May 21, 2009

'Iklan' for today...

**This post is dedicated to the new bloggers or those who are intrested to get a better pagerank (google rank) for their blog.
Aduuhhhh..! I'm in serious problem nie! Remember i went for tooth extraction last week friday? I thought everything is alright and I'm going to be ok soon. Sekali, another problem arise. There is a long and big root (akar gigi) protruding from my gum, and uwahhhhhhhh, I'm not sure what to do already..I contacted my friend who is a dentist, and she told me to leave it be for the time being. It will eventually comes out, and problem is solved. But, I'm worry lah..what if the gum area got infected? *sigh*
Ok..forget about my problem, I just want tell those who are interested to Get Higher Ranking in Google to check out the site. I'm not really into the SEO thingy now, coz' i did something google didn't really like, and thus my blog PR remain 0 until today! Ekeke..But those who really want to get a good rank, go and learn what you should know about the SEO thingy and keywords to put in your blog in order to drive higher traffic.
When i start blogging 1 year ++ ago, i was so obsessed with my blog traffic and monitor it everyday. But now? Lazy already..! hehee That's probably why i have very less ops to do. Less ops, means less money to shop in eBay sudah. :(
So, those who want to get higher ranking in google and wants to make money with your blog, don't forget to check the site above ya. Learn all the things you need to know first, and start making money once you get a rank in google already. :)
Well, that's about my post at this moment. Petang sket, i will update my blog again. To those who are waiting for the cheating wife story, alah sorry lah..can't post it already coz' something happened and i can't gossip about it anymore.. :D Nanti i kena sue pulak if i still write about it. So that's for now. ~tata~
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FL Feinier said...
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chegu carol said...

the kasut i bought online, that was the last i did online shopping. lama sdh sia x buat paid post...tiada masa mau check ops.

hopefully be able to generate moolah during the two weeks school hols.

KaDusMama said...

Carol ~ Sia paling last the makeup jak lah! kurang sudah pendapatan blogging nie..ekekee
Mari lah kita rajin2 buat post, nanti lain kali tidak bulih shopping tau..hehee

Nessa said...

Oit! Ko buat post ah dis link... sia taruh di sidebar blog sia seja. Bah, sia kasi klik, nanti ko tulung klik sia punya link oso ah. Tenkiu very much! :P