May 12, 2009

My Mother's day celebration

So last sunday, The day for all beautiful and wonderful mothers in the world, i went to Port Dickson with my family to visit my FIL. Supposedly, we were to go to One Utama for a lunch, but our plan was changed last minute. Off we were to my FIL place in Lukut, we went to to the Seafood Restaurant for our lunch..! Nothing Really special except i can enjoy the super delicious crab they have there..heheeeeee Raja ketam bah sia nie..

As i mentioned before..hubby didn't wish me for being the mother's of his kids!! LOL tension terus nie..You should read my last year post about hubby telling me that i was not his mother, so no gift for me..! As a revenge, i did the same to him during Father's day..hahaha!! But i remember he demand a gift pulak that day..I've forgotten what i gave hubby on that day..

I don't really have the time to write a long winding post just enjoy the foods pix i took last sunday..hehehee I was so lazy that time, i took the pix while sitting and didn't really bother about the quality of my photos..ahakssss!!

We order few dishes only..and nothing really special actually..

The view from the restaurant. Low tide masa tu

Son was really excited seeing those lobster, he wants me to take lotsssssssssss of pix of him with the lobsters.

This time, take pix with the sister pulak..There is no way i can take a proper pix of them as inesha tend to run away before i can snap their pix

Eeeeeee...see bah the Bamboo fish..!! I don't have the idea how it taste like..Maybe next time can try lah..see sedap or not

Ikan Singpan which is overcooked..!! Not sedap as too masak already..

The seashells was OK!! Korek..dip inside the sambal, and nyummmmmmm..taste sedap juga

This special cooked taufoo memang sedap..a lil' bit prawn and scallop inside..

Brocolli + scallop..hehee!! Of course sedap lah..but this small portion of veggie is a lil bit expensive i think..few pieces of scallop + the brocolli = RM30

And this is the best dish of all..Steamed crab!! everytime i eat, there must be a crab kan?? But seriously..the crab is really delicious. 2 ekor crab = RM54.

Heheee...ada juga bah my fragrant coconut.. :) Taste sedap lah of course..RM4.50 satu biji..!!! Mahal betul...

So like that lah my mother's day treat last sunday..! I'm not sure whether it's special or not coz' it's like the same meal we ordered last time..and no special celebration pun..hehee
After our lunch, we went to Port Dickson beach and i took loadssssssssssss of photos models is none other...MY KIDS!! ekekeeeee If you are on facebook, I'm sure you have seen most of the pix already..but if you are not, don't worry..i will post the pictures soon..maybe tonight. For sooooo long (3 months kah???), I finally can used my DSLR outdoor and snap..snap nice photo..
So ok lah..I have to stop already..The weather outside is really killing me now..I have heat rashes all over my body, and the air-conds in office is like not working at all..!! Now, I'm scratching my hands, legs, neck due to my skin got irritated by the hot and humid weather ouside.
Ok lah..continue again tonight..byeeee...


emelda said...

OMG!!! I never thought that siput can be found here in KL!!! Selalunya sia jumpa tu siput di KK saja ni..thats my fav! WOnder in kl ada ka inda ni...takkan la sia pi pd just for that kan?? Pengsan la ba juga

Mama Mia said...

Sama la kita Ty, teda dpt wish or gift dr laki..:)

Anonymous said...

You know what, sya pun teda kasih hadiah sm wife sya hehehe.. Kami pi jalan2 sana TVRC Tambunan saja :) Sya terpikat sm tu tauhu.. sedap betul sya tingu... Mahal betul price sana tu Ty.. buli pingsan oo.. but what more important is you all had fun and the mums were happy :D

KaDusMama said...

Emelda ~ sia rasa ada juga tu! tapi nda sure mana lah..hehee ko p kedai makan seafood lah..

Mama mia ~ sia nda mau hadiah..sia mau kana wish saja..tapi nda kena wish nie..tsk! tsk! tsk!

Oiga ~ Eeeeeee..kamu p sana??? sioknya..sejuk2..lepas tu segar mata tingu pokok2 kan..?
Nda payah hadiah pun ok bah..asal kena wish.. :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Lapar trus sya ni, Cuz!! Sikit seja tapi mahal oh kan... Ko raja ketam, sya raja butter prawn ni hahaha... *talan air liur, tapun* Baru2 ada sya pigi makan butter prawn sama sayur manis masak belacan... aduh!!! Tapun lagi satukali... lol... Eh, gali sya nampak tu ikan bambu, GANJ!!

Cath J said...

wowww...sedap nyerr.....hihihi...teringat pulak di kk (Tau2 baru ja balik bah hihihi)..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

beguruk tus perut sa nampak those delicious meals.. huhu.. my husband wish ja sa & teda bagi sa apa2.. heheh.. best la mothers day kamurang..

Adora said...

Sy baru tingu pic tu bamboo fish pun suda tada selera. Gerun tingu muka dia..hahahaa

KaDusMama said...

Choc Mint Girl ~ wahhhhh..sedapnyaaa!!! i like apa sayur pun yang kena masak belacan!!

Cath J ~ wahhhh!! ko pun makan seafood juga?? heaven kan?

Annieming ~ eeeeeee..sia mau kena wish!!! Tapi my hubby nda wish..sakit hati oh!!

KaDusMama said...

Adora ~ itu lah...ntah apa macam lah rasa tu kan?? hahaa..mau masak asam kali tau??

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Wa.. this mommy pakai DSLR sudah ka? Getting nicer your photos hor?

Bah, kawan-kawan session ni bila lagi. We want to see your FIL also so he can bring us there.. :)

Mimi said...

Like Mel said, I was surprised to see that Siput Tarik ada jual sini, I thought in KK saja. I am definitely willing to take that trip to PD just for that Siput. Can you tell me exact address and name of that restaurant, please???

KaDusMama said...

Kay ~ Heheeee...3 months saja bah!! still a newbie..
I will go to PD again next month..ekekee mau bawa balik extra udang nie..

Mimi ~ Oh!! u like to eat that too..I'm not sure the exact address..but nanti sia cari for u ya..I'm going there again next month..on father's day.. :)