Jan 6, 2009

Beware of the Skin Care Products you used..

I survived working with my pretty bad and painful gum with the help of the pain killer i brought to office. I was quite busy with so many works in office, i forgot my gum for a while..! Thank God for that..
I already have a painful gum, but can you imagine i still have the guts to finish at least 5 biji Ferrero Rocher Chocolate..! Hahaha..Ini lah tidak sedar diri nie..! I know my dental problem could be due to my no restriction of eating chocolate, but............there is no way i can survive without having at least a small bar of that Cadbury chocs..!!! Bahaya kan!!!!
Well, i don't have much thing to 'huuuu huuuu haaaa haaa' actually, but i suddenly feel obligated to share my experience about the skin problem i had in the last 6 months. Let me start how my problem started...Almost 1 year ago, i looked in the mirror and noticed my skin (muka lah!!) looked quite dull and with that, i decided to change my skin products to B*o Es*ence which i thought going to be ok as it was promoted in grand scale to all the ladies out there..! From the lifting-up the skin serum, i gradually add the other skin products like the facial cleanser, eye gel, tonner and 'the tone down your face cream'..!! In the first 4 months of using it, i noticed my complexion looks better than the previous observation. So i thought.."wah!! bagus nie product nie!!". I got my dear buddy, Mildred to use the same product i used. I told her, my complexion improved tremendously after 4 months using B*o E*sence products. In the 5th months using 'the-so-called-good-products', my nightmare begun with a sudden scary break-out on my face!!! Uwah!!! It was really scary to see my face which never had an acne before suddenly full with 'big volcano' ready to pop out anytime soon..! I thought it was due to my routine of sleeping late at night causing a hormone imbalance and caused a bad acne to me...! Even hubby keep pointing that as a reason of my skin nightmare..!
No matter how i cleaned my skin, there were zits all over my face until i decided to stop using the serum and face cream i'd been using..! After a week, the zits lessen, but the damaged was already done, i'd been having a lots of ugly scars from the zits..!!! But less than two weeks after that, my skin went through the same problem again..! The worst part attacked that time was both part of my cheek! Argggghhhhh...gila i tell you..the zits just refused to go away..! It was already in the month of october before i totally throw all my skin care products and use just the N*vea tonner and facial cleanser for my face. I refused to use any cream after i clean my face, and amazingly, my skin condition improved in a matter of 2 weeks..!! Hebat sungguh!! But of course i still had a lots of scars that time..! Then, i decided to use SKII E*sence to 'konon'nya treat the scar i had...and blarddy hell, my skin probs came back in a vengence and like last time, bigger zits popped on my cheek, my forehead, and chin!! It was sooooooooo bad you know!!! Bikin meradang sungguh!!!!! I only used the essence for 1 week and there, my skin got back to it previous worse condition (if not the worst).
I totally gave up using my essence and just used Avene Thermal water to spray my face after i got it cleaned...! It has been a month since i use Avene Thermal water..and Thank God..no more zits have been popping ever since!!!! Am i glad??? Of course I am..but..! if you see my face now, you'll cringe when you see the scars i got from my nightmare..it was really...really bad!!! But bad or not..I'm still thankful i have no more zits now...! I can see all the scars are starting to fade already..! So thats should be a good news kan???
So moral of the story...if you decide to change your skin products just because you felt your skin look a little bit dull, think twice before getting any new skin products ya..the first sign of trouble you see on your skin, ditch all the products you used before it's too late..! I admit i'm bengong juga when i didn't stop using all the B*o products even after i had my first skin break-out..! But..apa bulih buat kan..!! i'm hoping my scars will diminish soon saja nie..
Bah..thats all bah i want to share with you guys..!! Oh..My best buddy, Mel who used the skin products had the same problem too..she told me she had a crazy zits too..could it be a coincidence only?? I don't know..maybe..but luckily she was smart enough to stop using all the products..not like me..still used it for like 4 months even after the 'saiko' break-out..
So remember..the first sign of trouble after you used your skin product..discontinue using it immediately or else you will a great regret like me..(aiseh!!! nasihat orang ada experience nie).
*My pores were badly clogged when i used the B*o products..gila eh!!!


Little Inbox said...

Got to be careful lo, some of the products are just tested on animal only.

Starfish said...

Haiya! I actually refrain myself from using essence, because our temperature here is so humid that our skin tends to produce oil more than cold countries like Japan, Korea (you know, where the products usually come from) so putting on essence is like doubling the oil therefore clogging the pores.. resulting in breakouts and zits.. Cheh, macam expert sja sya ni kan?

To reduce the visibility of your scar, why don't you use whitening cream with SPF 15 or above during the day.. It sometimes helps ya. Malam you can still use your regular moisturizer. Pandai pula mau ajar kan? Anyway, try la dulu..

