May 7, 2009

The Confession of make-up'holic

Hey all..heheheeee! I know i have been like a Chipsmore these past few days..! One moment i was in everybody's blog..the in sec..terus missing..hehehe! Sorry lah geng..was very busy lah! I'm in Poker in facebook again and that game is seriously addictive..!!! the stupid thing is..I keep losing all my chips..!! Bodoh sekali!!!!

Anyway, as i mentioned in one of my post before..I'm sooooooooooooo in this make-up thingy now..!!! But unlike last time..I'm in a mineral make-up now! Heheeeeee

Now...let me 'story-story' you about my latest collection of mineral make-up...hehe manatau you will be interested too kan???

These make-up (dalam pix) sample are a good for those who want to try a mineral make up. No need to spend so much, only to regret the makeup nda ngam with your skin pulak..

So...sample #1 is bought from They have Lumiere and Everyday brand which flew all the way from US (heheee..pandai2 jak nie). Why i bought sample only? Because i'm not sure which foundation, finishing powder suit my skin the best. So I bought 2 sets of sample and tried it lah. No small jar of the powder can last about 2-3 worth trying i think.

In order for you to use a mineral make-up, you must have a good brush put the mineral powder on your face. See...I have on Long handled Kabuki Brush which i bought from LovingMinerals. That brush cost about RM39. Ok lah, because it is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr soft and dense which make it one good brush to use.

So, i already used these stuffs for 2 weeks, i can tell u..I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!!!! I love the Medium Light Foundation which make my skin look flawless....aiseh!!!! You know lah..acne scars still there using this mineral foundation, the scars visibility is reduced. My skin is also less oily now...Siok sekali!!!

But not satisfied with what i already have, i went to buy another sample kit of mineral make-up. This time, i bougth it from (both sites are malaysia websites). But at this site, i bought an additional mineral concealer. Jeng..jeng!!! The bisque Concealer is superb!!! Semua parut-parut di muka terus 'tetapuk' heheheeeee!!! But...i don't really like the foundation doesn't really blend with my skin..macam ada tompok-tompok powder pulak..!

During my exam week, 2 weeks ago...I bought maca-macam from the net. And including the 66 colours of Lip Gloss...!!!! Heheee i've used it, and it was OK lah..No different from the other lip gloss i used pun..

Heheeee...So begitu lah my nonsense story about make-up..I have no idea why i post this post pun..Too bored sudah kali..! Don't bother about my title tu..ahahaha This post has nothing to do with a makeup'holic lah..!

Okie dokie...time to go back already..! Boring already in office..! Oh..last thing, i know most of you girls love shoes very much kan?? can find lots and lots and lotssssss of nice shoes at this link. Why not check it out???? I'm sure you will love it very much.

So thats all lah my story today..ntah apa lagi mau cerita nie..heheee So.. tata for now ya..hehee

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Deana E said...

kadusmama, good ba should ask them for free makeup for posting this..hehehe..i feel like trying also lovingminerals nie.

Ann said...

mcm bgus!
u bought it all from internet ka?
Hahahah itu poker i dunno how 2 play
my friend said its like the "piak piak pu"
i never bother to learn it. Hahaha

KaDusMama said...

Deana e ~ ekekekeee...iya bah review for their site in my blog..
U try lah the medium light foundation..i think can ngam our skin tu..
You also can try itu multitasking concealer sana loving mineral..hari tu masa sia beli, bulum ada lagi tu item..sia chek baru2, ada sudah..

Ann ~ Bukan lagi macam..hahaa memang bagus...soooooooooo much better than itu powder biasa..
What i like the most, itu mineral foundation can last one whole day..
Terus look fresh one whole day nie.. :)
Yang itu poker...hahahaha jangan cakap..bankrap sudah sia mau cari chips lagi..ntah sepa lah yang mau kasih..

LonTugi said...

wah tt, meriah nya make up ko nih... :) sia bertambah malas suda mo bermake up lately...

Nessa said...

Uiii, pandai ko main poker ah. Sia betul2 inda tau anything pasal poker. Tapi main kad yang besa2 tu tau la :)

So, dat's how your new mekap looks like :) Macam best. Basarnya tu brush, buli sapu rumah oh... LOL!

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

wah... ada lipstick briu lagi ka? the mineral make-up thingy very famous oh kan nowadays... kalau sa beli, mesti jadi tempat kumpul habuk saja.. LOL!! happy Friday!!!

Mell_f said...

nah,sy terklik suda those websites..habis laini...haha

KaDusMama said...

Lontugi ~ heheee!! Sia sangat lah suka sama make-up nie..!
Nasib i only took less than 30 minutes bermake-up2 nie..

Nessa ~ heheeee...siok bah main poker..bukan juga susah tu..tapi itu lah..kad sia buruk betul..selalu kalah saja..

Elcynthia ~ hahaaa..kalau behabuk, jangan lah beli..nanti sayang.. :)

KaDusMama said...

Mell ~ heheeeeeee....jaga lah! terus mesti ko teminat mau beli tu makeups tu..
siok sekali i tell u..

maslight said...

Massy doesn't know squat about make up. ahhahahaha *rofl ~ @_@

KaDusMama said...

Maslight ~ Massy..LOL!!!!!!!

Mama Mia said...

Anak2 ko tida pigi main ka make-up ko ni Ty? hehe....

Mcm bagus sj tu mineral make-up. Nah, terpengaruh suda ni...LOL!

chegu carol said...

you dont have to guess if ive clicked the shoes link or not.
i just did!!

Earthy Emily said...

Hi KadusMama. Dropping by. Good thing I know about Simply Naturale website from your blog. I just bought a makeup brush set from the website after knowing it. Hehe. There's also from the US.

Choc Mint Girl said...

Sya takut nda ngam sama kulit, tapi kalo ko bilang nampak fresh 1 hari tempting jugak mo try. :)

KaDusMama said...

Mama Mia ~ Ko bilang nda..ko tia nampak sia punya lip gloss kena kacau2 kasi campur warna dia tu..
Try lah mia..memang ok dari foudation besa nie..

Chegu carol ~ hahahhaaa!!! Ko tu memang carol..kalau kasut2 #1.. :)

Earthy Emily ~ Hi there..!! Thanx for dropping by here..
Wow!! You bought a make brush already.. :) thats good to know..I do have the everyday mineral make up too..bought it from but it is the starter kit sample only..

KaDusMama said...

Choc Mint Girl ~ Dont waorry cuz..tatap ngam sama ur skin tu..hehee
Paling bagus sia rasa, try tu light medium punya lah..
Paling siok sebab muka nda oily bah pakai tu foundation dia..