Aug 22, 2008

What????!! My daughter is not my daughter?????

Hmmmm...its Friday already!!! Isn't time flies really fast nowadays?? One sec its monday, another sec its already friday..and me, still cannot figure out why I still have so many things i haven't done yet. Whenever i think about home, the bed sheet, my kids toys, the kitchen that needed to be cleaned will popped into my mind. *sigh*. Why i have sooo little time to do all things at home??
Well, forget about those chores, I'm soooooooooooo glad that weekend is approaching. Hehe!! We might going out this weekend to 1-utama (AGAIN?????). Hehe..not that I'm not interested to go to other shopping complex, but 1-utama is just conveniently located very near from my house. If no traffic jam, i can reach there within 10 mins with 80km/hr speed! Very near right??
I plan to buy lots of mooncake oh, since mooncake festival is coming soon. Probably i want to try those weird flavour mooncake like sambal + shrimp mooncake?? Hehehe..sounds too weird hor, but until i try eating it, i'm not going to find out how bad or how good is the mooncake. Don't worry, i will blog about it once i had it in my stomach.
Ok!! Ok!! Forget about my coming outing this weekend, I'm just wondering if you ever been asked with a stupid question by a strangers?? Yes?? No?? Well i did. Many times indeed. But before I start ranting about those stupid questions, i need you take a close look on my daughter and tell what you think.













When i go to shopping complex or somewhere jalan-jalan, there must be 1 or 2 strangers who like to start a conversation with me and asked me with their stooopid question. Like this :

Stranger : Wah! Hai lei ge lui, ah?

Me : HUH??? Hai ya..*grin* (as i cannot speak cantonese but i do understand a bit la)

Stranger : Nyeee...nyahhh...nyeee..nyahhh, ma???? (too fast talking i cannot get what was the question)

Me : Erk..can you speak english? I'm not chinese la!

Stranger : Oh!! I tot you are chinese. That girl ah, your daughter ah??

Me : Oh! yes...she is my daughter..

Stranger : Eh??? How come ah??

Me : Ah?? What how come??

Stranger : How come she look like chinese one?

Me : (Blardy hell..that stranger must think my daughter is adopted one!! Celaka!!) Why?? Must look like me only my daughter kah??

Stranger : lah! curious only, she look different than you mah.

Me : Then, I married with a chinese guy, and my daughter want to have her father looks..sure look like chinese la..(Me geram already!! Who is she to question my daughter's look! ) how??

Stranger : Oh!! no wonder lah..! (Quickly turn away from me!!)

See...stupid or not?? I really want to give her my piece of mind for giving me that kind of rude question. If she is curious on my daughter's look, she can just ask me whether I have a mix parentage (kadazan+ chinese kah??) or is my husband is chinese, coz my daughter surely have this cute chinese look (hahahaha!! persaan pulak!!). Very geram kan??

Next time, if you are curious about somebody kid's looks and dying to ask whether she/he is adopted or not, pleaseeeeeeee, think before you utter your question. Don't simply ask a stranger why her kids look different than her.


Little Inbox said...

Just wonder why got so many busy body there??? Even ppl adopt a child also nothing to do with them ma.

KaDusMama said...

little inbox ~ ya la!! so no manners one..i always kena asked this question when i go out shopping..
But still, this shouldn't even question other people about their kids hor..adopted or not, still people anak what!!

Lab papa said...


Rilek ko geng. Maybe tu org begitu curious bah tu. Recomment her to study genetics heheheheheh

Anonymous said...

Urg sini mmg ba tu... Misti heran2 ja drg tgk kalau muka cina tp urgnya bkn cina...!! Misti la urg cina ja buli muka mcm cina!! Pdhal, saaaanaaa Ranau bnyk muka cina apa kan??? Luckily I can speak chinese... ;p

KaDusMama said...

lab papa ~ hahahaa!! study pasal genetics..nanti lagi lah tu orang bengong!!
But still, macam buduh lah sia rasa tu orang!! hahahaha

just ~ iya bah kan just! asal putih saja, mesti ingat cina..ish ish! sia nda kisah juga sia nda berapa pandai cakap cina, but yang sia geram tu, bulih tu orang p question my daughter tu anak sia kah nda!! adeh!! melampau!!

