Jan 3, 2009

My teeth going to cost me a bomb!!

If you read my post previously, I've mentioned about fixing something that will cost me about RM1500 (estimated cost) and the something is actually my teeth!!!! Uwahhh!!!!!!
9 years ago, i went to do a root canal to fix my front teeth and after an excruciating pain having my teeth prodded for 3 weeks, my dentist finally complete his job and managed to save my teeth's root and fix a crowning for me. That time, when i was still a student, the cost was about RM500 for 2 teeth. RM500 for a student is veryyyyyyyy huge sum of money you know.
2 years after my crowning was done, one of the tooth's stand broken when i was eating popiah..!! Then i went to get it done one more time, and i had to fork out another RM300 just for a tooth which has a metal support. (i was still a student that time). And now, after 9 years, the other tooth decided to die on me while i was eating a nice sausage bun on the first day of 2009. Celaka sungguh!!!!!!! Since i'm not a student anymore, the cost won't be cheap like i got last time. I remember my dentist last time, told if i get my tooth done outside, 1 tooth will cost around RM700 each!!! Uwah!!!! And after finish working today, i will have to go see a dentist no matter what..!! *sigh*
Among us sibling, i am the only one who faced lots of dental problems. I'm wondering, can dental problem be passed genetically???? Coz' my mom has a serious dental problem too..! My other siblings have a good set of teeth while me, no matter how i take care, get my teeth flossed everyday, there are still a lots of problem relating to my teeth arised. There was one time, i was eating a peanut and while chewing, "Prakkkkkkk!!!!"..one of my teeth broke like it was just a piece of fragile glass..!!! Why ah?????????? My sister keep telling me, that i inherit mom's genetic and thats why my teeth have soooooo many problem...is it possible???????? Anybody has the same problem like me?????
Now, it was only few months after i'm freed from my credit card debts, and now, my teeth going to cost me sooo much pulak!!!! Why me ah????? *sigh* Bomb or not bomb, i still need to get my teeth done as soon as possible. Hubby was laughing at me last night, and that seriously dent my pride. Give lah support kan..ini tidak, laugh at me some more!!!!! I hope, my metal support crowning won't take long time to be fixed..*sob...sob..sob*


izanazuani said...

KMama I have dental problem too, but not like yours. My gum is quite sensitive, it bleeds when I brush my teeth wrongly.

I have food stuck between my teeth almost every time I eat.
Dan yang paling bida, my upper teeth berlapis ni.

At some point I was thinking of getting braces, but sia takut sakit bah...

Don't worry the dentist will fix it all for u as long as u have $$$$.

elcynthia said...

Ty, can it be like that?? wa.. sa rosak sa punya geraham besar pun cukup sengsara oh...waktu kena cabut tu macam kepala sekali mau tercabut. and yet now my other side punya geraham pun macam mau2 sudah expire *huhu*. dentist adalah orang paling sa tidak suka jumpa... takut...sorri kepada dentist2 di luar sana... ^^

btw, your new look is HOT

Ann said...

membaca ni blog entry pun terus mcm terasa ngilu2 gigi
But gigi yg paling penting kan, how much the cost pun we still need to pay for it.

Btw, your new layout damn cooolll!! Like it so much :D

Nick Phillips said...

RM1,500 for your teeth? OHMYGOD! Mahal nyer! If it was me I just let all my teeth drop out la, murah la macam tu ... LOL!

Little Inbox said...

Wah so expensive ar? Teeth is part of our digestive system. Really got to take care of it.

chegu carol said...

uish first time sia dingar begini punya hal psl dental problem oh.

mana mahal, bikin denture kah atau bikin balik tu crowning?

sheelasheena said...

Banyak juga masalah gigi ko ah, crowing la, root canal la...wah...

I dont have that much problem la tapi ada juga la but not so much and serious. (now i am grateful)

Take care yeah, dont spoiled your first weekend of the year. Maybe this problem will pass.

take care


Deana E said...

i have the same problem with you. know my problem, i don;t like to drink milk so my teeth are fragile.where are u staying? i am not sure how much my BIL charge but he has a clinic in cheras. he is a good dentist.email me if you need help.

Kadus_Mama said...

