Oct 24, 2008

I need a translator

I've been working with my current company for 4 years ++ now and I can tell you, holding two posts in two different department sometimes do make me nuts. I don't know whether i've mentioned about me being the admin. assistant and the unofficial project secretary in our company before. But yeah..thats what i've been doing all this time. Not to forget, I'm the person who has to make a coffee for my boss too. Hmmm....
Though my jobs do sound like an ordeal to me, I do love my job actually. Most of the times, I have no problem with whatsover stuffs I have to finish no matter how busy I am. I try my best (konon!! haha padahal blogging masa keja lagi) to finish everything before I punch my card out. Well, everything was easy until the robbery took place in our factory 2 weeks ago.
As I have mentioned in my post last time, one of our foreign (Vietnamese) workers lost his passport to the robbers. If only you know how difficult it is to apply a new passport. A police report is needed and lots of dokumen needed to be prepared before we can submit a new application. Everything was ok to me until.......The Vietnam Embassy required us to prepare a letter written in Vietnamese language! Huh!!!??? How am I going to do that?? I cannot even understand their language, let alone drafting a letter to send to the embassy. I was of course feel troubled as I cannot do anything nor take any action to settle this problem.
We called one of our Vietnamese workers to prepare the letter for us then. Hehe..I cannot read and understand what he wrote in that letter. Hehee If only I opt to use the service in OneHourTranslation.com I'm sure my problem will settle in no time at all. You see..OneHourTranslation is one the fastest human translation service available in the market. Their powerful system and good translators from all over the world make it possible to do any language translation. Required translation document is going to be translated in the record of time which took only minutes to an hour. Wowww!! Super fast huh?? What more I like about this service is, only email address need to be provided when using their service and this means, my privacy is totally covered and kept as a confidential.
Hmm..If I cannot get the letter done on time soon , I might use OneHourTranslation.com service to do my letter translation. Hehee At least I won't have to think where or how to do it. Hehe What do you think???


Nika said...

Apa la tu veitnam embassay kan suruh ko tulis vietnam. Nasib baik u pekerja pandai menulis hehehe.

Poppet said...

laa.. iklan la bah pula... tapi gila jugala bah adakah mo buat surat dlm vietnam.. susah.. susah

izanazuani said...

Hi Kadus,

Good morning... Awal juga singgah rumah sia ya :-).

If it happens to me, I gerenti mati akal. Thanks to the technology we are having now.

Sia baru tau oh ada such internet service yang boleh kasi translate tu language.

Kadus_Mama said...

Nika ~ iya bah!! ada kah suruh tulis surat dalam Vietnam..logik la bah sikit kan..!
Ntah lah apa kana tulis di surat tu..hehehe!! sia bukan pandai bca..

Poppet ~ Sambil2 buat iklan bah..hehehe!! Cari duit untuk shopping di ebay!! hahahhaa

Izan ~ :) Awalnya ko menyinggah kan??
Sia pun confused kijap bila kena suruh..hahaha!

elcynthia said...

seriously??? i thought embassies suppose to use the main international language only (and dont think vietnamese is one of them). tidak apa bah, if u have to use the service frm the intenet. i mean... of course the bill goes to your boss kan? hehehe..

Kadus_Mama said...

Elcynthia ~ Nah itu lah yang ganjil tu! How are we supposed to write in Vietnam language kan??
Mengkali dorang takut kami p jual the passport bah tu!! so dia tau2 saja kami tia pandai, suruh lah our worker tulis..
Tapi macam siok juga tu service tau..lain kali sia mau minta translate english p spanish la nie!!

Nessa said...

Wah, you are a multi-tasker bah :D Good for your resume, manatau kan one day buli apply a higher position kan :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ haha bukan setakat multi-tasker..multi position lagi sini opis nie..macam suma keja pun mau buat!
hope lain kali boleh apply higher and better position kan..hehe