Jan 12, 2009

Huh?? Monday already???

Early in the morning today, I woke up really early as I need to finish something quite urgent. I'm still so sleepy right now as it's only 6.50 am. But due to some unfinished work, here I am..sitting in front of my Computer updating my blog while doing my work . Gosh!! I just realised it's monday already...Hehee
Before I go further, I should probably do a little update about my missing box I ranted about last week Friday. Yeah..as predicted, my box still remain missing until today. Its already the fourth day it went missing and can you believe it, Air Asia staffs don't even bother to call my sister updating about the missing box status??? We (my sister and me) did call their centre last Saturday, and after being hung up for more than 5 times, one lady finally answered our call, with the nonchalant attitude, she just said "Kita tak jumpa lagi awak punya box. Dah cari dekat Airport KK, tapi tak jumpa lagi". No sound of concerned or anything. Arghhhh..terrible right??? I know the box contents are not very expensive, but do you know all the stuffs are important to me. I have pre-ordered the stuffs since 1 month go and it just gone llike that...I'm wondering if (touch wood) my box really missing, what action I should take?? Anybody knows??? *sigh*
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I hope you will find the site beneficial. Ok lah....I need to prepare to go to work now and..with that, I wish you guys a wonderful Monday. Though, my mood is still not Ok yet, I'm hoping my day will get better today. (Ya..hoping A.Asia will call my sister to tell her, they found my box already)Till then...~tata~


Little Inbox said...

Monday is alway not syiok. :(

Nick Phillips said...

Yeah, the weekend passed by so fast that this morning I woke up and said the same thing as you ... what? Monday already? And you know how much I hate Mondays!

Hope they find your box soon. Oh and by the way, I've done your tag already :D

emelda said...

You know what? You can tell them that you will write to the star or the complaint department ( apa gia tu nama dia sia lupa) about their way of handling this matter. See how they respond..kalau inda juga berubah...no harm ranting it to the whole world kan ;P ..bukan kita yg rugi..si tony fernandez yg rugi ..hehehh.

Ba happy monday :)

Wel^Beiolman said...

mama..you need to make an official complaint and make a claim of loss....escalate the issue in a professional way..we don't want people calling us mad sabahan or unethical sabahan right..

in that case, you'll need to have a prove of flight..I'm sure it has the fragile tag and the flight itinerary stamped on it...so use this to make your complaint and claim...

sorry to hear it hasn't been resolved...hope to hear a good news from u..

Natalia said...

Blue Monday Ya!!!

Oh gosh, Air Asia really didn't take any action. Poor service. Kalo masuk TV sure they take action very fast punya. Write to TV3 lah...

BrokenSatellite said...

write to hotline.

hope they found ur box.
kempunan later.

Nessa said...

Good evening Kadus Mama! :) Ba, petang suda ni, sikijap lagi mo abis suda Monday. Harap2 Tuesday is a better day ya :)

Well, kalau macam tu la urang AirAsia handle ko punya problem, rasa-rasanya ko kana say babai seja sama tu kotak. Mungkin dorang sedang sedap2 makan ko punya sambal! Ciss...

Sabar ja la and hope for a miracle... tapi jangan berenti komplen, kasi dorang karaja cari ko punya kotak sampai dapat!

sheelasheena said...

mama, have u write written complaint? if u havent then do that. verbal not enough. and then do complain at Hak pengguna (consumer right) i dont know where try googgle i know they existed. From there u complain and they hopefully they will give u suggestion to seek compensation. They will review what kind of loss u suffering.

But make sure u have the written complain verbal usually not reliable...do it asap. tell how many times u call the airasia and then if u can remember the name people on the phone better.


take care..

Lab papa said...

Aiya belum jumpa lagi ka? Ni la bah service kita di Malaysia, bukannya penjual hormat pengguna, ini pengguna pula kena ikut perintah penjual, terbalik. Hopefully cepat dapat k.

And lease take sheelasheena's advice. Write complaint to the persatuan hak pengguna.

sweet-girlicious said...

hmmm maybe some other passager took it??is there any possibility? well, i guess u should make a letter of complaint so that they can improve their services!!:)

JPP Papa said...

follow emelda style or si sheela. Both good and effective.
come on do it and tell us after that in this blog ok.

Bikin panas ni air asia.. thats why 2 times already i follow MAS instead of them. Baru tau. Kotoh. Tiwas.

Kadus_Mama said...

Little inbox ~ Yeah!!! Monday always not syokkk..

Nick Phillips ~ Only weekend passed very fast..weekday is not..feel like forever to wait for weekend to come..

emelda ~ sudah juga me and my sis komplen..tapi itu lah..teda juga kena buat apa2..bikin panas..!!

Kadus_Mama said...

Wel^beiolman ~ its already official complaint as my sis keep the proof of report she made that day..
I don't care really care about getting compensate or not. I just want my things back..!!!
And if A.Asia staffs really cannot find it..just tell lah..ini tidak..drag lagi ntah sampai bila..

Natalia ~ Hi to you..! No need to komplen sampai masuk TV lah bah..! enough lah in my blog..unless of course they still don't want to take any further action.

Broken Sattelite ~ I already write to the CEO of A.Asia..hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ I'm still hoping i will get box back..nda peduli nie!! Kalau betul hilang lah..*sigh* punya sedih!!!

sheelasheena ~ sudah sia email si tony fernandez..! hope ada lah action kena ambi..mana lah tau my email lost in space pulak..i'm sure ada 1000 lagi complain dalam inbox dia tu..

Lab Papa ~ belum jumpa!! bikin panas kan..sabar saja lah nie!!