Jan 13, 2009

"Rojak" story..

I know...i know..I have been posting quite many depressing post since early this year..So terrible kan..we are only in second week of 2009, and i was ranting like 'saiko auntie' already. On the first day of new year itself, my crowning was broken and i only can fixed it 100% either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..then..i got my molar extracted about 10 days ago and my gums was badly infected...then...my box full of 'precious foods' which flew all the way from sabah went missing...and bikin meradang is...it still MISSING until now. Kurang asam betul..my sis called A.Asia again yesterday to enquire about the missing box..and this time, the staff said, they need another 14days to find the box. Nah!! Stupid or not..they better just tell my sis, the box was missing and there is no way they can find it..!! Kan senang!!!!! Even if they can find the box after 14days, i don't think all the foods inside are still edible..!!!! But no worry..I sure will make a big fuss about this matter...do you think i should make a police report about the missing box????? HAHAHAA!!
Ok! Ok..I better talk about other things kan..hehehe!!!! Soooooo...Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks from now...hehe For your information..I'm not chinese but i do celebrate CNY as i married to one..! This year, we are going to celebrate CNY moderately. Paham-paham lah..economy is not really good kan..! Me and hubby still haven't go for CNY shopping just yet..but last week, i brought hubby to the Pasar Malam near from our office to look for clothes for our kids. To our surprise, Pasar Malam clothes sold are very fashionable and look nice too..! I bought 2 dresses for my daughter and it's only cost me RM15 for that....punyaaaaa cantik the dress..!!! I think it look sooooo much better than the expensive one. It's really worth you know..then, we bought 1 jeans and 1 Ben 10 pants for son..and yep! Its cheap too..the two items only cost about RM46..! YAY!!
If you think me and hubby are a cheapskates parents, maybe we are..but do you know kids clothing are sooooooooooooo much...much..much.. more expensive than our clothes??? Yeah!! Last year, me and hubby spent more than RM400 for Isaac and Inesha's new CNY clothes..and that not even included other stuff yet..! I remember hubby really fancied one Denim jacket for son, and without thinking twice, he bought that RM149 jacket for son...RM149??????? Gila kan!!!!!!! But thats not the worst..when son was 1 year old, hubby bought him the Chinese Traditional Costume that cost RM180!!! Nah!! Lagi gila babas!!!! It was only worn twice..and never again after CNY 2005..!!

This beautiful 'Sam Foo' is really beautiful..daughter wore it only once..and now, cannot wear already..!! Sayang kan..

So this year..I told hubby, we better buy few cheaper but nice look clothes for our kids at pasar malam and maybe get them 1 pair the expensive a bit each but won't cause a big hole in our pocket. Imagine lah..my daughter Baby Kiko jeans pun cost about RM49..!!!!! Aiyooooooo..even my jeans i bought from ebay only cost me RM29 saja!!!! so yeah..!! Biar lah cheapskates this year..!!! Better save the money for something more important kan..!!! Maybe for their education fund and other important stuffs...

So like that lah..I, myself haven't buy anything for myself yet..but i think i'm not going to get a new clothes for this CNY..! I need to save more money this year..! Ya lah..I have to pay my study fees already mah!!! Hehee..So what about you guys?? Anything special done to celebrate CNY????


JPP Papa said...

"saiko auntie" hahahaha. Betulkah tu ah? But the auntie makes you sounds old pulak.. when u r really not... why not "saiko mommy".. good sound sikit.. hehehe.

Yep.. saves the money for their education.. but.. when the eyes met the right stuff.. peduli.. beli saja ok. hahahahaha. Sia sukung hubby biar pun poket kuyak... janji anak happy :D
** u can guest how i treat Josh lah kan ;)

Mouren said...

Punya cute 'amoi' kau, KDMama.Jeles nya sia..:p(matila kalu hubby baca ni...hihihihi)Kalu ada lagi tu 'tocang'..naahhhh...lagi bikin 'gerigitian' cuteee!!!! Eh! 'mummy' dia tidak pakai 'cheongsam' kah????.ihihihihi

Gallivanter said...

It's certainly not easy being parents. And I disagree, it's not being cheapskates, it's about being thrifty. Having said that, the tendency to splurge once in a while is inevitable, parents love. :-)

Adora said...

Skali sekala beli yg mahal tida apa bah, bukan utk urg lain, anak sendiri pnya. Tp mmg sayang la tu baju2 suma kalu tida kena pakai suda. Heheheee kasi donate la..

Nah bukan cheapskate baitu, berbelanja dgn bijak. Better save the money, mntau tiba2 ada urgent matter yg perlu duit kan..

maslight said...

LOL kadusmama, tu urang di airport makan sudah tu fewd in the box XD LOL. anyways ooooo so cute ur daughter's clothes, what? 1 year pakai sudah inda bulih pakai sudah? @_@

sheelasheena said...

laporan polis?? buli juga tapi tidak la effective sangat i think. Written complain mama that's important. To, 1.Persatuan Pengguna (consumer right)
2.News paper
3.Tony Fernandes email Or Air asia email.

hebat ni..tell us about it! suka pula bila airasia kena bomb.

anyway..i dont celebrate CNY. so no new cloths. Yeah i agreed save for educations. Tiapa bukan nya budak2 tau apa tu "brand" (diorang tau ka tu ah??) but as long as like u said cheap and worth it why not.