Anonymous said...

My experience-took daughter to clinic once, tetiba this lady indian doc ask why daughter's look different frm mine? Me " got her dady look." Then, bulih lg dia tny, u sure ur hubby look like tat? Huh?!! Adakah patut dia tny gitu, Doctor some more..mangkali she nd to do > reading on genetic o kan...

Anonymous said...

Wait til that dude comes to KK and sees Papa Joneh's twins! She'll be in for a shock as the twins do not look like their father nor mother!

KaDusMama said...

mamamia ~ astaga!!! lagi lah buduuh!!! next time bring lolen sama2 p jumpa dr..and show her, NAH!! same or not?? hehehe

gallivanter ~ Daniel, hahahahaha!!!! Iya bah!! Papajon's twins do not like the parents kan?? If the lady saw them, I'm sure she will immediately enquire a DNA test done for the twins!! In case wrong parents! ;P

Nick Phillips said...

Some people are just busy bodies with no tact whatsoever. I wonder what she will say when she sees my kids, they don't look anything like me at all ... LOL!

Happy weekend to you :D

Lab papa said...

Ada lagi yg bikin panas,

Org buli persoalkan nama anak? kenapa tia kasi nama A, B, C, D. Haiya, ikut mama bapa dia la mo kasi nama apa pon. Lain la kalo kasi nama anak yg bukan2.

p/s tumpang panas hahahahah

Unknown said...

talingung punya soalan, klu sia pun mengkali sia marah juga. atau sia pura2 inda dingar, sengaja mo kasi malu tuh urg, sabar ja lah kadus mama.. ;)

KaDusMama said...

nick phillips ~ yeah..this people ought to be taught some manners. I mean, she hasn't even see my hubby, and she made an assumptions my daughter is not mine! Really bodoh one!!
In case the same lady saw you with ur kids, and asked the same stupid question, I'm wondering what you will do then?? heheheee

lab papa ~ OMG!! kalau sama mau p question nama anak orang tu lagi lah melampau!! buduh eh!! haha suka hati lah mau kasi nama apa kan?? ada kah this type of ppl exist???

urang ranau ~ sia bukan lagi mengkali saja, memang sia meradang sekali! nda bulih juga sia pura2 nda dengar sebab sia memang sudah 'tebecakap' sama nie orang..sometimes sia tepikir where did she put her brain when she asked me that..hahahaa

Kiersten said...

Eh eh eh .... over lar this kpc stranger! For me, I won't even bother to layan wei...

Don't get upset over this kind of people lar...your daughter is gorgeous and you're her proud mummy! :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Curious pun curious lah, tapi tanya lah bagus2 kan. Kasar betul, mimang bkin geram. Nasib baik si Inesha belum faham, if dia dengar soalan camtu, for sure dia pun tepikir2 napa ko kena tny camtu.

KaDusMama said...

lil' ms pinky ~ memang over this kpc!! can simply asked stranger a rude question..
I'm no more upset lah. now ok already!!

choc mint girl ~ eeeeeeee..memang tu cuz, memang ramai yang akan tanya pasal inesha..but yang satu Ah soh tu memang rude oh! main bantai saja with her question!!

Aunty J said...

hahahaha some people have no sense of sensitivity at all... their mouth think faster thn their brain Ethan pula people tot girl coz of his curly hair..maka the clothes tht he wears obviously shows his gender...ngok oh kan hahaha

KaDusMama said...

