May 5, 2009

Inconsiderate Driver in Federal Highway

Last saturday...i was so happy when my last paper was finally finished..! I was sleep deprived for 3 weeks and was really excited as i can catch up with my sleep once again. So after i finished my paper about 5.20pm, i headed back home with a 'Phewwwwwww' feeling.

I used the federal highway to go back. I don't usually drive until 120km/hr, but that day..lots of car at second lane were pretty slow, where their speed was about 60km/hr. Dangss!! They should use the left lane mah if want to drive that slow. So ok lah..i use the right lane with the speed of 120km/hr overtaking all the turtle cars.

When i saw a BMW about 50 metre behind me, i know i have to change my lane already. So I signaled my car 5 seconds before i change my lane to the second lane, and when i was halfway inside the middle lane, "BAMMMMMMMMMM", stupid myvi which i already overtook , rammed me from the back..!!! GILA PUNYA DRIVER!!!!! I was already halfway inside the second lane, and he thought he still can pass me...! Luckily i didn't panic and steadily hold my stearing..and back to the right lane! If not..sure kantoi my car hit other car as well..What the MyVi did was, zoomed passed me like nothing had ever happened!!!!! Crazy kan????

I didn't stop my car as i was in the middle of the highway, and what i did was...terus balik rumah lah!!! What else i can do kan?? I was a lil' bit shaky driving back home, and my kaki cannot even press the accelerator..Gila sungguh!!! I'm wondering if the myvi driver think the highway belongs to his father?? He doesn't know to how to be courteous with other driver kah?? I mean, seriously...!!!!

*sigh* My car has a very beautiful long scratch now..but I don't really care about it..! I'm sooooo thankful no major accident happen that day..imagine lah if my car skidded and hit the divider kah...*TOUCHWOOD*

I hope I won't encounter such driver in the future..! It was really scary lah..!!!!!! So to you guys out there...PLEASEEEEEEEEE drive carefully..! Please be considerate with other drivers as welll..! Jangan lah ingat tu jalan raya BAPA KO PUNYA!!! *grin*



emelda said...

Adeh deh...federal highway is always gila punya highway i tell you... di depan rumah sia ni inda sah kalau inda da accident dalam satu bulan..mesti ada sajala... buduh betul ni.

Nasib la kau inda ada apa apa...

Mama Mia said...

Biar la kreta scratch, jgn sj ko ada apa-apa Ty.

Palui bah tu urang. Hmm, sia rasa klu sia stay di KL, tida la berani sia bw kreta. :)

KaDusMama said...

Emelda ~ iya..kerita yang palan pun mau guna second lane..bikin panas..!
And banyak F1 driver sana kan..

Mama Mia ~ Iya..sia pun nda peduli kerita sia scratch..yang penting sia ok..
kadang2 bikin takut juga driver sini tau..

Mell_f said...

Yg penting u're ok,mengkali tu myvi driver perlu adjust mata dia oh.

Adora said...

Yup..yg penting, ko selamat smpai ke pangkuan keluarga. Be extra2 careful lenkali dgn org2 yg se-tabiat dengan tu myVi driver.

maslight said...

Kadusmama after my experience visiting Bangkok and Jakarta, I'd say, there are way more retard drivers on the road that you could imagine. But, I had this experience which is kinda funny about driving on an empty road to Papar once. I was on the right lane and overtaking a slow Kelisa driver, but when he saw me overtaking him, he did the unthinkable. He overtake me back and speed off. I had a confused look on my face. You can't imagine. Stewped things ppl would do. Seriously @_@

Well at least you're ok.

Gallivanter said...

Shocking, but not surprising as Federal Highway is full of drivers with short fuse and no courtesy nor common sense.

How I fight it is to be tougher, if you're too timid, you'd be "mauled". Sad but true.

Nick Phillips said...

Wah, got illustration some more ... hehehe ...

I'm with Gallivanter on this. We have loads of maniacs on the roads these days.

KaDusMama said...

Mell ~ Iya..sia pun nda peduli tu kerita sia scratch.. :)
lain kali bulih kasi spray balik juga bah tu..