9 days leave for me that special but i dont know what to do for the 9 days?...

hahaha...Kalau boleh Ban ang pau pun bagus..kurang belanja kan..


Willie said...

Oh yes. I agree with you that kids clothing are expensive than the adults.

Hope you will enjoy your chinese New Year

belleOFranau said...

aik ko jangan KDmama...sini punya Pasar Malam bukan cam tamu..tamu gia baju2 semua 2nd hand kan..(bukan mau kasi buruk,tapi betul ba) ko tau di pasar malam dakat rumah sy...semua baju2 yang kana jual dari kedai tu taukeh sendiri which their own design n their own jenama...n for sure..brand new....mula2 sy pg pasar malam sini sy takajut all the stuff is affordable and lawa....ada sy beli satu heel yg sampai lutut tu...it cost only RM50!!! sy cek arga tu heel di SG wang...RM 200++..so its ok ba to buy baju from pasar malam asal berkenan n cantik...^_^

Mama Mia said...

Hmmm..bulum lg cari baju CNY utk sumandak sia ni. Plan mo kasi bili dia traditional costume yg affordable pny.

Mmg o kan, baju budak lg mahal dr org besar pny. Once in a while bili yg mahal nda salah tp kalu selalu jatuh bankrap the parents. :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Jpp papa ~ ah ko nie!! i'm old already bah..even the budak2 pun panggil me Auntie already..
Nah ko pun sama like my hubby..don't even bother how much kena spend for anak..hehe!! Sia nie bekira nie..ekeke

mouren ~ my daughter punya rambut tidak cukup panjang mau kena tocang..now lagi pendek tu.. :)
Si mama nie nda pakai cheongsam..perut buncit kan..ekekee

Gallivanter ~ :) and your comment make me feel so much better..thanx for that!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Adora ~ ehehee..bukan lagi sekali sekala..berkala2 sudah bah..tu lah pikir2 balik..sayang saja tu baju suma..bukan lama kena pakai..1-2 kali pastu simpan dalam almari..
Mau juga donate..tapi sayang sebab i'm still planning for 2 babies..ekeke lain kali dorang bulih inherit saja tu baju kan..

Maslight ~ iya..i think so too..hahaha if not pun..tu barang sesat p airport lain and orang lain sudah angkut bawa balik rumah..
Do you know budak nie grows very..very fast?? thats why lah my daughter nda bulih pakai sudah tu baju..

sheelasheena ~ sudah sia complained to Tony fernandez and he already replied my email..hahaha nanti i blog about it..sudah sia pissed off, si tony cakap sia vulgar lagi..hahahaha!!!
Wah you also cuti 9 days??? yay!! bestnyaaaa..! :)

BrokenSatellite said...

minta angpao! :D

it's good to see that ur kids pernah pakai baju traditional cina..

i'm like ur kids too.

my papa cina dari Johor.
my mommy kadazan dari penampang.

but they never get me a cheong-sam.
sampai skrang i xpernah pakai. haha

oh,i cant wait for CNY!

i hope CNY this year will bring joy and prosperity to u and ur beautiful family!

Kadus_Mama said...

willie ~ Thanx for your wish!! :)

Belle of ranau ~ iya!! baju pasar malam sini memang cantik kan? lagi cantik then baju di kedao..murah2 lagi tu..even baju budak pun sangat lah cantik..

mama mia ~ nah..ko pun mau cari juga kan?? sia pun mau cari juga nie..hehehe karang sia p cari d tesco..

Imelda said...

HEY, myabe you can sell those beautiful kiddie clothes and make money out of it. Your young lady looks so prettya and cool with her seemingly expensive clothing.

Nick Phillips said...

You're right, kids clothes can cost quite a bit. My sons t-shirts cost more than mine. And pasar malam pun also got stylo mylo stuff :D

Nick Phillips said...

Oh and your daughters pix, betul-betul macan amoi ... hehehe ...

Kadus_Mama said...

Broken Sattelite ~ alah!! you never pakai those traditional costume??? sayang oh..!
Can find bah tu now..banyak juga choice sekarang..
Angpao?? Hehee..bulih bah..

Imelda ~ hi to you..! yeah..maybe i should sell those clothes right?? will decide about it soon..

Nick Phillips ~ Hehe..yeah! pasar malam stuffs are quite fancy and nice actually..!
Hehe..luckily you didn't say my daughter look like chinese..!

chegu carol said...

hehehe...jan dulu ko akun ko tua bah Ty. If you are old, that makes me even older. And PapaJ even wayyyyyyy older. Hahaha...leks ko papaJ.

Yaaa...sia pun mau shopping for CNY! My CNY dresses are on the way. Belum kasi spring cleaning rumah sama kasi decorate saja lagi. Angpau packet pun sdh ready.

Nessa said...

Kiutnya si Inesha pakai baju Sam Foo... dia inda muat suda tu baju ka??

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu carol ~ ekekeee..besa lah bah mengaku tua nie..bulan depan pun mau masuk 29 sudah!! aduh!!
Kami hari tu baru clean dining and living hall area..wohooo..10 plastik sampah terus!! hahaha

Nessa ~ nda muat sudah tu..inesha besar skit size dia..lagipun tinggi sudah kan..pastu dia punya tummy bulat..hehehe