Jan 19, 2009

Again..Its monday..

*long sigh* It seems time is going faster and faster these past few days..! One moment it was monday, and when i opened my eyes again, it is already the next week monday...!! Crazy sungguh!! As mentioned in my previous post, i had a class for the whole day on Sunday..! no..no..it's not the Medical Assistant Course. It's a real course I'm talking about here. Hehe Gallivanter : Sia study and keja lah now!! :)
Soooooo..what about my class yesterday??? Nothing much except i was late for my first lecture at 8.30am!! hahaha!! I got lost in Shah Alam, i cannot find my way there lah..!! I know where the main campus is, but i cannot find my way to the place where my lecture was held. Punya lah embarassing to have the whole class looking at me when i reached there around 9.15am..ekeke!! Then...I was soooooo tired when my last lecture finally finished at 6.20pm. Drove back home within 35mins and the first thing i did was..land on my bed to take rest..! Geezzz!! I think I'm getting sooooo old already lah!! A mere 1 day classes can make me sooooo tired already..!
Then...the dreaded part of all...I got tonnes of assignments to finish by this week!! Sei Lor!!!! CNY is just around the corner..do i have time to finish everything within the stipulated time??? I don't know!! Cuba lah dulu nie..
So..thats about my sunday!!! I know my daily schedule will get tougher and toughter each day..! So its time me to create a work and daily schedule to manage my time..if not, matai lah no need to sleep!!
Well, enough about me...how about you guys?? Anything special happened on weekend?? Anybody strike jackpot??? ekekekeke


BrokenSatellite said...

totally respect you.
it's hard to juggle studies,family and work at the same time.

especially when u have 2 kids.

kadusmama is a supermom!

kadazanbonita said...

Ui kalau sia kena jackpot T ..i would be soo happy gila now..LOL! Tapi malangnya my weekend sia inda kena jackpot..kena buang duit ada la..LOL!

Gallivanter said...

Belajar apa? Buat bomb ka? :-P

maslight said...

it's a horiday..penyakit malasku datang balik XD wuah kadusmama mmg kick~ kalau se pingsan sudah..i need sunday off XD stay at home and laze around would be best XD

Mama Mia said...

alala kasian sungguh ko Ty. Lambt pasal inda jumpa class rupanya...

Err, u sure can finish all the asignmt if u don't sleep tapi....qualitynya misti inda bagus. Tu quality yg paling penting tu beb!

Kadus_Mama said...

Broken sattelite ~ Don't forget, blogging too..hehehee
Not yet supermom lah..but close..

Kadazanbonita ~ hahahaa!! Sia tia sempat pigi beli jackpot yesterday, sibuk kan kelas!!
If kena, jan lupa sia lain kali ya..

Gallivanter ~ hahaha!! If ada nie buat bomb course, i'm sure many people will sign up for this course..

Kadus_Mama said...

Maslight ~ Massy, sia pun tepikir, am i crazy or what to do all this..ekeke bulih rehat2 di rumah, cari trouble pulak kan..

Mama mia ~ Iya..memang bulih siap juga..kualiti tu..hmmm nanti sia check ok kah nda..hehehe

JPP Papa said...

"Crazy Sungguh!!!"
Hahaha i like this term!!!

sHeiLa said...

huu..i know how u felt when everybody was having great time at home, u stucked in the class..
i'm still with IP which meant, every school holiday i MUST be there for lecture..from 7.15am to 10.00 pm every weekday.huhu..penat kan? but, sooner or later, u'll adapt it..chaiyo chaiyo!

BrokenSatellite said...

oh yeah.blogging.cooking.cleaning.layan-ing hubby *wink wink*, layan-ing issac and inesha.

kategori supermom la tu.

i hereby declare kadusmama as a supermom

tepuk tgn suma org

Nessa said...

Kalau sia kana attend class sampai 6.30pm, abis la rambut sia jadi putih semua!

Tapi urang bilang, kalau hendak seribu daya.. inda mau, seribu dalih. I believe you ken do it Kadus Mama! :)

Kristie said...

not easy to juggle study, work and family. U are a strong woman! :)

Nick Phillips said...

You'll do alright. Once you get used to the groove of working and studying, things will settle down much more :D

I wished I had struck a jackpot over the weekend but no such luck! LOL!