the same..they just love the things we find weird..!

Kadus_Mama said...

elcynthia ~ hehe! Nah itu lah probs dia tu..ntah apa2 lah kena beli kan??

Nessa ~ Bukan selalu sia dapat tahan stay up very late bah...kadang2 saja..!Tapi memang oh..can do so many things kalau tidur lambat nie..hehee
Memang scary tu mask..apa lagi kalau di gelap2..ekeke

Nick Phillips said...

4am? Alamak. I'm in dreamland somewhere la at that time ... LOL!

And I WANT that Hellboy mask. I wonder if wifey will let me buy it ... hehehe ...

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ hehehe at that time, everybody in house were already in Lala Land! I just need to finish my house chores lah..
You want that mask?? go and get it at Times Square..cost about RM29.90! Hehe