Adora ~ iya..sia pun pikir itu saja..nasib teda apa2 juga..

Maslight ~ I think the Myvi driver pun macam tu juga..when i overtook him, dia tia puas hati and kejar me balik..LOL!!
But i suspect he was using his hp when he bang my car that day..buduh kan..

KaDusMama said...

Gallivanter ~ Yeap!! True..too many saiko drivers there..

Nick Phillips ~ I don't really care about the moronic drivers drive their cars as long as they don't endangered other drivers..

KaDusMama said...

Nick ~ *how the moronic driver drive their cars

carolinebabby said...

adedeh....sit punya myvi..apa numbur dia??

BrokenSatellite said...

kereta boleh kena repair,nyawa tia bulih.
nasib nothing happen to you.

orang mcm ni la penyebab accident.
if u cermat camana pun,some crazy ass driver drive mcm jalan raya tu dia pnya, sama jg bohong,accident juga.

hate those kind of ppl.
kalau diarang xsayang nyawa,go somewhere and do reckless thing.
others sayang nyawa eh.

anyways,have a great day.
and thank god u're ok.

cicak said...

OMG nasip x apa2 kan. Kin panas.

My elder sister slalu cakap tu pasal KL reckless drivers. Maybe that's why she has dents all over her Neo.

Bagus pakai kereta kabal mangkali ni KD.

Ann said...

astaga babi jg tu driver
sudala melanggar
buat derk lagi
mabuk mgkin d siang hari
ada picture of ur car scratch?

Ornest said...

Inilah jenis driver yg sya ndak suka, ndak considerate di jalanraya.. bikin panas o.. Di keningau pun ramai yg begitu kecuali sya hehehe...

Nessa said...

Sia rasa dia tergugat baitu sbb perempuan overtake dia... haha

Nasib baik ko OK. Syukur :)

jim-experience said...

its a common story for people who use the federal highway...
just look on the bright side.
you are safe.
worse things had don't want a crazy big guy to stop the car, with an iron rod in his hand and having an arguement with you over who is right and who is wrong !!

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

hi ty..

1st, thank god u're safe..

2nd, yaa budu kan itu driver?! kalau sa jadi ko mengkali bergallon2 suda sa sumpah seranah sana o0o.. yii gila kan.. bikin marah nih ni post.. inda adil.. bagus kalau itu jalan keturunan dia yang punya.. cheh.. porrah!

KaDusMama said...

Caroline BB ~ Alah!! nda sempat sia tingu tu numbur kerita B..kalau nda sia sudah paw sana toto tu..hahahahhahahaha

Broken Satellite ~ Itu lah..
I don't really care about the scratches..not like i cannot repair pun..
Yang penting i sampai rumah in one piece kan..

Cicak ~ itu lah..sini impatient bah driver dia..suma ingat mau cepat saja..bukan pandai ingat orang lain pun..

KaDusMama said...

Ann ~ Alah nda pulak sia tepikir mau ambik pix kerita sia yang scratch tu..
Nda kisah car is old anyway..hehee

Ornest ~ HAHAHAA...kecuali ko ah..???
Mana2 pun ada this kind of driver bah..bukan sini saja tu..

Nessa ~ LOL!!! Iya..mengkali lah..sudah lah sia drive kerita buruk saja kan..terus gergitan lah si Myvi driver kali kan..
Apa pun..I'm thankful i reached home in one piece lah..

KaDusMama said...

Jim-experience ~ hey there..thanx for dropping by..
Yeah..I'm so thankful nothing bad happened..

Annieming ~ Itu lah bah tu...berabis sia menyumpah dalam kerita tu..
sudah lah kaki sia begegar masa sia drive..sialan betul..
Memang sia nda berapa suka guna highway sini..gila2 bah driver dia..
Nasib lah sia ada kelas..memang mesti guna tu federal highway..kalau nda, sia pun nda masuk highway tu..

MaryM said...

SO TRUE! U shud take his plat number...len kali sy pigi langgar dia balik...hohoho..(gila jahat)

btw, 1st visit ur website! nice! ;)

take care now!