Jun 21, 2008

Lazy mode

Last night I went back home early to bring my kids to see doctor. Son is not feeling well, he has been coughing and throwing up whatever stuff inside his stomach. Daughter need her 18 months MMR jab. So as usual, the busy mommy have to rush home to get everything done. Why must me do everything??? *Arggghhh.*
*Sigh* I don't know why I'm sooooo frustrated today. Everything, even a simple thing irratate me so much. I'm supposed to be happy because it saturday today, but funny is, i don't feel happy at all...
Now i'm going to put 'LAZY MODE' sign in my blog for today..I have lots of stuff to talk about, but I have no mood to type it at all..will stalk in silence in all your blog later..


Lab papa said...


It's all right, blow on it. Just chiz and go with the flow. Enjoy your weekend!

chegu carol said...

it's ok. u can talk about it tomorrow when u've taken it all out today.

anyways, hope ur weekend is still a pleasant one. :)

nyumix said...

Hi kadusmama, my children are also sick. It's not really easy to handle nagging sick kids, isn't it?

papajoneh said...

why all u have to do? Where's yer hubby? Just curious....

Anyway, hope to see you cheerful again. I'm not used to seeing or hearing you like this.

Hope tomorrow much brighter and happy and cheerful and you feel relax.

cya later... pheewwww.. i finally finish commenting at 4:17am just for you :D

if you or hubby into football, the score now is netherlands 0, russia 1 at 77th minutes :D
if not, just ignore lah :D

Nick Phillips said...

Hope your boy gets well soon. My kids just recovered from sickness too and I know how you must feel.

Take it easy ok. Get a good rest over the weekend and things will be okay on Tuesday. I didn't say Monday cos I know how much you hate Monday's just like me ... LOL!

Happy Sunday :D

Kobie said...

wahh u must be very busy o kan, ada da maid ko dapat?

Kadus_Mama said...

Lab papa ~ TQ!! I'm feeling much better today..

chegu carol ~ erk! ok juga my sunday..hehe

nyumix ~ Yeah! Daughter is tooooo clingy now..its kinda hard to take care two sick kids at the same time.

papajoneh ~ erk hubby at office selalu..workaholic kan..
Pstt..kami tidak tingu football! hehee

nick ~ Now, I have both my kids coughing and feverish. Daughter really trying my patient as she kept crying wanting me to carry her all around..
surprisingly..I'm feeling better on today, monday..I hope your monday is ok too

kobie ~ belum lagi oh kobie.. :(

queen bee said...

Hi there,
Pelan2 saja bah with the blog... tengok me 1 minggu satu post saja..
"Get well soon" for the kids ya and you, Relaxxx..ok!

Kadus_Mama said...

Queen Bee ~ Oh! don't worry..I'm ok already.. :)