Jan 22, 2009

Have you ever....

Hmmmm…today is the second last day before our company and factory shut down in conjunction with CNY celebration and if you are wondering if I still have the mood to work, of course no!! Hahahaa I’m getting lazier every second in the office, but luckily I still have lots of works need to be finished ASAP, so no excuse for me to sit and do nothing in office.
Starting from Saturday 24th Jan until 1st Feb, I will be on holiday and heheheee I’m getting so excited already..! I already booked 3 days 2 night room in The Palace of Golden Horses next week. Now…before you start thinking I’m a fool to spend my holiday here in KL..don’t lah think like that..! At least me, hubby, and kids can have fun staying there mah..! Initially, we planned to go Melaka for holiday, but I changed my mind at the last minute. So holiday in KL it is..
I know most of you have no mood to blog at the moment, what more doing a tag kan?? Hehehee I’m 50% lazy to blog too, but I have to do this one tag before it got expired soon. Thanx to Nick for tagging me this “Have You ever…..tag”. So lets get it done..
Have you ever been on TV?
Yep!! In year 2007 when me, hubby, boss, other colleagues went to watch the World Badminton Championship at Bukit Jalil. One colleague who watched astro that time said, he saw us screaming and jumping like crazy while supporting Malaysian team..ekekekeke
Have you ever sung in public?
Is primary 4 counted??? Because I sang for the whole school to hear..hehe
Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Yep! But not exactly the platinum blonde..blonde..it was a copper blonde. I’m planning to dye my hair soon..!
Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Countless time! If you don’t know this, go try Jalan Alor Frog Porridge..and enjoy the delicious ermmm…frog???
Have you ever received a present that you hated?
Well, Not exactly hating it, but somebody gave me a broken gift for my wedding gift..*sigh* Ntah sepa lah kasi tu..
Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
NO!!! Lamp post is just too big for me to ram to..hehe
Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more that 15 people?
Yes!! Many times..cannot remember whats the function already..
Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Fall flat on my face???? No..but i fall 3 steps down in front of my bf and he was laughing hard at me!! Celaka kan!!
Have you ever done volunteer work?
Proud to say, I have..hehehe!!
That’s about my “Have you ever…facts’. As for the tagging…hmmmmmm I’m going to Tag 4 people this time. Adora, Kay, Chegu Carol and Kristie. Hehe Enjoy your homework @ blog work..


Nessa said...

Nah, sia la yang pertama mengomen... hehe

Ko baru la, kasi rekomen lagi di mana tempat mau makan katak :D

Just said...

Waa.. p Golden Palace Hotel ka Ty?? Melaka ramai urg la kalau p time CNY!

Mrs. Ezman said...

kaki katak? sedap ka tu kadus mama? hehehe..anyway, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! jgn lupa angpow sa ah :D kasi bank in saja hahaha

sheelasheena said...

best nya the palace of golden horse!! (mau ikut mama???) hehehehe

nasib inga kana tag (hehehe)
frog? bagus untuk kulit dorang bilang betul ka tu ah?

hehehe sia balik sabah lagi kali ni. bah Happy chinese new year ok..


Nessa said...

Eh, lupa mo wish... Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! :D

Nick Phillips said...

Wah, everybody has been on TV except me ... LOL! Thanks for being a sport and doing the tag :D

chegu carol said...

sa sdh buat ni kan? so kira habis hutang juga lah kan Ty hehehe

Adora said...

Nah nah nah....ada lg tag.. baru sy buat 1 tag utk pembukaan tahun, now blum ujung bulan cam banyak suda tag hutang, nanti2 la sy buat ah. Gobulan btul sy skrang