Izanazuani ~ wah!! if bedarah pun scary juga kan..mine no bedarah..tapi itu lah..senang2 saja rusak..

elcynthia ~ iya..mine pun molar yang senang rusak..nda tau apa sebab..but memang bah..my mom punya gigi pun teruk dulu nie..thats why me also follow..
Apa pun..all the best jumpa your dentist..hehee

Ann ~ iya..no matter what..i still need to get my teeth done anyway.. :( awal2 tahun sudah belubang poket bah kan..tsk! tsk!

Ulat said...

Seems that many people hv a bad starting point for 2009... =S
* I wonder izzit because of recession...hmm...*

Lab papa said...


My sis had that broken tooth like your experienced. She fixed it by seeing dentist but not sure how. Genetics? Yeap, the possibility is there. But nowadays people tend to point the finger at the genes they inherited (LOL) Even I've read somewhere else, politics also affect by genetics hehehehe.

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ ya lah!! very expensive..can buy one nice handphone already kan??

Little inbox ~ yeah agree with you..but it seem i've been having a dental problem since i was very small.. :(

chegu carol ~ denture murah carol..! About RM500 jak..yang sia buat crowning nie..aduh..baru satu gigi sudah RM850..!! but sia mau kasi bagus mana2 lagi gigi rusak kan..tu yang mahal tu..

Kadus_Mama said...

Sheelasheena ~ once everything done..my day will be ok again..hehe

Deana e ~ oh ya kah?? Alamak! but i love milk..hari2 pun minum susu nie.. :(
Cheras is very far lah..i mean far from my place..tia apa lah..my house sini ada satu clinic..quite ok juga the dr..

Ulat King ~ hahaha!! my teeth have nothing to do with recession lah!! But yeah..my year doesn't very good too...
Anyway..how was your exam?? any good news??

Kadus_Mama said...

Lab Papa ~ oh iya?? Ayak then what happend to her?? What was done to her tooth???
If my problem only started recently, i don't think i will blame my genetic..but this has been going on since i'm 6years old bah..so yeah..i still think the genetic i've inherited has to do with my problem now..hahahaha (senang2 saja kasi salah genetic bah kan

Mama Mia said...

sia ingat lg ko awal2 pagi p klinik d upm dulu p buat tu gigi..

Now d cost double d student price o kan..Pa mcm ni awal2 thn trus bankrap?!

Smpi skrg sia masi simpan cita2 mo pasang braces..sia phobia mo cabut gigi yg berlapis bah.Ntah bila la sia bulih memberanikan diri ni...

Mama Mia said...

er Ty, Tq for your Xmas kad..baru sia dpt last Saturday.

Sori ar sia teda htr ko kad Xmas, nti sia balas kad CNY bulih ka? :)

pyn79 said...

wah,punya teruk..sia masih ingat masa ko komplen kesakitan ni masa kena buat tu root canal n that time bengkak2 lagi tu..punya lama tu proses for that one..i can imagine yg ini jg..aduii..sakit o tu..

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama Mia ~ hehe iya bah! Nasib my kolej sebelah tu Klinik jak kan..dapat pigi awal2..if not..lagi lah kasian!!!
Student price pun sudah rasa mahal..sekali sekarang..lagi lah mahal!! *sigh* Not really a good year to start with kan..
Pasang braces memang mahal and sakit nie..! like my kolig..satu bulan dia makan bubur sebab too painful kena tarik tu braces..
Pasal tu kad..hahaha!! nda payah lah bah mau balas2..sia nie kan memang suka send card.. :)

Pyn79 ~ Iya bah Fenny, i still can feel my root kena kurik2 oh!! Tu sakit masih terasa tu..!!! Nasib this time nda payah buat..! and the dr. sia p sekarang..sangat lah bagus!! At least she bius lagi my gum before buat anything..dulu..! wah dengan isi yang hidup tu kena cut without any anesthetic..gilos sekali!!

Lorraine said...

Gosh I thought i was the only one who has the same problem!.I flossed my teeths and brush them 3 times a day.Still my teeth broke when i chew on something.Aiya hearing about the expensive dental care really scares me ><.

Btw,bloghopping! hehe :D

Kadus_Mama said...

Lorraine ~ hey there..thanx for dropping by in my blog..
Yeah..dental cost could cost you a bomb..! I've been wondering what the root of my dental problems too..! *sigh*

Lorraine said...

Ur welcome.Btw ur blog is the bomb.I loved ur rants :D.

Aiya.Hard la like dat >.<.I read from a health magazine,oranges or vitamin C can reduce the chances of getting gums problems.

Hope this helps :D!