Aunty J ~ haha!! iya bah! they opened their mouth without even using their brain!
Ethan is a girl??????? Mak ai!!!! itu lagi lah melampau!! hahahaha my daughter pun dulu selalu juga tu..siap kena tanya "lu punya baby, jantan ka perempuan?" habis!! pengsan sia mau jawap!! hahaha

Hombidai said...

tidak heran lah klu org di sana kdmama. besa mcm tu.

myself, i'm always mistaken as a 'malay'. especially when you're out of the campus area.

one very heavy rainy day, i was sitting on a bus stop, one pakcik was chit chatting with me as he was waiting for the rain to stop before going on his bike.

as usual, if i don't know that guy, i while speak in my 'quite good' Semenanjung slang. (of course, i will speak sabahan style if i already get used to that semenanjung person)

it was already half-an-hour chatting, then he asked me which kg i am from... an was shocked when i told him where i am from.. maybe because of 'malu'.. he 'redah' the heavy rain.. (he did comment on smthg 'very sensitive' during the course of the chat.. hehehe) which i politely say 'tah tahu pula saye...'

another funny lady seller at Pertama Complex.. she mati-mati wants to speak to me in cantonese. i told her a few times i can't speak chinese (in english)(i was buying sometging from her shop). then she scolded me why i don't want to speak chinese. i told her politely i am Sabahan Kadazan. then she say "aiyaaa.. you look like chinese lo..."

best experience so far... now, when was it that somebody mistaken me for an 'orang utan who lives in a tree' as i am from Borneo - another story to tell

there you go, Kdmama.....

KaDusMama said...

hombidai ~ alalalala!! nasib ko tia meradang sama tu pakcik kan?? kadang2 ada yang main assume saja bah apa orang punya bangsa without even asking..tu yang bikin tensen tu..
kalau pasal tinggal atas pokok tu..alah besa lah tu hombi..ada lagi yang cakap kita sana nie tinggal pakai cawat saja..melampau kan??

Kobie Vanessa said...

heheh Kadus adakah tu org ckp begitu kan, maybe dia x pernah nampak org kawin cmpur kali, dats y the stranger said dat, kalau dia p sabah lagi la dia bengong ni mix cultures yang lebih drastic!!hehe sino kadazan + india cina, nah lagila tu stranger bingung!heheh

JPP Papa said...

Patutlah panas ja dada saya.. ada orang cakap twins saya pulak. Hahahaa.
Hmmm ... bagus juga kamu ambil as example but never asked me directly in my blog.. tapi takpe.. i paham.

For info, their faces look a lot like my brother in law. So, yes in a way none look either one of us.

Ok, now back to your daughter... yabah.. bikin panas with the question.. if my wife's kena ask like that.. sure kena bomb with the handbag. hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

hmmn nasiblah bukan sia yg kena tanya, klu ndak abis org tu X-(

wat?just bcoz they don't like us (d parents)meaning bkn anak kita yea? hmmm geram eh org ask us like tat..i need to cool down lu..err sorry yea kadusMama, terlepas geram kat sini pula ;)

KaDusMama said...

kobie vanessa ~ iya bah!! like never see orang kawin campur saja..mungkin kalau tu orang p sabah, terus pengsan nie..hahahah!!!

papajoneh ~ eeheheh!! kan marah ah boss..since ur twins cute betul, dorang jak terus popped in our mind!!
wah!! i wish i can bash the lady pakai my handbag!! :)

jppmom ~ i think if you're the one asked by the stranger, sure kena pukul pakai handbag sudah..(like papajoneh said..hehheee)
but memang bikin geram la..just because my daughter doesn't look much like me, tu stranger simply assume she is not daughter..
well, its ok for you to lepas geram juga bah..hehehehe!! I'm feeling better coz' ramai juga yang tidak agree with the lady's rude + kepohche attitude

chegu carol said...

hahaha....when my niece and nephew were here for the long school break, hubby and i always bring them jalan2. once, we were stared hard by this lady. dia heran kali why tu anak2 putih melepak but the so-called parents tida putih.

another time, i was out with the kids to a chinese restaurant. a chinese lady asked me, "putih oh kau punya anak. bapa dia cina kah?"...sia bilang iya saja...hahaha

the kids' dad memang chinese pun...

KaDusMama said...

chegu carol ~ At least ko kena tanya lagi the father chinese ka nda ..yang lady tanya sia tu..amboi2..terus buat assumption yang tu bukan my daughter..bongoh kan?? hehehe