Adora said...

Sy rasa hasil penggunaan produk bergantung kpd jenis kulit jg, bcos during campus, kami (ramai2 la ada dlm 5org) try SKII (huhu student ah time tu).. only 2 of us survived tida kena serang zits. the rest of us kan, wahhh muka kalah2 katak bah...

So, we stopped using it sblm jd lebih teruk. but one of my friend, mmg nampak la the changes b4 and after pakai SKII. maybe mmg muka dia bkn jenis oily and match dgn tu produk, i also dnt know. Ataupun, tu produk mmg ada prob...susah jg jd pempuan ni kan..

Shemah said...

Ouchhh.. that must be so frustrating kan?

You know, ever since I move to KL, macam my skin has been dull and the skin tone is uneven semua.. and then when my mom came over to visit with my sister, I noticed my younger sister punya complexion (yang selalu problem - teenagers kan), it was like really really good already.

So I pun ndak mau kalah, hahahaha, I wanted to know what she was taking. My mother bilang "itulah kamu, mommy kasi kamu semua tu vitamin, ndak mau ambik. Adikmu jak rajin ambik."

So now I'm in KK, I pun ikut lah diorang makan vitamins ni.. Uiii.. betul tau. Beauty starts from within!! My skin is smoother, skin tone is even, and there's like a natural glow to my face. Betuuul. And my hair is glossier..

My mom kan orang Shaklee, so she rajin use their products. But it's really really good. Before I balik KL, I want to bring a set!! :)

As for facial products, yang bagus dulu I use was Biotherm because it's water based. The cream is all very gel-like and not heavy. But now, I'm not using anything. Sudahlah mahal, malas betul mau keep the ritual.

Lab papa said...

Good that you have stop using the product.

The fact is that these cosmetics are particularly not made for individual preference. Because our skins are slightly different from each other, the effect may varies. That is why some companies offer a skin test so they could offer you the best for your niche.

Aiseh melalut suda kikiki.

Mimi said...

thanks T, this is very informative. sya baru bercadang2 mo bili tu B*o E*sence oo... nda jd la ni. btw, punya mahal tu SKII Essence tu...

Gallivanter said...

Use GARNIER! :-)

Nika said...

Hi KM,
Doi punya mahal tu SKII tu! sayang o kan... sa pula pengguna setia nivea milk cleansing lotion sama tu Olay total white. Kalu abis terpaksa order dari sabah lagi. Sebab kalu pakai yg di c ni semua nda ngam. Kulit bekeruping ba.

maslight said...

Kadus Mama cari penyakit. sakit gigi tapi mo makan chocolate *geleng kepala. ish ish ish. XD

anyways wah!!! scary oh the facial product. My face was bad when I went to study years back. Now I'm back in KK, mukaku bersih. Coz kurang habuk. XD

It's all becoz of dat for me. I don't really use er any facial product. Well maybe use facial soap from lily of the valley every now and then.

elcynthia said...

Ty, just like Shemah.. i took vitamin C. the dose i took is above average dose though.. hehehe minimum of 2g each day. and spirulina. works like wonders. however, sometime bila teringat tu, sa pakai la my Olay cream(dari SPM lagi sa pakai ni tapi malas oh...).
wa... itu Niv*a & P*nds paling sa tidak ngam. terus macam kana sunburn. bah... take care la oo... ur skin used to be cantik waktu sekolah dulu oh! ^^

Kadus_Mama said...

Little Inbox ~ Ya lah!! Like human and animal skins same kan..!!

Starfish ~ Thanx for the tips of reducing scar..i'll try that soon..!

Nayden79 ~ I only last 1 week pakai tu SKII..hahaha!! Memang nda ngam sama kulit sia oh..tu jerawat yang timbul kan, memang menggerikan betul...!!
Nasib now, teda sudah zits..sekrang mau repair balik tu scars saja lah..

Mell_f said...

Itu SKII essence pun memang tiada effect la di muka ku. rugi betul.

So far i never encounter with this case lah,sebab sy cuma guna cleanser n moisturizer seja. i agree with massy la on this.

Kadus_Mama said...

Shemah ~ Sangat lah frustrating!!!! Like my self esteem jatuh sampai lantai seeing my skin condition masa tu...
I know vit C is very good for skin, but ini lah nie..never practise what i know..!!
Your sis..si Seri kah??? Cantik bah her skin masa last sia nampak her photo.. :)
But like you say, sini Kl ni memang banyak habuk..thats why our skin getting dull each day kan..terpaksa lah p tinggal kutub utara kalau macam nie..hahaha!!

Lab Papa ~ Iya..nasib sia berenti..if not! Habis lah my muka nie!!
But like you say, bukan suma orang punya skin sama kan..thats why the skincare product ngam sama satu orang but tida ngam with other person..

