Jan 14, 2009

Wow! What a beautiful eyes..

Today Wednesday, I’m so relieve as my ‘missing’ box issue is finally solved. There was a moment when I almost lost hope, and wanted to let the issue go. I really thought to accept my box is gone forever. Thank God my heart says don’t and keep fighting with a hope, the box will be found. At this moment, I cannot wait to go home later to have a taste of my delicious ‘sambal’. Since I’m happy again, I think it’s ok for me to talk nonsense like I usually did in my blog..ekekeke!!! Hmmm…so what is the topic I’m going to choose this time..?? How about contact lenses??? I’m sure lots of you people out there prefer to wear contact lenses instead of wearing glasses, right?? I’m wearing neither contact lenses nor a glass myself, but I know the price of contact lenses with a degree can cost a bomb to some people. True?? So here I am, sharing with you guys a very good deal you can get when you purchase a product like LensAlert from aclens.com. In case you are wondering what is LensAlert, it is a product which is recently recommended by Woman’s World magazine in their “Products We Love Section”.


Anyway, let me list down the benefits you can get when you order products at aclens.com :

:: You can save 70% off retail contact lenses price

:: Free shipping when you purchase over $89

:: You can get varieties of contact lenses brand like Acuvue, Biomedics, Focus, Freshlook, Softlens, Purevision and others.

:: Transaction made will be very simple and secure.

:: You can pay the item ordered with any major credit cards and even with paypal

There go all the benefits for you. If you have no nothing to do, why not try one of those dramatic contact lenses for yourself (as per photo shown). Hehehee I’m sure you will attract lots of people with your beautiful and amazing eyes. So wait no more, get your cheap contact lenses at aclens.com and don't forget to check AC Lens blog when you drop by in their website ya.



BrokenSatellite said...

i'm a contact lens user since i'm 15yrs-old.

coloured contacts used to be pricey back then. rm70.

it's getting cheaper now.
cheapest coloured contacts i've found was around rm35.

anyways, nasib ko jumpa kutak ko tu.
nda la ko kempunan

sheelasheena said...

happy they find ur box.
kulit coklat tapi mata biru mcm doesn't make sense for me so i opt to no color lense or glasses..

anyway mama
u've been tag and been given award


chegu carol said...

cerita psl contact lens trus sia teringat time kita bergathering di sana The Curve...due to tired eyes, my contact lens irritated my eyes badly. trus sia tida peduli...buka and buang saja tu contact lens. haha

now, the lens box... i might consider buying that pasal ada timer dia mo kasi tau bila expired tu contact lens. bagus tu.

sHeiLa said...

referring to my dear chegu's comment, wah..got dy lens yang got timer ka?sooo good..

i don't know anything about the lens, and might not wearing it since my eyes kinda senstive.else nda tebuka2 mata sa macam dulu..scary..huuuuuuuuuu

p/s: anyway, u have a nice blog kadus_mama :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

benda bagus ko rekomen ni kadusmama.. shud give it a try since im a full tym contact lense user ;-)

wah tony F replied you ah.. bagus dia baca sendiri ur post.. hehe.. baru la laju kerja kena bikin..

Jess said...

Green eye...looks very abnormal ler...


Ratu Syura said...

yay.. dapat jugak ur box! kalau ndak ada la orang tu kempunan. i wanna get contacts too tapi i know my eyes wont be able to handle it. too sensitive. dulu rajin la.. biru la.. gray laa.. now macam malas sudah.. :P

Kadus_Mama said...

Broken Sattelite ~ eh ada kah RM35?? apa brand?? mana mau cari??? hehe

Sheelasheena ~ iya..biru nda bepa ngam..but honey or maybe grey masih acceptable..hehe
nanti sia p collect award sia ya.. :)

Chegu carol ~ iya bah kan..! selamba saja ko buka the contacts hari tu kan..hehee

Kadus_Mama said...

Sheila ~ hi to you..thanx for dropping by in my blog..
Lke you, i have sensitive eyes too..contacts are just out of questions..nda pasal2 mata merah macam ikan merah..hehehehee

Annieming ~ Nah ngam lah tu..bulih sudah ko invest tu contacts lenses timer..hehee
Pasal si tony tu, iya bah..laju saja kena cari my box after kena complain..buduh oh!!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Jess ~ Hahaha!!! Yeah..green is just weird for us, huh??

Ratu syura ~ me dulu-dulu pun tia dapat tahan, now lagi lah..too sensitive juga..nda pa lah syura..biar lah mata kita dark brown jak..

Nessa said...

Sia mau kontek lens yang biru-biru punya kaler :) Dalam mimpi seja la... sbb inda brani mo kasi masuk plastik dlm mata oh!

BrokenSatellite said...

hari tu yg sa jumpa rm35 pnya contact lens. sana lintas.
ntah masi ada atau nda.

sdh ko 'baham' brg2 ko dlm kutak tu ?

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ hahaha..ada kah dalam mimpi saja..

broken satellite ~ Alah!! di Sabah kah pulak tu contacts..teda harapan lah nie..
Nda lah bah sia baham..semalam kepedasan lagi sia makan tu sambal..hahahaha