Mimi ~ Nah!! Nasib ko Len..! Hehee Kalau sudah jadi macam sia, memang menyesal berabis nie..!! But cuba ko try Avene Thermal water Spray..memang rasa sihat kulit terus oh..!

Kadus_Mama said...

Gallivanter ~ Ok kah Garnier???

Nika ~ Iya..rugi jak beli..tapi nda pa lah..! Daripda sia masih pakai, bagus nda pakai kan..nda pasal-pasal muka macam katak puru nanti..!
Dulu sia memang pakai Olay Total White..itu yang nda pernah ada zits tu..tapi telampau lama pakai, macam teda effect sudah sama sia punya skin..

Maslight ~ Mengkali di KL ni teruk bah dia punya udara nie kan..its too polluted, skin pun bulih mati tinggal sini..hahaha!!
Now sia pakai cleanser besa saja..no more essence for me!!! And the Thermal Water to spray saja lah..At least teda sudah zits bah..

Kadus_Mama said...

Elcynthia ~ Hehe!! I'll try to take Vits C supplement lah nie..! The fact the Vits C has the ability to repair skin is convincing enough kan..
Ko tau my skin was soooo sihat until the day sia p pakai tu B*o E*ssence. Hancur terus my glowing skin!!
Now menyesal pun teda guna sudah..nasib baik my complexion is getting better now..! Hope in 2 months time, it will fully recovered lah..

Mell_f ~ Iya lah!! Mahal saja the SKII kan..but macam teda effect jak pun..
Now sia pun nda mau pakai Essence sudah..cukup lah cuci muka, pakai tonner and spray tu Thermal water p muka..! Bagus lagi sia rasa..

sweet-girlicious said...

heheh..well..woman is complicated..we dare spend how much money we have just to have a better skin, better product and effective..sometimes...i guess my money most probably will be going more to the skincare product...even my bro and my dad..really can't understand why woman so complicated..hahaha

sheelasheena said...


go to Derm for consultation etc.
but i dun pay that much attention yet to my face, i dun know why? hmmm ignorance or i havent hit the awareness yet..

but i use Garnier...(itupun bila rajin) alala now i realized betapa malas nya...

thanks for the sharing..

Kadus_Mama said...

Sweet-girlicious ~ Hey there..
Yeah..i sooo agree with you..and the amount we spent not even include our make up..clothing..accessories..hahaha!!

Sheelasheena ~ Don't worry, you are still young ba..when i was your age..memang konon cantik betul complexion..hehe! Maybe i'm exposed too much dust bah di office nie...thats why my kulit makin teruk..
The less chemical use for your face, the less probs will arise..(i think)..hehee

Ann said...

Astaga scary ni, bi* e*ssence n s* I* bukan femes pnya product ka? . eventhough u already censored itu nama but I still can figure it out wahahaha

Kadus_Mama said...

Ann ~ Actually, I'm not implying yang itu product tia bagus.. :) It just doesn't suit my skin bah mengkali tu..! Maybe too oily kah..tu yang ada saiko break-out tu..
But..tu B*o kan..memang ada juga orang lain komplen muka ada pimples saja selalu..macam scary juga kan..

Mama Mia said...

alamak, sia suda plan mo bili BioE dlm masa terdekat ni. Now I'm having a 2nd thought..hmmm.

Tp I do agree that kesesuaian any skin care product depends on our skin type. Dulu masa student, dlm kami 7 urg housemate pakai Avon, ada 1 urg ja yg kana skin break out.

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama mia ~ erkkk..i'm not trying to change your mind bah nie..but few people i know yang pakai tu B*iE product kan memang kena break out nie..
But..ko try juga lah..manatau ngam sama kulit ko kan..

Nick Phillips said...

I'm one person who don't really believe in skin care products, that probably explains why my skin looks like sandpaper half the time ... LOL!

chegu carol said...

Ya, the BioE pnya product pun x ngam sama sia. I did tell u also kan tat suddenly my muka tambah2 teruk dia punya break outs. At first, ndap berapa peduli cos sia mmg biasa jg ada break outs ni tapi yg heran sdh lah x mau berenti, teruk2 lagi tu. Since, the only product i was using tat time was that BioE, i figured maybe itu lah punca dia tu. Fortunately, after stop ada kurang2 sudah tu break outs. Tapi biasalah, scar tatap forever.

Ermmm...since u mentioned SK2...harap2 mine ok lah cos ive just started using it since Christmas. So far ndak jugalah ada apa2 yg peculiar di muka.

Garnier, to me also ndak ngam.

skinproductsforsale@gmail.com said...

I've found that the more expensive products are not any better than the cheaper ones.